Freedom Wars Will Give You A Customizable Android Ally

By Sato

Sony’s upcoming cooperative multiplayer game for the PlayStation Vita, Freedom Wars, has you play as a prisoner in a ruined world, forced to fight in wars as a way to mitigate your million year prison sentence. The game will have you fighting against giant enemies called Abductors. The latest issue of Famitsu shares some additional info following our earlier reports.

According to Famitsu, the Abductors who normally go around capturing civilians and your comrades might also be abducting you, the player, as well. However, you won’t be alone, as you’ll also have an allied android girl, who is responsible for keeping a close eye on the Criminals. This could possibly explain the female android who was shown getting her arm torn off by an Abductor in the recent trailer.

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Snookies122004d ago

Hmmmm, I hope this will have an actual story, and not just be about missions/multiplayer.

chestnut11222004d ago

Everything You Desire in a multiplayer game is here. Day 1.

sherimae24132004d ago (Edited 2004d ago )

the games producer is junichi yoshizawa the same producer of oreshika 2,
a sony cel-shade rpg for ps vita
(so to those whiners out there that this should be a rpg or sony should make one instead, there already is in development)

the game is also 69% complete.
and the producer is open for feedbacks and suggestions from fans as its being develop ^_^

other than co op play, other services are planned like accesory rescue fights called "volunteer transmission"

H4all2004d ago

first when i look the video on JAPAN Playstation site,
i thought it for PS3 or PS4... nice to know it's a Vita® game...

looking forward for this game.. thanks for the info..

r212004d ago

Same here. Japan Studio has stepped their game up! Making vita game confuse people whether it was a ps3 or ps4 title.

o-Sunny-o2004d ago

Nothing but great and interesting news for Vita lately I'm a proud owner of PS Vita. ^~^