Ghosts vs Battlefield 4 Graphics Comparison

Under the water and through the woods, to FPS graphical comparisons we go! We put Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 trailers side-by-side. Please equip your fireproof suit before entering the comments section.

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Snookies121761d ago

I don't trust any Gametrailer comparisons, not after they doctored photos before.

ABizzel11761d ago

This has to be one of the worst comparison videos of all time.

1. Battlefield 4 was being played on a top-end gaming PC, COD was probably running on a Xbox One or a gaming PC around the same power.

2. COD: Ghost video is a CG trailer with pieces of gameplay, while BF4 is full gameplay.

3. Video only plays in 30fps, COD runs in 60fps.

AWFUL. If anything use screens (GAMEPLAY)

linkenski1761d ago

This is correct and it's the reason why you should never compare these two franchises.
BF4 is likely going to be at 30fps 1080p and CoD is going to be 60fps @ 1080p

JonahNL1761d ago

It's already been confirmed that BF4 will run at 60 fps at 720p.

Grap1761d ago

hahahaha COD 1080P hahaha BTW if u didn't know COD never was truly sub HD aka 720P

Skate-AK1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

The funniest thing is that Battlefield 4 video is 3K resolution, downscaled to 1080p.

@ZidaneNL Got a link for that? Only thing i could find is a "leak" saying that it's running Frostbite 2.5 and is based in China.

It's already confirmed to run Frostbite 3 and a new leak suggest China is only a DLC pack.

Kennytaur1761d ago

@Grab: 720p isn't sub HD, anything below native 720p is. Sub means below, and 720p is the first standard of HD.

So CoD was sub-HD.

PhantomT14121760d ago (Edited 1760d ago )

CoD Ghost wasn't CG (if by CG you meant pre-rendered like an animation film), it was all real time rendering quality that you'll get if you play the game (it would've been really ugly for a CG quality).
What I found especially underwhelming with this CoD presentation is that the game looks like a current-gen CoD being maxed out on a mid-range PC, which isn't very flattering for a next-gen title...
Personally, I also found the BF4 reveal very boring and unexciting, but at least, the graphics were one step further than BF3 which was already stunning (although BF4 didn't have that "wow" effect BF3's graphics gave the first time it was shown).

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Tr10wn1761d ago

i don't see how that make any sense, this is a trailer vs trailer comparison....

ijust2good1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

Since BF4 showed in game "realtime" gameplay and COD didn't, BF4 still looked better graphically but i rather have 60fps gameplay than better graphics at-least in the multiplayer.

Hufandpuf1761d ago

BF4 will most likely be running on 60fps 64 player matches on next gen console. IF of course Sony and MS aren't lying about their hardware.

RegorL1754d ago

Your comment made me review the video.

I am amazed how little FPS (First Person Shooter) is really shown in the CoD Ghost video.

- First Persons gun is never shown!
- First Persons arms shows only a few moment.
- NO bullets are fired!

This title is a revolution for FPS, but not a invention as Mirrors Edge can be played without killing any opponent...

gijsbrecht1761d ago

I am no CoD fan at all, but is BF4 not shown there on some high end PC? BF3 on pc or on console is quite a different experience. I do think however that KZSF will be better (graphics wise) than Ghosts and BF4 on consoles. I guess we'll find out later on.

leogets1761d ago

both look good. battlefield better tho n obviously the mp on battlefield can't be touched by no stretch of the imagination.

SirBradders1761d ago

Is it me or does the new COD scenery and items look the same i.e. tables, jungles, locations etc... Is it definitely a new engine?

Also both are both of these even compared on the same specs? because i know BF4 was run on some beast PC.

titletownrelo1761d ago

Play black ops 2 on the PS3, then play tell me which one is better looking -__-

SirBradders1761d ago

Battlefield 3 all day long.

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