Gamedaily: Top 25 Hottest Game Babes

Gamedaily writes: "These 25 special ladies come packed with smarts, crazy martial arts skills, and more curves than a basketball:

#25 Cate Archer (No One Lives Forever)

Cate Archer is the ultimate success story, a former orphan and thief transformed into a sexy secret agent. She's no James Bond, but she can investigate us any time, so long as it doesn't involve lots of punching or a gun to our heads.

#24 Lisa AKA La Mariposa (Dead or Alive 4)

Watching Lisa... err... La Mariposa flying around the wrestling ring makes us want to take up lucha libre, if for nothing else than to let her give us "personal" instruction. It sure beats high school wrestling.

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Cyrus3653921d ago

No surprise who is #1...

Marceles3921d ago

lol yeah...i thought they would've taken a risk and gone for someone else.

MGS4 isn't out yet..but the doctor girl on there has to be on the next list

heyheyhey3921d ago

you mean Naomi?

yeah she's hot

Lord Anubis3921d ago

Kasumi because i like them feisty.

Cyrus3653921d ago

#21 Elexis Sinclaire isn't bad either...

Harry1903921d ago

you're stuck on halo aren't you?
come to think of it,why not?

heyheyhey3921d ago

urrrgghhhhhhh Gloria

and Lulu, and Ivy

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The story is too old to be commented.