The (LEGO) Dark Knight is now on Wii U

The Dark Knight cometh as Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment releases LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for Wii U.

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TheSoundDefense1830d ago

I heard good things about this one. And the Wii U needs it some games.

Myst1830d ago

Debating if I want this one or Lego City Undercover. I NEED a Lego game!

Myst1830d ago

Eventually yes but as of now I will only get one. I like to get just one game each time I get paid and use the rest on other things/essentials.

DarkBlood1830d ago

if i was in our situaton, i would probably go with lego city undercover despite usually picking a themed lego game instead

Myst1830d ago

That's what I'm starting to lean forward to but one cannot deny Batman sometimes. Meh guess I'll go undercover.

TimeSkipLuffy1830d ago

have they done anything exclusively in the WiiU version except the controls maybe?