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Xbox One game pricing up to publishers, Phil Spencer says

Microsoft won't set the price for Xbox One games and will leave the price point of next-gen games up to publishers, Microsoft Studios' corporate vice president Phil Spencer told Polygon today. (Xbox One)

Donnieboi  +   919d ago
Great so if they wanna do $70, then it's all good, huh? -_-
HyperBear  +   919d ago
Yeah pretty much!! It may not happen at launch, but once the XbOne has been out for a year or two, you'll slowly see them reaching $69.99 - $79.99.
Donnieboi  +   919d ago
Lol @ XbOne. I'm gonna use that from now one hahaha
BitbyDeath  +   918d ago
Too many syllables

BABYLEG  +   918d ago
azshorty2003  +   918d ago
Jake_the_Dog  +   918d ago
They would be really stupid to pull that shit in this type of economy.
aaron5829  +   918d ago
XBone ... i read it as X Bone
nick309  +   919d ago
They need to make digital prices lower then retail for once
onyoursistersback  +   918d ago
70 plus the 30 for seasons pass

"i still can believe they came up with DLC called "seasons pass"
Kenshin_BATT0USAI  +   918d ago
Even better, season passes don't cover all dlc. What the heck is the point of 'em?
CalvinKlein  +   918d ago
more like 1000$ with 100$ day 1 dlc.
The_Infected  +   919d ago
I don't like this guy just saying. And there is a free ride for publishers to charge more than $59!
Joecool6101  +   919d ago
This is how its ALWAYS been.. console makers NEVER set the price.
Donnieboi  +   919d ago
Sony officially set the price for ps4 games to be $60. WTH u talking about?
Lavalamp  +   918d ago
If I had to take a stab at this subject, I guess the reason people are looking for clarification is because of the Xbox One's new policy with used game fees, as well as their new plans for the trading/reselling of unwanted titles being so ambiguous right now. Such new practices certainly could have made one wonder if Microsoft was seeking to establish their own pricing standards in the market, or, at the very least, attain a greater deal of influence on it.
azshorty2003  +   918d ago
Sony SAID games should stay the same. Go back to SNES days where games ranged from $50 to $80. There was no set price. That is a more recent trend.
ShaunCameron  +   918d ago
At least for other publishers, that is. But for themselves in the case of Nintendo, it's anywhere between $50 and $60 despite the fact Super Luigi U is gonna be $30 retail.
jc48573  +   919d ago
some kind of compromise is going to be made regardless

EA: Make it 100 dollars
Microsoft: okay, we will add 200 on top of that.
stuna1  +   918d ago
Naw! Each Xbox 1 will come with an expiration date that you will see once you go online the first time! Then it will take you to the Terms of Service agreement screen, from there after accepting their terms, it will take you to Credit card imformation screen, there you will be require to enter accurate imformation after that you're all done!

Until you recieve your credit card statement, and find out you've been billed for 14 consecative yearly payments of $69.00 with no option to decline.
fsfsxii  +   918d ago
Why not call it XboxEA at this point??
It all makes sense now, i knew EA was too evil to drop the online passes, and now the Fee for the used games and publishers set the price?? MS really needs to go
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Loki86  +   918d ago
So since you can trade and sell games online it will drive the price down for publishers thus leading to better deals for the consumer. At least that's how I interpret it, but I'll probably get downvoted because I said something positive.
thelaughingwiseman  +   918d ago
Not from me. I believe in rewarding sound logic. It seems like the Xbox is rewarding the fee's the users pay with services. They assume the average gamer demographic is still in their college years (sports, laziness, men) but the truth is, the Demographic of gamers have grown up. They used to be in the 18-24 range, but now they are the 25-30 age. These guys are more sophisticated. They don't multitask with one object, they have multiple advanced objects (high end pc, high end phone, high end TV). This is a great home entertainment, something guys busy living their lives can use.
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badz149  +   918d ago
downvoted for saying something "positive"??
More like something that is "never gonna happen"!
rainslacker  +   918d ago
Unfortunately if you leave control of the market in the publishers hands, then game prices will remain artificially high longer. Digital game prices now are at the discretion of the publisher, and because there is no competition digitally for them, the prices are usually much higher than retail.

The competition at retail is what keeps prices down. That and the fact that companies want to offload stock. Something that isn't a factor in digital distribution.

For the most part I haven't seen any of the major publishers actually thinking they should give a good deal to the consumer. It's more about whining that the consumer isn't supporting them, and then doing everything they can to force as much money from them as possible. Nothing this gen makes me think that publishers are on our side.
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Blank  +   918d ago
Oh gosh im getting a bad flashback when Bobby Kotick made a comment about his opinion on video game pricing :/
aaron5829  +   918d ago
i was about to say COD for USD89.99
nigelp520  +   918d ago
I remmeber when new ps2 games were 39.99 :(
exfatal  +   918d ago
i remember the 49.99 days, i was satisfied with that. at least nintendo keeps there prices fair. 49.99-59.99 same as sony. But hoping publishers dont get greedy on xb1
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