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Submitted by ChaosKnight 991d ago | opinion piece

Microsoft needs to 'win' at E3 or say goodbye to their customers

Hardcore Gamer: If Microsoft were smart, they’d change their outlook between now and E3 or at least be honest and confess that they’re trying to set-up their consumers. They should speak more about the console itself and give concrete details about how the disc locking and selling of used games will work. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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BigFnHooters  +   991d ago
"If Microsoft were smart, they’d change their outlook"

The depth of the self delusion is staggering.

It's been four years of the same exact self delusion.

"Next E3 Microsoft is finally going to deliver!"

Consoles and their supporting structure take years to develop and set in motion. What you see right now from Microsoft IS IT.

* Microsoft has shut down almost all of their non-shovelware first party studios. So all this babble about 'showing more games' have to come from somewhere. There simply aren't secret Microsoft first party studios that can magically make these new franchises

* Microsoft has given up on the Asian market so there are no new franchises coming out from developers in that market

* The only possible area for Microsoft is what they've used as a crutch for the past decade - buying Xbox ports of PC games and pass them off as 'exclusives'

* The weak Xbox One hardware was finalized a long time ago and isn't going to change outside of Microsoft canceling launch this year. Nothing is going to change on that front.
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Enemy  +   991d ago
Everyone's waiting for the PS4 reveal now. E3 belongs to Sony.

Considering how close E3 is now, Microsoft could have just gone all out today and disappoint at E3 again. It's become a normal thing for them anyway. Instead of impressing, they display this oversized VHS thing with no games, a bunch of TV features in which 3GB of the console will be wasted on leaving only 5GB of RAM for gaming, Kinect expanded meaning more Kinect games, more voice recognition, offline pass (lol), and Call of Duty DLC as their main event.

A clusterf*ck in every regard, and a bad, bad time for it to happen to make matters worse.

4 > One

Edit: Lol @ below.
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ApolloTheBoss  +   991d ago
LOL look what I found. Next Xbox in a nutshell.

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scofios  +   991d ago
Extra fee for playing used games WTF;

you might even have to pay extra fees for a red ring this time.
maxgamehard  +   991d ago
I believe that Sony will have the best conference but Nintendo will also bring a good amount of content

Sony and Nintendo still care about the core gamer at the end of the day.
Freak of Nature  +   991d ago
It really was a true clusterf*ck....

As a original box and 360 owner this show was exactly what I "did not" want to see...

Start the show with Gears 4, that's how you start the new gen, end it with halo 5, throw in Forza in the middle, something like this, break up the features, yada yada yada...

How about an appearance of Banjo alive and well on the next XBOX1 from Rare? Throw in Black tusk's new IP? They could show more at E3 still, they should have won over fans now, why only at E3? They could have still added looks into these games at E3, plus held back a couple other games...Add 15 minutes to the show, you mean to tell me that fans would actually mind that extra 15 minutes to be able to see 3/4/5 or system selling IP's coming in year 1?

The avoidance of showing more gpu and cpu specs is glaring too....

And just what are the 15 exclusives in year 1? I certainly hope it is "not" the list below. I would hope it would be all hardcore, but get this feeling it will be more like the list below...

Forza 5
Gears of War 4
Halo 5
Rare game
Quantum Break
Black Tusk Game
Fable 4

A couple Kinect Exclusive's...
And about 5 XBLA exclusives...
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VenomousHail  +   991d ago
@maxgamehard I agree with you that Sony will have the best conference, but I'm pretty sure Nintendo will not be present at E3.
insomnium2  +   991d ago
Who the HELL wants to give voice commands to a console? It's embarassing to a whole new level.
Pyrrhus  +   991d ago
Im just curious how many of their 15 'exclusives' are actually Kinect games.
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BABYLEG  +   991d ago
There's no such thing as Kinect games. Its called Xbox one games. One system.
Man-E-Faces  +   991d ago
I would bet half of those are Kinect games, and let me tell you why I can assume this. You don't pack a Kinect in every box and not support it, otherwise Microsoft would still sell it separate as it is now. Kinect now that it's more improved & included will hold more precedent over a traditional controller only game.
EVILDEAD360  +   991d ago
Nah. They may lose this fanblogger, but they set themselves up good for a great E3.

It goes without saying that, both MS and Sony have to have a great E3 after both of their reveals though.

cyguration  +   991d ago
No Sony doesn't have to have a great E3, they just need to show a few more games, a price point and the console itself. That's it. They've got it in the bag.

Unlike MS I know EXACTLY what Sony will be about with the PS4 and it's about the games. I love that. They're working to bring back mid-budget games, which were stamped out due to all the money-chasing this gen. They're bringing in more indies and setting the price ceiling at $60 and the barrier of entry at free-to-play, with EVERYTHING else in between.

Microsoft didn't mention squat about game pricing, they didn't mention squat about game availability. Nothing about tools, nothing about game functionality, feature proofing or future proofing. NOTHING.

I'm sorry but MS has A LOT to show at E3 to warrant any interest out of this disgruntled gamer.

Sony just has to stay the line and they'll be all right. They've already won against MS for as far as I'm concerned unless MS takes a huge step in the opposite direction.

Gaming shouldn't be about buzzwords and marketing ploys. I don't spend my money on crap just so some shareholder can buy a golden yacht.
rainslacker  +   991d ago
MS is going to have to spend an inordinate amount of time at the Next E3 trying to spin, or better yet convince, all the stuff coming out today as a good thing for the gamer. If E3 is about the games, then well no game in the world is going to make me want an Xbox given what is currently known about it.

Hell, Sony could not do a conference this year ala Nintendo and probably still come out ahead of MS given current news.
Army_of_Darkness  +   991d ago
If you seriously think sony needs to have a great e3 showing as well even after you've just seen the xbox one reveal, then you clearly are a ms fanboy rather than a gamer.
Wake up bro! Sony's conference slaughtered ms's! And the sad thing is that they went after sony and still bombed!
EVILDEAD360  +   991d ago
Nah. it's 3 weeks prior to E3 and over 6 months prior to launch, MS is perfectly fine.

But, make no mistake, MS has to bring it's A-game to E3.

They said they were using E3 to concentrate on the games, well that's what they need to do.

If they squash the quirky stuff, show great games at E3, then the One is going to fly off the shelves.

But, if they phone it in which there is no indication that they will, then it's going to be an uphill battle.



@ Army of Darkness

Nah. In my opinion, Sony did exactly what they were supposed to as well in Feb. The hardware stole the show, but they held off on showing the big dogs till E3 as well.

Nothing exempts any of them from needing a good showing at E3.

I didn't see any knockout punches from any of the reveals.

But we all know what franchises Sony has been holding on to for the last 3-4 years.
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The_Blue  +   991d ago
Why is there so much hate for the Xbox?
I don't get it? Its up to the developers. Its always been about games nothing else.
Army_of_Darkness  +   991d ago
"Its always been about games nothing else."

Exactly the reason why everyone is hating on the xbox one and loving the ps4.
Did you even watch the ps4 reveal??
Virtual_Reality  +   991d ago
And blocking used games.......
tuglu_pati  +   991d ago
MS is in deep trouble. I thought Nintendo was in trouble but MS just dug up a deeper hole.

ugly name
bad console design
weak specs
no games
casual oriented

At least Nitendo has a great first party catalog. MS better say "adios" because I dont think they'll make it through this next gen and this is coming from an xbox enthusiast.
The_Infected  +   991d ago
People will still buy it no matter what. I see Xbox fans defending the stupidest stuff. You think they would want more from their platform but sometimes I wonder.
BigFnHooters  +   991d ago
I'm sure there are still going to be some hardcore Xbox fans in the US and UK who will still buy this disaster of a console.

But Microsoft came in last place this gen despite:

* Rushing out their console a year early, a year and a half in Europe to pad out their installed base

* Millions and millions of duplicate consoles due to the RRoD fiasco and other hardware problems. The average Xbox 360 owner has some 4-5 different models they've bought(not including free Microsoft replacements)

* The PS3 was 200 dollars more expensive than the Xbox 360.

All that and Microsoft still ended up in last place this gen. If Microsoft has none of that going for it this gen and with the Xbox One getting the worst reaction from gamers in a console reveal in history it is hard to imagine Microsoft not crashing and burning this gen.
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Godmars290  +   991d ago
They're in last place worldwide. They're #1 in the US and UK.

And given that their main goal seems to be to get their console into livingrooms, then get those households to pay for XBL which is largely free money for them, I don't MS will care very much they do with games or the world market so long as their overall profit margin is large and embedded.
Sarick  +   991d ago
I remember reading somewhere that MS had set goals for 3 generations.

1st XBOX survive the market.
2nd XBOX 360 become a major player.
3rd XBOX ONE dominate the gaming market.

Did they accomplish any of this. Up until the second gen I think they did. The third gen goal is up for grabs. It seems a lot of people are hating on this new XBOX.

Don't get me wrong, the only Xbox I ever touched was one that was sent to me by mistake when the company reset solder on my PS3 FAT so I could transfer files to my new slim.

It's hard to tell. The advantage MS Xbox one has over PS4 starting out s it's fully backwards compatibility with Xbox 360.

Other then that I wouldn't assume the next big winner. I just know I have no plays buying the new XBOX. The PS4 is is looking very stylish so, I might just get one of those.
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forcefullpower  +   991d ago
The Xbox one is not BC at all.
Sarick  +   991d ago
Damn that's news to me. I just found out. I assume this was announced a few hours ago. Since it's not BC that makes it less attractive.

Anyway, my main point is/was that MS has a goal to dominate after their 3rd gen.

After watching the reveal I came to the conclusions that it's more or less a PC like media center with proprietary software that plays games.

Some of the features are impressive but that's not really what makes good games.
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The_Blue  +   991d ago
Im trying to understand the hate for the XBOX ONE?

Do you guys really just want ps4 with no competition?

Surely, no conflict will be bad.

Way too many fanboys on here, not enough facts.
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VenomousHail  +   991d ago
I would love for there to be some competition between Sony and Microsoft. To be competitive Microsoft needs to show games, because gamers are the ones buying the consoles. Also blocking used games or charging a "fee" to play them, to go along with the always connected box puts them in a terrible position.
OSIRUSSS  +   991d ago
The Xbox has never been comp for the PS brand. 3rd every Gen bares this fact out. After today's events it sure as hell ain't changing next Gen!
Reborn  +   991d ago
They need to provide some clarity, before that.
jc48573  +   991d ago
it's like a deadly virus they are hiding from us.
00  +   991d ago
they can't do that without paying a fee.
Rusty515  +   991d ago
Usher's gotta dance his ass off at E3 after that reveal..
azshorty2003  +   991d ago
I don't think even Usher and his moves can save the One. Not even taking off his shirt.
Rusty515  +   991d ago
Then Microsoft has to bring out the big guns...Justin Bieber to showcase dance central 4 running on the new kinect 2.0
Errol James  +   991d ago
azshorty2003  +   991d ago
A little late for that.

I said goodbye the moment they decided to block used games. Let alone the always connected policy.
latincooker214  +   991d ago
dude im with you.
ziggurcat  +   991d ago
based on today, they probably won't "win".
Kingdom Come  +   991d ago
They stated they were saving games for E3:
Forza 5,
Quantum Break,
Black Tusk Studio's New IP,
Crackdown 3 (Rumoured),
"Historic Rare Franchise Return.

With App's and Kinect out of the way, E3 is going to be a blast.
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AutoCad  +   991d ago
its still going to sell millions of units regardless.
DarkBlood  +   991d ago
maybe so but that imo wont work in the long term of things depending on how one looks at it, after all its the hardcore players that drives the consoles further not the casual i'll say im half right when i say that you wont see them constantly spending after the initial purchase and whatever feature they sign up for.
AutoCad  +   991d ago
but the 360 has best selling great the past 2-4 years since kinect.that just proves that the hardcore really dont drive the consoles
The_Blue  +   991d ago
Its actually the games. Nothing more.
CommonSenseGamer  +   991d ago
So tell me, how many "hardcore" gamers do you think buy a console? People act like there are a 100 million hardcore gamers all waiting to buy a games only console.

Are these the same hardcore gamers that have made the Vita a run away success?
rainslacker  +   991d ago
When your console reveal makes the Wii U's appeal rise substantially it doesn't matter if you sell millions of units. All systems will sell millions of units. but if it can't keep up with Sony or even Nintendo in units sold that isn't a good thing.

Initial sales will be good from the hardcore fan, but long term MS is going to have to have one hell of a marketing campaign to convince people this system is worth their time and money. In the meantime, many gamers are going to be saying "stay away". Believe it or not, the majority of consumers do research a $400+ purchase. It's far from impulse.
wikia  +   991d ago
They should try at least showing some games during E3.

They should at least try and do what sony did and make games the primary thing to show and everything else secondary.
kenoh   991d ago | Spam
00  +   991d ago
they have to change there whole game plan if they want to win
because the one the have now is completely idiotic.
KarrBOMB  +   991d ago
I'm already done. I'm smart enough to know the smoke and mirrors trick. It's already a disaster for Microsoft, they just don't know it.
fsfsxii  +   991d ago
Let's see if MS can make it till E3...
Jek_Porkins  +   991d ago
Winning E3 is subjecting, there isn't really a way to win a showcase since we all have varied tastes and opinions. What they need to do is show off those 15 new exclusives, and 8 new IP's.

They need to get their stories straight, and clear the air completely. People will buy it no matter what, thinking otherwise is kind of foolish, but if they want to get those initial tech gamer's, they'll need to prove to them that they have a lot of compelling games.
GABRIEL1030   991d ago | Trolling | show
rainslacker  +   991d ago
They'll have to do a lot of convincing at E3 to make all this negative press go away. I'm not holding out hope for that since they did nothing to dispel all those negative rumors at this conference. In some ways they even showed that they were at least partially true. They could do it before E3, and will likely do some, but again, they didn't do much of that before the reveal either.

Showing the games is nice, but it seems there is a lot of things for people to be wary about at the moment.
duli14  +   991d ago
Jek_Porkins: Go Home
Nocando  +   991d ago
Do you get the feeling that at least some of these posters didn't really watch the entire presentation? The question was put forth to Mattrick about games and he said it's still the number 1 priority. When it's brought up that in the first year that Xbox One will have 15 exclusives, 8 of them new ip's, N4g idiots scream Kinect. When a standard hdd is mentioned, it's also put in a negative light. I feel that no matter what MS announces, it will be seen as negative. I feel I may have joined the wrong forum.
ACESupERIC  +   991d ago
I watched it and the impression I got is that they're trying to turn the xbox into some sort of cable box media player that also plays video games. I might be in the minority here but I really couldn't care less about anything except the ability to play games. With the internet requirement, used game fee, and the paywall(xbox live) I can't see how this would be the system of choice for someone like me. Oh I almost forgot. F kinect.
Jek_Porkins  +   990d ago
I couldn't agree more, the odd thing is that people are shocked by them not showing a lot of games, when they clearly said in the weeks leading up to the event that they weren't showing a lot of games!

They stated weeks ago that E3 was all about games, May 21st was all about the hardware. The bottom line is though, Microsoft flubbed bits of their reveal, not by failing to show games, but by not being on the same page as a company.

I want the new Xbox One, as nothing that's been discussed is a deal breaker for me, and I love the features they showed off yesterday, but from a consumer standpoint of someone who might not be able to afford the same amount of games as I can, I can see why they'd want clarification when it comes to things like used games and always online.
Kiddcarter  +   991d ago
seems like Microsoft used gamers as a stepping stone this current to get Xbox brand recognition, and now that Xbox is a household name they are moving on leaving the gamer on the back burner, maybe at e3 they will show something that blows everyone away, but i doubt it because they haven't showed anything at e3 that really blew people away in awhile
Bumpmapping  +   991d ago
One of the worst console reveals I have ever seen sad and pathetic.
Crazay  +   991d ago
oh get bent...what pointless drivel.
GABRIEL1030  +   991d ago
There is not time, only 18 days. Maybe they can rescue the Xbox division if they cancels the Xbox one or almost if they reverse the second hand restriction and the internet 24 h connection.
thelaughingwiseman  +   991d ago
All Sony needs to do is show their console, Last Guardians, and Final Fantasy vs 13 and they win E3. That's all they need to do, all that other stuff will be like adding gold flakes to their parade
GABRIEL1030  +   991d ago
To Easy for Sony, they only need to show their last cards like: Final Fantasy XV, Planetside 2, Uncharted 4.
Enemy  +   991d ago
Actually all they need to do is show the PS4 after what happened today. It's what everyone's waiting for, but we know Sony's 1st parties are going to be there as well. The Last Guardian alone would melt E3 to the ground.
rainslacker  +   991d ago
Given how much Sony has been trolling MS lately, they could do that before E3. I would actually love to see what this new marketing team of theirs has in mind for the next few weeks, and have a feeling Sony's E3 presser will be one giant troll. They've been pretty good about being more humble, but if there was ever a time to show some superiority this would be it.
Veneno  +   991d ago
This whole "not showing the console" nonesense has actually COMPLETELY WOrkED IN SONY'S FAVOR. Now that we see the ONE looks like a LaserDisc player Sony's PS4 will no doubt look better and also prove that showing the console has no effect.
forcefullpower  +   991d ago
But I think it does prove showing the console makes a difference. If Sony device is the same size as that gigantic thing they will get bitched at too
younglj01  +   991d ago
#Dealwithit ;(
Sarobi  +   991d ago
But the thing is.. how do you win E3 if you are MS. Both MS and Sony are going to come with great exclusives, there is no doubt about that. The problem we see presented at us now, is that they are starting to seem anti-consumer.

You have talk of Pre-owned fee's and limitations to games you own; such as having content bind to a specific profile. You have a webcam that is required to function the device, whether it is to spy on you (most likely not the case, but who knows) or to have you do a bunch of unnecessary gestures to start a game/navigate a menu. Limited sources as to where you can store your data (since apparently the HDD can't be swapped and talk of proprietary external devices). etc,etc,etc.

It may not be a deal breaker for the mass.. but it is fishy.. and honestly I think it's a lot of restrictions and complications just to play a few video games.
mochachino  +   991d ago
I loved my 360 this gen but I'm disappointed with MS's TV/multimedia focus. Sure that stuff looked pretty cool but I'm not interested in the worlds best cable box (especially knowing how MS prices TV shows, movies, and music higher than most).

I thought this reveal would bring me back more into the Xbox camp but all it did was push me more towards PS4. I'll take better looking/running games over novelty TV watching any day.

All it really does is allow you to switch from TV to games to movies faster but who cares, when I'm tired of watching TV, I'll sit with the same game/movie/TV shows for hours.

I'm not some ADHD kid that's going to game for 5 minutes, then watch 10 minutes of a movie, then listen to one song, then Skype my friend for 3 minutes, then back to gaming. etc. I tend to do one activity for at least an hour at a time. The fast switch is really cool but not worth the inferior console power.

The money spent on including Kinect in every box should have just been spent on more console power. And how much of that inferior RAM is going to be reserved to allow for all those programs running in the background.
stuna1  +   991d ago
I think this is going to set them up for a lot of hack jobs! By it being so close to PC architecture , also it makes me wonder if it will be subseptible to viruses considering the os is Internet explorer.
stuna1  +   991d ago
Microsft needed to do well at this unveiling! Because from the look and sound of things, it's fanbase is already threatning mutiny! And at this point they are already in shark infested waters.
NateCole  +   991d ago
I hope it does not come to that. I hope MS come to their senses before any of that happens.

If Sony pulls a similar stunt i would not buy thier console as well.

Enough of these stupid anti consumer schemes. Before you know it we will be basically buying games to own for a period only but not actually owning them.
stuna1  +   991d ago
Pretty much! That season pass IMO is one such tactic.
NateCole  +   991d ago
Today was suppose to be MS clearing the air about the rumors in that they are wrong. Instead we get a complete cluster f*ck.

What worries me is that dispite the negative resonse when these rumors first surface its seems like they are still considering them.

I just hope for their sake and the sake of the industry that they change their plan.
Unicron  +   991d ago
Actually, they only need to show cod, halo, gears, trot out some more dlc.... And their fans will stick by them. Not sure what that means for the industry... I'm still just sad bayonetta 2 isn't next gen :-(
kenoh   991d ago | Spam
RandomDude655  +   991d ago
how can ms win when the below is what they created?
--Onilink--  +   991d ago
all I really care about is getting those rumors answered once and for all. As long as there is no used game fees/restrictions and no always-online(or even the once every 24h, i could live with that though i dont like it), especially not as a form of DRM, ill probably get it

For everything else, i dont really doubt there are lots of games coming, and the console seems pretty good specs wise.

Ill probably decide which one to buy 1st to accompany my WiiU and PC depending on the launch lineup/window and then just get the other a year or so later
#27 (Edited 991d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
fegam2  +   991d ago
Fuck MS is all i can say. I live in central america and down here at least 40% of the gamers play only offline. So now these gamers will need to somehow access the internet to activate their games and even so they are fuck because you will need a connection every 24 hours period. Conclusion they will flock to SONY system not because they like it better but because it is their only option avalilable.
Third world countries are poor (the minimum wage in my country is $12 per day) playing videogames is a expensive luxury, here a new game is $80, so we gamers go to the second hand market in order to play a lot of games. We buy some games, we rent others and we lend games to friends to maximize our hobby. So now i have to pay a FEE to play used games, FUCK YOU MS; and phil harrison tried to wash his hands by saying "don't worry you could use the same disk in your house for different people" but failed to say the most important part: if my brother play my game that is attached to my xbox live account he will not be able to get any ACHIEVEMENTS, like he will normally do right now with any ps3 or xbox 360 disk game. So again Fuck U MS.
Xbxo one will not funtion without kinect, that is BS, I have played lots of games on my 360 and I have never been interested in kinect. What about if the kinect sensor is damage, i cannot longer play the console?.
I have been loyal to MS since the original xbox but now i fell betrayed and taking for granted. seems like MS no longer care for the hardcore gamer, the one that took MS where is today. It seems that thounsands of gamers around the world will flock to the SONY camp and they should becuase MS deserves it. sony just now have to say: you now what our ps4 does not requiere a connection to the internet to play, you can play all the used games you want, and then sat and enjoy the fall of the X1. Again FUCK U MS.
conclusion: You have all these innovation with X1: a Kinect that absolutely needs to be connected at all times, people who buy pre-owned games are probably going to get Fucked, you can’t lend games you paid for with your money to your friends, and that you do indeed have to have an Internet connection in order to play. INCREDIBLE SPECS INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!
nigelp520  +   991d ago
original NES> Xbox one
CanadianTurtle  +   991d ago
Honestly, it didn't even feel like a gaming console reveal. It felt more like an entertainment product for people who are new to gaming and have never used a controller in their life (hence the voice communication)
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