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Xbox One's Kinect Is Legitimately Awesome | IGN

IGN: "Even in its present form, with primitive tech demos comprising its software showcase, the next generation Kinect represents the partially fulfilled potential of the original's failure. Amid the unveiling of a Spielberg/Halo television series, Remedy’s new IP, and a sexy new controller, I never expected the follow-up to a maligned motion device to impress me more than anything else at the Xbox One reveal." (Xbox One)

Nevers  +   678d ago
"Legitimately scary"


I'm not interested in an always on facial (and more?) recognition system uploading a bunch of marketing info up to a bunch of servers so they can learn how to better cater to my wallet. No thanks, for the time being.
hellvaguy  +   678d ago
Agreed not interested in Kinect nor the touch controls on the ps4.
Root  +   678d ago
As I said on another article the big difference is that Kinect will be mandatory but the PS4s touch pad will most likely be optional.

If you want to swipe your weapon in a FPS for example you can use the touch pad, if you don't you can use the D-Pad.
ziggurcat  +   678d ago
@ root:

just like how the touch controls aren't mandatory in any of the vita games i've ever played on that system as well... just because it's there's doesn't mean it's required.
Nevers  +   678d ago
Mandatory and intrusive. This just doesn't sit well with me.
JokesOnYou  +   678d ago
I don't like most of the 360 Kinect games but you can see the potential there for some great game experiences/interaction...this 2nd gen Kinect looks impressive and YES making it standard not optional is a plus because devs can really design games from the ground up with proper well thought out Kinect implementation. If you actually read what IGN says about Kinects current tech and can't think of at least a few great ways this could innovate gaming then its just because you have blinders on.

@dedicatedtogamers, yeah keep telling yourself that, I mean of course the negative stuff is gospel but any positive news is paid off. /s
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InMyOpinion  +   678d ago
@JokesOnYou - You really have to cut your way through the troll comments to get to anything substantial in here at this time :)

Anyways, I was incredibly hyped about the potential of Kinect, but let down by its technical limitations (lag and lack of precision basically). I do see a lot of potential in Kinect 2, but I definitely want to see some games running with it first.

And maybe this time around they'll give it to indie devs to play with. That's where creativity is, and where Kinect should have been in the first place.
dedicatedtogamers  +   678d ago
" I never expected the follow-up to a maligned motion device to impress me more than anything else at the Xbox One reveal."

Shut up, IGN. You've been shilling for Kinect the day it launched. I've lost count of how many "_____ is the hardcore game Kinect fans have been wanting" articles you wrote.

Until someone like Angry Joe (who genuinely loves 360, but hates Kinect) gives his approval to the thing, I'm not buying anyone else's word.
grimmweisse  +   678d ago
Seeing Joe rage about the Kinect is a great laugh, but very accurate. Something that was "supposed" to elevate gaming just hampered it.

They took one of the most hardcore games like Steel Battalion and completely destroyed it....thanks to kinect!

Motion gestures in gaming should only be an option. Only a few Wii games managed to do it right, and even then it was not really needed, just a gimmick that has passed by.
HammadTheBeast  +   678d ago
You guys see Angry Joe's video on Xbox One? He absolutely tears it apart. But his complaints can't be argued against.
zebramocha  +   678d ago
@never your not interested in an all ways on facial? 
LogicStomper  +   678d ago
Wow, you and the 28 others must not like Google or Facebook and such. You do realise Google tracks what you look up and uses your history to put ads relevant to you. Facebook also sells your information so how is this such a significant problem?
Nevers  +   678d ago
No actually I would quit FB in an instant. I also attempt to sign out of Google to search anything because I do NOT like how it sticks me in a bubble of "my interests". And this Kinect 2 even a further step on spying on me.

"So how is this a significant problem?"

Everyone else is doing it, I guess, so don't question it, right? Ha!
LogicStomper  +   677d ago
"No actually I would quit FB in an instant."

So you're saying you made a Facebook account KNOWING that they your information? Did you know Facebook also tracks your search activity aswell? Does this not mean that for every time you want to google something, you sign out both on Facebook and Google?

"Everyone else is doing it, I guess, so don't question it, right? Ha! "

Well you're still using Facebook, so that gives the assumption that you don't mind it at all. So then what's big difference between how Facebook uses your data and how Microsoft uses your data?
Nevers  +   676d ago
There is something inherently different between a site you log into that tracks what you click on compared to an "always on" device that sits in your living room and constantly uploads video/audio of everything you do/say. Sad you can't see that, lol.
fsfsxii  +   678d ago
Legitimately stalking the shit out of you.
Its actually looks worse than Kinect 1 (Hardware wise)
Thats ONE reason not to buy the XbOne
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SexyGamerDude  +   678d ago
How am I supposed to watch porn in peace now?
Nevers  +   678d ago
HammadTheBeast  +   678d ago
Xbox app lol. Scares you into watching their porn.
hellvaguy  +   678d ago
"How am I supposed to watch porn in peace now?"

1.) Unplug Kinect from the usb port (rocket science I know)
2.) Get a hot girl friend : )
dumahim  +   678d ago
" I never expected the follow-up to a maligned motion device to impress me more than anything else at the Xbox One reveal."

That's because there wasn't anything else there that could possibly impress anyone.
HammadTheBeast  +   678d ago
I Absolutely HATE how IGN is playing this off. They're so full of bulls***. They complained endlessly about PS4 reveal, not a peep about this one.
rainslacker  +   678d ago
Their post reveal analysis was quite critical of the show.

Maybe this guy is just genuinely impressed with the way it's shaping up.
00  +   678d ago
It watches you when you sleep
It knows when your heart beats at it's slowest, the scariest part is no one will know how you died.
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Minato-Namikaze  +   678d ago
You just creeped me way out, lol. Dont even wanna think about it now.........
00  +   678d ago
you may think your safe
but if your neighbor has a kinict......It's watching you too.
Minato-Namikaze  +   678d ago
goddammit i'm boarding up my windows when it releases, lol
Blank  +   678d ago
Holy balls! I forgot bout the heartbeat detection! But on topic IGN: Yeah kinect is awesome! And so is our XBOX APP! Availiable to gold subscribers ; )
kenshiro100  +   678d ago
That is so creepy. ;-;
Godmars290  +   678d ago
But Kinect will. MS by default.
InTheLab  +   678d ago
Kinda feels like we did this 3 years ago. Reality and potential never met last gen with Kinect and I've seen nothing that says K2.0 will be any different.
grimmweisse  +   678d ago
It will be the same, but MS is hyping it to no ends for a cash and grab!
InTheLab  +   678d ago
It's not even just MS. Everyone from IGN to Adam Sessler are seemingly excited for the next gen version of a gimmick...
soljah  +   678d ago
its awesome if you r interested in motion controls.
me, I'm a old fart who just want to lay back in my leather rocker recliner with a controller in my hand and game
Majin-vegeta  +   678d ago
This sh*t should be illegal.M$ can listen to your convos!
Loki86  +   678d ago
Every report says this thing works flawlessly and everyone has been extremely impressed. Since they have actually tried it, I think I'll trust their opinion over random trolls.
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dumahim  +   678d ago
I don't care how good it is, it still has limitations. I'll never be playing full motion games like dance games. I'm going to be sitting back on my couch relaxing. There's a coffee table between me and the TV with a laptop on it that is usually open. Until Kinect starts using x-rays, it's probably only going to see my head and maybe an arm. That's if I'm not covered up because it's cold during the winter and I like to bundle up.

Voice commands have always been spotty for me, no matter the platform. Combine that with other noises going on (in-game sounds or I frequently use fans) and it'll probably still be spotty at best.

So in any case, I don't care how flawlessly it works or how instant the response is, I don't want to use it, I don't want it hooked up, I don't want it always connected, I don't want to pay for it, I don't want it.
Sarobi  +   678d ago
I read the last paragraph in Liam Neeson's voice.. lol
dedicatedtogamers  +   678d ago
Every report said Kinect works flawlessly and everyone was extremely impressed back in 2009, too.

Are you really this easy to trick?
Starbucks_Fan  +   678d ago
It looks like a black version of Johnny 5
CalvinKlein  +   678d ago
Ron_Danger  +   678d ago
That's racist dawg
Veneno  +   678d ago
Your mother was a snow blower.
Tapioca Cold  +   678d ago
rthey did all tis last gen. I'm hearing the same arguents for this device now: recognizes fingers, heartbeats, will transform gameplay, more immersive etc.

It was lagging in the demo video they showed on stage last night.

I do think xbox one is cool and will shine, but not through kinect.
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RandomDude655  +   678d ago
JonnyBigBoss   678d ago | Trolling | show
turnerdc  +   678d ago
Very impressive piece of technology!


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greenpowerz  +   678d ago
Just what they showed at the reveal was impressive can't wait for more. Man the full control of a multi media device(XBOX ONE) with Kinect will be a huge hit that will make Wii/Wiimote popularity look like warm ups

Thanks for the vids. Simply impressive
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Sarobi  +   678d ago
X1 does indeed come with a controller, but I have a feeling that MS is going to make sure Kinect 2 plays an even bigger role to the library of games they bring.
edonus  +   678d ago
I hope so.

I just feel so sorry for all ya'll couldnt get in to it!

Like I was sitting their playing Steel Battalion (keep in mind unlike most people I got it to work good) and was just thinking od how cool it would be to have a set up like this in different types of vehicles like flying a bomber or stealth jet or an even more advanced Mech (because the mechs in Steel Battalion were very low tech almost steam powered).

I could just imagine a multiplayer mode (which they didnt have and would have become a cult classic) were you would stand up out looking out your cockpit to get a better view and somebody snipe you. And just the thrill of when yo get hit and it throws you all around ad you have to keep your composure and focus to survive.... Thats the gaming I want pressure and consequence with suspense. I want to be able to put pressure and fear in to my enemy with slick strategy.

I just hope they havent scared of developers to try some new stuff.
Grimhammer00  +   678d ago
"It sits on your harddrive and you have permission to play that game as long as you’d like" - Phil Harrison
jb227  +   678d ago
I'm glad somebody else thought that comment was strange....thanks Phil, for giving me "permission" to play a game I've already bought....you are a saint. Also, if all gaming is in the cloud & microsoft is a business, wouldn't it make more sense business-wise to have a short console generation, turn off the servers to the "one" to make everybody re buy all their games & be forced to buy a "two" if they want to play their games ever again? Because that system essentially hands Microsoft the full control over every product you purchase from them, even after it is technically your property....someone needs to write an article detailing the implications of what this tiny little detail could be, because they are tremendous....also, why hold the full details of these things back for any other reason than trying to keep the information from potential customers, I.e. tricking them into buying your console without proper knowledge....I foresee a HUGE legal agreement that xbots will have to sign away their first born to before they can get online & get coded like sheep, otherwise the lawsuits would be tremendous this time next year
DivineAssault  +   678d ago
porn streaming services too lol.. I bet theres going to be some creeping going on.. "The government is watching us maaaaaan" in my stoners voice.. But seriously, how many ppl are going to get caught beating off by leaving the chat on accidentally while switching apps? lol

Anyway, i feel like Nintendo wii u will get a lot more attention than i anticipated.. Kinect may be super accurate but i dont play motion games & PS4 has a camera for basic functionality so why would i need X1? E3 is incoming & cant wait!
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--Onilink--  +   678d ago
To quote someone from the IGN comments that made me lol

"its so advanced, it can tell you are not interested in it the moment you walk into the room"

LOL, jokes aside, it does look pretty impressive, at least from a UI perspective. We will have to wait and see if they can do something good on the games side of things
strigoi814  +   678d ago
if the kinect can turn on your console via voice control "the console and the kinect is not totally off its just hybernating"..
Virtual_Reality  +   678d ago
So are we going to see finally a Core and competitive game for Kinect?
Gamingskills  +   678d ago
I'm so tired of these negative comments on the Xbox One. One thing I learned from being on this site is anything Microsoft will be viewed negative by the SDF. I for one am not a FB I like technology and the Xbox one event today even tho it didn't show allot of games I give Microsoft credit for 3 things that Sony didn't do at it's press confrence.
1. They showed a console
2. Unveiled the name of the console
3. And this is the most important, they actually showed the features in action instead of just talk and footage.
I'm also tired of people saying I buy a gaming console to play games not watch tv or any of the other features it will have. Is it me or does society love electronics that can do multiple things. For example lets talk about cell phones (smart phones) I don't see anyone saying I just need a cell phone to make calls forget all the other features it may have except maybe grandmom or granddad, today the more features a cell phone has the better they sell that's why the Galaxy 4 and I-phone 5 sell as well as they do. Today if I'm going to spend 400 plus for a gaming system it better be able to play more than games. If you want to play just games go by a Wii U.
LogicStomper  +   677d ago
To answer your entire point, it's because it's not Sony.
cyhm3112  +   678d ago
And I thought WiiU is bad, haha, Microsoft is that stupid, haha. It is not what I expected, I think it would be worst than PS4 but not that much. Now Wii U is alive again, thanks Microsoft, hahaha
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