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What Microsoft did wrong at the Xbox reveal

The XBox One is definitely a decent piece of hardware with solid software backing it up and as XBox fans, we were looking forward to today's reveal. Unfortunately, many felt Microsoft came up short today and with Sony's stock rising immediately after the XBox reveal, it wasn't just gamers that thought the event was lacking.

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Community1797d ago
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Anon19741797d ago
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Abash1797d ago

Yup, they paid good money for a televised event broadcasted globally to really kill any hype for the new Xbox. I thought Sony's E3 2006 was as bad as they get, but this Xbox One reveal was far worse

BeZdaBest1797d ago

*599 usd* *attack its weak point for massive damage*


im hoping thats all behind us now..

snipermk01797d ago

well, what did u expect from a console whose main event was a call of duty trailer??

snipermk01797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

At least now I can finally have a classy, sleek looking foot stool.

RememberThe3571797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Excuse me, it's a cable box.

Actually, now that I think about it, I have no clue what this thing is.

EVILDEAD3601797d ago

I think MS did a good job playing it safe and they already preempted the fact that they would focus on games at E3.

But, in my opinion, they could have still gave nod to the indie guys at the Reveal.

Again, something that could be rectified.

Where I think the article is dead-on is MS went almost out of their way to wait till the interviews to address the rumor-ville, which turned out to be a double edged sword.

If gamers leave confused after E3, then MS wouldn't have learned a thing from the reveal.

At the end of the day, the box went over well for the mainstream press. MS is NEVER going to get love from the Kotakus of the world (But I'm sure they know that by now).

But, if they allow the cooky rumors of fees for used games and 24 hour offline then MS did it to themselves.


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GamersRulz1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I think listing what MS did right would be easier...oh wait, there is nothing right about it Lol

colonel1791797d ago

The only thing that they did right was the controller. Although I only liked the impulse triggers.

AngelicIceDiamond1797d ago

Barely any games shown. Sony's conference was easily the better one. There focus was crystal clear.

I felt separated because the conference wasn't for me as a gamer.

E3 is conferences of all conferences. Hoping MS does something special come show time.

Pillsbury11797d ago

Will usher do it for you?

ZodTheRipper1797d ago

Usher or Sean Paul and Microsoft might turn tables.

TwistedMetal1797d ago

EEEvvvverrrrryyyythhhinnngggg! !.gif

ps4,wiiu, pc, and handhelds all you need this gen. xbox shouldnt be on anybodies radar at all.

Action GO FIGURE1797d ago

Guys, guys.

Err... wait for E3? Really...


BlmThug1797d ago

They flopped hard. I remember the PS4 reveal had me on the edge, this one merely confirmed my day one PS4 purchase

Godmars2901797d ago

Honestly, still waiting for games for the PS4.

Know that they're coming, and some were shown, but I'm worried about which direction they'll take. Whether they'll be diverse or just more of the same FPS-style titles we got this gen.

I mean, even Infamous was a shooter. Had platforming, but was still a shooter.

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Ezio20481797d ago

Swear..! Everything..!!
Sony has apparently won the next gen already.
Bye - Bye Microsoft and Nintendo... :P

trenso11797d ago

MS: Hey sony where is your console

Sony: Hey MS where are your games?

In all seriousness, even though they said it wouldn't be about games mostly, they should have at least shown 3 games running in real time on the hardware. Not cinematic or CGI trailers but real gameplay. It was a very underwhelming conference for gamers imo.

SonicRush151797d ago

I really don't see why I should be excited for Xbox one. When they have showed me they care more about TV than games. I'm a gamer.. and I was watching for the games not enough of that.

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