EA Sports Ignite trailer shown at Xbox One reveal 'pre-rendered using in-game assets'

Polygon: "The footage of EA Sports' Ignite engine shown at today's Xbox One reveal event was pre-rendered using assets from Electronic Arts' next-gen FIFA, Madden, NBA Live and UFC games, says Andrew Wilson, executive vice president of EA Sports."

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fsfsxii1825d ago

Looks meh, seriously, not expecting anything great from EA

HammadTheBeast1825d ago

In all honesty, Killzone Shadow fall blew away anything shown at Xbox One reveal.

Also, EA are a bunch of snakes. Remove the online pass, just to enforce pay to play used BS.

Blacktric1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Showing pre rendered footage of a Madden game is probably one of the worst things you can do to kick off the game reveals for a next-gen console. It's literally E3 2005 all over again in that regard.

jdktech20101825d ago

I actually would have thought they reused the same footage if it hadn't been for RG3.

Take a look and that trailer and realize that will never happen on this upcoming gen of consoles.

The BF4 screenshot that leaked earlier on the other hand is basically graphical porn for shooters. Really looking forward to that.

Root1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Especially EA Sports...the games are worse then COD when it comes to annual releases.

I just don't get how people who like sports so much could buy a football game like Fifa when they probably play it for real all the time with their friends. Most of friends who buy it always play it with each other. Isn't the whole point of games to act out things which you wouldn't get from real life....escaping reality into a fantasy world.

For me...sports and games just don't mix that well. It's like a typical sports jock hanging around a typical nerd at lunch

Baka-akaB1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

That's a ridiculous argument . Not everyone can coach a team in real life . And even when they do , you will not have 100% controls over what your team and its player do .

let alone be the coach of a star team , let alone compete in any relevant cup . And even less having a friend being able to coach like you do , to have some proper challenge

Sports and games mix fine , you'll most likely never be able to do what players and coach do at their level , in the venues they play at , while being both .

MikeMyers1825d ago

Makes no sense at all. Not everyone can run a field back and forth for 90 minutes and not be totally exhausted. Not everyone can kick a ball that well. Not everyone can do corner kicks like that. Not everyone wants to play outside in the rain or in the middle of the night. Not everyone can get that amount of people to play a real game that easily.

Just stop.

Root1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )


I really don't mean it in that way, I think I may of worded it wrong and I apologise but it's hard to type down something so touchy and complex when your thinking about it in your head


You stop Mike, this is 6th time you've commented on me today and nothing but off topic irreverent bullcrap comes out your mouth, least people have good mature arguments like Baka-akaB.

It's becoming an obsession again with you, did you get tired of Dragon sad.

Eldyraen1825d ago

I've never been a big fan of sports games either although there were a few exceptions (mostly old ones--as in NES, SNES and Sega although there are a few rare exceptions).

I think part of the appeal with sports games though is that, much like many games, the fantasy is often better than the reality. I doubt many people, no matter how good they may be, could go out and play the sport they love as well as the actual person they would like to be or the team they would like to be on.

Then there is this to consider: there are plenty of people that have taken the same approach for other game types. I've heard/read several people wonder why some people that seem to love military shooters don't join the military. In my case... I seriously doubt I could shoot someone, would want to be shot at, or even be able to make the same decisions in RL that I can in the safety of a game world.

The same is likely true for many fans of sports games (and any game genre). Playing a real sport is NOTHING like a video game no matter what anyone (especially the media) believes and allows for the same kind of fantasy for different people. Plus the risk is lower ;)

The difference is in many ways a lot of the sports game fans are actually the most 'true' fans as quite a few of them follow, participate, or otherwise engage in sport related pastimes outside of the games (including driving). I know most of my friends that do are that way anyways--not all but enough (which is probably so much focus on EA Sports and even Fantasy Football league integration for Xbox One--unfortunately as of now sports fans have it best come next gen Xbox).

I just really hope we see something special come E3 as nothing made it a day 1 purchase for me yet. The tech and possible entertainment integration was actually awesome but in the same way the original Kinect was--it looked good on paper but I had zero reason to go out and buy one.

MikeMyers1824d ago

Not sure how my comment was off-topic. People like videogame versions of sports for many reasons as I listed. It's much easier to get a match going than to get the proper amount to play a real game. You can play anytime with a videogame, even in the middle of the night. You can play with millions of other people. You can do things most people normally can't do. You don't risk injuries.

There are a ton of reasons and I'm not sure why you couldn't see that? You never answered any either that I mentioned but talked about me instead and then claim I was off-topic? Bizarre.

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Man-E-Faces1825d ago

Can't wait untl next year when Mlb the show debuts on PS4. I really wish Sony still did GameDay or would revive it but the NFL is disgustingly pandering to Microsoft and EA. As for this footage I don't trust it, does anyone remember that BS trailer for Madden when it debut on 360 then the game came out and was utter trash.

maniacmayhem1825d ago

The showing wasn't exciting because you can always count on a new EA sports game every single year. It would be more of a surprise if a Madden/Fifa DIDN'T release one year.

That goes ditto with CoD, all of this was a "no duh" it's coming.

Eldyraen1825d ago

New Remedy game could be good--but trailer would had been better if pure gameplay.

I'm actually interested in the Halo tv series too although its no reason to go buy a console ;) Its just like most of the reveal--icing on the cake. We've yet to find out what kind of cake though as if it turns out to be a fruitcake I'll pass.

SonyNGP1825d ago

Pre-rendered needs to be a thing of the past. Realtime or gtfo.