1UP: They Preview

The creators of the sci-fi first-person shooter They are so cocksure about their game they're either working on the next big thing or struggling against the language barrier to properly express themselves. Since the screens they've provided look an awful lot like the last big thing -- Half-Life 2 -- 1UP are going to guess that it's a case of the latter.

"But They is not only a sci-fi shooter," says Horn. "It's a next-gen mystery FPS, so They will be different." They certainly is a mystery. Set in the near future, you play the role of an unnamed British soldier battling a siege of robots. But wait -- there's a twist: The robots are just tools of an alien invasion. "They tries to get away from the standard, boring storylines of shooters, which normally could be ignored," he adds. As for how a game about alien-controlled robots will avoid "standard, boring" sci-fi storytelling tropes, Horn is fuzzy.

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TheExecutive3891d ago

I forgot about this game, is it a PS3 exclusive?

butterfinger3891d ago

the most important part of that sentence was "I forgot about this game". lol

pp3891d ago

you wish it was ps3 exclusive