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Xbox One vs PS4 - Which one looks best (so far)?

GamesRadar - Ready? Fight!
Now that Sony and Microsoft have unveiled PS4 and Xbox One, respectively, the next console war can truly begin. Thousands will head to message boards to argue their chosen system’s superiority, and information is your strongest ally in the battle. If you’re looking for a quick guide on how the two consoles compare, consider this feature your cheat sheet. (PS4, Xbox One)

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KingKelloggTheWH  +   868d ago | Well said
The one that had games.
BeAGamer  +   868d ago
PS4 & Wii U are the only combination needed
animegamingnerd  +   868d ago
agree this will be the first generation that i don't get all of the consoles
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SonyPS4  +   868d ago
The Wii U deserves more credit than it has gotten by certain "gamers" on the Internet. It may not be "next-gen" (whatever that really means) but at least it doesn't have any of the baggage of the XOne:

-Anti used games
-Emphasis on TV rather than gaming
-24 hour offline mode
-Paid online mode

I want to buy an XOne, but MS just can't seem to get it.
maxgamehard  +   868d ago
Totally agree, I already have a Wii u and I am going to pre order the ps4 as soon as pre orders are open
Mainsqueeze  +   868d ago
So far PS4 looks loads better for gaming. With that being said most of my friends are more excited about the Xbox One because of its media features. I can see a place for both of them on the market and I definitely want to see what MS and Sony are going to show at E3 before I decide on my initial purchase. Today's reveal I think was more about the system itself.
Bimkoblerutso  +   868d ago
I'm in the same boat as animegamingnerd.

This will be the first generation that I will not be buying all the consoles.

The funny thing is, I thought if this day ever came that it would be a difficult decision for me, but Microsoft actually made it very easy....
TwistedMetal  +   868d ago
thats the combo im going with and its the best combo. i cant even fathom why someone would get a xbox one before those 2.
darthv72  +   868d ago
for me personally
I have never passed up the opportunity to have a piece of each console within a generation. like all others consoles before...I have to have them all. I'm that much of a console whore.
CaulkSlap  +   868d ago
As soon as the WiiU gets a price cut I'm all in. Same as the 3DS was at launch it's overpriced outdated hardware. Sells poorly until they cut the price and good games start flowing.
ZodTheRipper  +   868d ago
Not joking here, WiiU really is looking much better after that Xbox disaster.
I thought I won't miss Nintendo at E3 this year but now I'd rather have them than Microsoft holding a conference.
snipab8t  +   868d ago
When you think about it, PS4 had one new IP, Deep DOwn, apart from that the rest were just sequels.
vividi  +   868d ago
Drive Club and Snack
drsnoopyseussdog  +   868d ago
LMAO it's Knack, but to be honest I think Snack would be a kool title :p
cannon8800  +   868d ago

It's knack lol, not snack. :D

Dammit Drsnoopyseussdog beat me to it lol
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UltraNova  +   868d ago
Then what you should think about my friend is that MS had at least 2 more years to come up with new titles for its new console than Sony did.

Why? cause unlike MS and the total absence of titles for the past 1,5 years on the 360 (apart from some 'push' kinect games), Sony made their studios pump out exclusive after exclusive for the PS3 until the last minute and intentionally put next-gen development on the back burner.

Their's only so much a studio can do at the same time right?

So the reality is that and I dont want to flame or anything is that MS has screwed their 360 customers for nearly 2 years now so they could boast 15 lunch lineup exclusives for the new xbox.

So I wouldn't mind some sequels from Sony as long as they come up with new IP's within the next year...
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vividi  +   867d ago
LOL , sorry Knack, I was a little hungry
McScroggz  +   867d ago
They had Knack and Driveclub. And while inFamous: Second Son and Killzone Shadow Fall are not new IP's, their stories are separate from previous games in the franchise - thus they aren't sequels. Plus, Sony has stated that every 1st party studio is working on a PS4 game so we know there will be more games.

Microsoft showed EA Sports games (multiplatform), Call of Duty Ghosts (multiplatform) and Remedy's Quantum Break (Remedy is a great studio, and if this is a new way to experience gaming as in a weekly show with weekly game segements then interesting, otherwise probably nothing special).
cedaridge  +   868d ago
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cedaridge  +   867d ago
The one that have free online.
DonFreezer  +   866d ago
Damn right.The one with 15 exclusives only for this year.
Joecool6101  +   868d ago
weak article.. you didn't even try.
Reverent  +   868d ago
Granted, Microsoft didn't really try to impress actual gamers this time around. I think the next generation has Sony's name all over it as far as consoles go.
SignifiedSix91  +   868d ago
They never try. They hate on anything that's not sony related. We'll see who's boss come E3.
RedDevils  +   868d ago
from the look of it X1 already loss before it even begin
ZodTheRipper  +   868d ago
Or you're belonging to the minority that just doesn't get it. This is a gaming site, people are here because of the games ...and there's this one (it's so easy making fun of it btw) console that doesn't have any.
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kayoss  +   868d ago
When I was watching conference at work and noticed that for 30 mins or so all Microsoft did was talk about tv and how the Xbox will change living room entertainment. I thought to myself, who are they advertising this too? Then it clicked, it was aimed at stay at home moms who like to record their daily soap opera shows on the DVr, because that's what the Xbox one is, giant a$$ DVr.
Rageanitus  +   868d ago
In all honesty... the gestures are quite cool in xbox..... but they spent a good portion of the time talking to your xbox!... I for sure will not talk outloud to myself seems more like a gimmick than anything.

Where are the games!!
SignifiedSix91  +   868d ago
A touch pad on a controller seems like a gimmick too.

And the games will be at E3 just as they said.

People must not have watched the conference...
Rageanitus  +   868d ago
yah but a good portion of the conference was pointed towards talking to your xbox.

IMO i could care less about talking to the xbox to do things.

Yes there is a touch pad on the vita and the ps4 controller, but it is NOT a selling point
JP1369  +   868d ago
Maybe you should have been paying more attention, because everything they've revealed thus far points to the leaked specs being true. What this means is that games will suffer due to the bloated OS that is needed to handle all of the features MS shoehorned into the console. They're going to have a tough time convincing a lot of people that they're still serious about the videogame industry. And no matter how many games they show, I will never buy a crippled system that requires me to connect to the internet every 24 hours just for the privilege of playing the game I bought on the console I own. So yeah, some people must not have watched the conference.
DivineAssault  +   868d ago
PS4 is a gaming system.. xbox one is a media device that will play multiplats..
Jek_Porkins  +   868d ago
Didn't Microsoft say 15 exclusives in the first year? 8 of which are completely new IP?

You are right on the multiplat thing though, the Xbox One will in the end, play 90% of the same games as the PS4.

They said 15 exclusives, know what that word means? Of the 15 exclusives, 8 are first party games, which debunks what you were saying.
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HammadTheBeast  +   868d ago
They had 15 new games for Xbox 360, half were also on PS2
Reverent  +   868d ago
You've got to ask yourself though... How many of those exclusive games are going to just end up being Kinect 2.0 shovelware?
Rayansaki  +   868d ago
15 exclusives sounds like a lot but it really isn't. This isn't 15 AAA boxed titles, just 15 exclusives. Sony has had more than 30 exclusives every year for the past 3. Hell, X360 had more than 15 exclusives in 2011, and it was an awful year for them. It's a very unimpressive number.
ZodTheRipper  +   868d ago
Adding to all that, remember Xbox 360? It started well with exclusives (mostly due to 3rd party like Bioware and Epic which are now multiplat) but quickly lost momentum and became a timed exclusive machine. 15 exclusives in the first YEAR after it's release is a joke for Sony if you count everything (Kinect/Move/Downloadable titles/etc) in so don't be fooled by that number. After E3, PS4 has probably that much at launch since all Sony studios are working on something.
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McScroggz  +   867d ago
First off, clearly the Xbox One isn't designed with gaming as the focus, that's apparent. Aside from that, let's just think about this...

There have been rumors suggesting Microsoft is behind 6 months on its console. If they truly had 15 exclusives and felt confident in them, wouldn't they have shown at least a few at the reveal? Instead they showed us EA Sports games, Call of Duty Ghosts and one 1st party game. Out of those 15, how many will be Kinect games? How many will be XBL games? Will Microsoft count timed exclusives?

Simply put, if you want a game console the XBO isn't for you. The PS4 may not have fancy navigation for your TV, but it will be able to fundamentally do just about everything the XBO can do. The problem is when it comes to games, the PS4 WILL have better performance and Sony WILL have a bigger focus on gamers. To deny this is just being completely oblivious.
JokesOnYou  +   868d ago
Well at the moment I'm pissed about their used game fee 'cause that is really anti-consumer but to say xbox one is less of a games console than ps4 is BS, its just a different game console, which I like because I like the idea of it having all these cool functions but I really dislike some of the things they are doing with DRM/online its a bit too aggressive and controling.
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Jek_Porkins  +   868d ago
Well we don't know what the PS4 looks like, we don't have an accurate price or release date on either. We have no complete launch lineup or specific details really.

I was impressed with the 300k online serviers for Xbox Live though, and dig the controller on the Xbox One, but the PS4 controller looked good too, so I guess I'll have to say I need to wait and see some more games and details.
febreeze1  +   868d ago
I have a more complete picture of sony's launch lineup even through it was 3 months before this xbox reveal. Sony has for almost every genre of games at launch. Shooter=kz:sf platformer=knack racing=drive club open world=infamous second son. Those games alone should satisfy most gamers on top of big multi plat releases such as Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4. Xbox has some new ips (prob some new kinect games and real games). They showed NO gameplay. Worst conference ever...
Jek_Porkins  +   868d ago
Worst conference ever will always be E3 2005.
GamersRulz  +   868d ago
anything will look better than the X1, the damn thing is just a cheap plastic box with a BD slot...lazy design on MS part.

also it has inferior specs to PS4, So multiplat will always run better in PS4. and please don't say that we don't know the specs of the ONE, because even if it was 1% stronger than PS4, MS would have SCREAMED superiority and power all over the conference.

Sorry pal, last gen Xbox had Timing,Price and Multiplat advantage over PS3 and ended up last. this time there is NO advantage whatsoever.

it was funny and tragic day lol.
kayoss  +   868d ago
300k online server is great for the Xbox live but the bigger question is, will they charge the consumers for Xbox live?
Jek_Porkins  +   868d ago
They already said the subscription carrier over, do you think they are going to have 300k servers and pay for everything themselves? With all those servers, every game should be dedicated servers, even COD.

That is the entire point of servers and that number of servers. If Microsoft is the only console game service to offer that, it's a huge win for core, competitive gamer's like myself. No more lag, no more host migration ect...
Tornadobounce  +   868d ago
The Xbox looks slightly better visually.
tuglu_pati  +   868d ago
Are you serious, its obvious the PS4 is more powerful. MS will be competing with the Wii U in terms of power.
Delt4  +   868d ago
"MS will be competing with the Wii U in terms of power."

Can you please explain how you came up with that conclusion? and don't just say GDDR5 vs DDR3 please. unless you actually know the difference in the two and how they work.
Jek_Porkins  +   868d ago
Are you serious? 8 core, 8 gigs of RAM, it's obvious the next Xbox is a powerful machine.
RandomDude655  +   868d ago
It's not eight cores. Two are reserved for OS. So its:
ps4 xbox1
1.84 teraflop gpu 1.23 teraflop gpu
7 usable cpu 6 usable cpu
7 gig ram usable 5 gig ram usable for games
SonyPS4  +   868d ago
The Wii U will be extremely weak compared to the specs on the XOne. That being said, at least the Wii U is an actual console, while this XOne is a TV box that happens to play games as a secondary function.
tuglu_pati  +   868d ago

exactly, like i said in the post below, Only 5 of the 8GB will be used for gaming, rumors have PS4 using 7GB for gaming that is a huge difference.
tuglu_pati  +   868d ago
@ Jek_Porkins

Only 5 of the 8GB will be used for gaming, rumors have PS4 using 7GB for gaming that is a huge difference.
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HyperBear  +   868d ago
After today, you cannot fully compare the two. As of right now, they are both very different products on the entertainment spectrum. One dedicated to games, gamers and developers vs. One dedicated to multimedia, TV services and controlled online experiences.

So it's no contest...
maxgamehard  +   868d ago
Correct, MS have showed how much they care for the gamer with the used game fees and mandatory kinect.
HawtSkull  +   868d ago
As a core Nintendo fan I would have to go with the PS4+ WII U combo.
TheFallenAngel  +   868d ago
I like the xbox controller it looks good but that's it.
stuna1  +   868d ago
I was pretty confident that Microsoft wasn't going to top Sonys conference! Microsoft is too greedy and the only way they stood to even come close, would be to drop Xbox Live fees! But instead they made things worse.
kenoh   868d ago | Spam
Ultraplayerxp  +   868d ago
PS4...and I haven't even seen the thing.
deadfrag  +   868d ago
I know that this new generation i will only go for two consoles My Wii u a PS4 and my most dear PC with a new top of the line refresh.Xbox One is dead on water for me,i will keep playing my xbox 360 and the backlog of games i have for it.
latincooker214  +   868d ago
ps4 ftw:)
Delt4  +   868d ago
I am waiting to see final products. PS4 is again a powerhouse for hardware and core gaming all around. The xbox one is an all around entertainment system. We will see more at E3 this year but to me its just apples and oranges. Some people will just want a gaming console period and others will want something they can use as the center of their entertainment centers at home. For me i like both for opposite reasons. I will just have to decide later this year.
Delt4  +   868d ago
Then again.... "used game fee" will be the same as retail price of the game. That is going to be a killer. I buy most games on release day but i do buy used sometimes. This alone would stop me from buying Xbox One all together.
ThatsGaming  +   868d ago
It is too early to tell.

Sony was heavy on games but light on its overall entertainment capability discussion.

MS was heavy on overall entertainment capabilities but light on games.

We need the E3 tie-breaker. Initially Sony obviously won from a gamer point-of-view.

Architecturally, Sony made a PC for the living room. MS made a whole new architecture tuned to the living room. Raw speed wise, Sony probably wins, but speed is only one component of hardware architecture. There is throughput, bandwidth, CPU cycles, component integration, etc. The best is TBD.
Dlacy13g  +   868d ago
Well this didn't take long. I have no doubts this site will be filled with them. As for which...clearly the PS4 has the gamers eye right now.
Why o why  +   868d ago
Wow, Personally I'm hoping ms fixes up for e3. Their aggression this gen woke sony up. Can't have any of these guys resting on their laurels.. Many wanted this but others just foresaw this and that is ms is changing its focus and has become arrogant. Lets hope they finally listen, to not only the detractors, but their core fans who have been supporting them.
r21  +   868d ago
So far for me, the PS4. Heck, even the wii u looks more appealing than the xbox one, btw such an odd name to the successor of the xbox 360.
DivineAssault  +   868d ago
im 99.9% sure that PS4 GPU will be more powerful than xbox.. Why didnt xbox show much gameplay or in game graphics? Sony did & im sure they didnt stick 8GB of GDDR5 in there just to toss in a garbage GPU.. Even if MS has a better GPU (HIGHLY doubtful) it will only have 5GB of ddr3 memory while PS4 has 7GB of gddr5! Plus kinect being bundled with every system means that in order to keep it affordable, some sacrifices will have had to been made to the hardware..

PS4 has a camera but its cheap but gets the job done, PS4 is also so dev friendly that i think its going to be phenomenal & we will all see many MANY new games.. PS4 is without a doubt the clear winner here.. MS has a good machine there but it seems less of an upgrade to the 360 w kinect than PS3 is to PS4.. The simple fact that ALL games must be installed & most of its features require an online connection to use, means its at the bottom of my list.. They didnt put gaming 1st & thats important to me cuz i want to play beautiful new games without installing them & getting ripped off even more if i wanna sell em
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Rageanitus  +   868d ago
Im Sure Ps4 is gonna be tad more powerful, but It jus seems that PPL are talking about he concept of ram like they know what it does!

We can only knowwhen both game consoles are launched.

From what I hear PS4 will will use shared 8 GB of GDDR5 Ram.... does that make it better??

I have my doubts because high end PC gaming rigs still use standard ddr3 ram for the main system memory and the video card uses 1 GB > 4 GB GDDR GPU's.

We will see how the consoles fair this Christmas. Right now it is SPECULATION and hype

Yes we heard that the ps4 is more developer friendly? In which context vs the older ps3 or vs the Xbox or PC architecture? Again this is pure hype that both the xbox and sony front eat up.
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InTheLab  +   868d ago
The article gave MS the advantage on exclusives simply because they SAID they had 15?
mgszelda1  +   868d ago
Almost everything about this new x box sounds ridiculous.
Used games, pretty much dead
Nothing mind blowing was shown
Then there is the whole issue with that statement with well the system will only get stronger through cloud services. So what about ppl with poor internet or none at all.
PS4 has already shown "games" i mean actual games at their conference back in February.
Here it is May and MS has shown barely anything game related. Good luck with that fall launch
TheRealHeisenberg  +   868d ago
Day one Xbox One for me no matter what the cost is. MS has hit it out of the park. PS4 will be taking a back seat.

Oh wait...this is N4G. I meant to say PS4 FTW!!!
MRMagoo123  +   868d ago
LOL only a retard would take the xbox one over the new ps4 you have to be joking i swear.
SonyKong64   868d ago | Trolling | show
SanMarco  +   868d ago
The ps4 controller is Better than the Xbox console.
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mgszelda1  +   868d ago
Anyone else still find it funny that x box one uses a blu ray drive.
Oh my god that's why they r pressing for digital so bad so they can stop produce physical media so they won't have to pay sony for their blu ray tech :D
SonyPS4  +   868d ago
PS4 for me, that and Wii U.
n4g_someone  +   866d ago
Nintendo might thank Microsoft for indirectly helping with the sales of their Wii U.
supremacy  +   868d ago
Naughty dog, Santa Monica, Sony San Diego, Sony London, Soe, Sony Japan, Media molecule, Quantic dreams, and Level 5 are some of the studios i am expecting to bring something for Sony at e3. Hopefully nothing pseye related.

Would hate for them to announce a bunch of exclusives and some of them being motion sensing based mediocre.

Besides ps vita and more ps3 stuff, i expect a better demo of the interface and of course this. http://www.youtube.com/watc...
ToadSage  +   868d ago
Head hanging low, whimpering back to Sony...
"There There it's going to be ok..."
azshorty2003  +   868d ago
nuff said....

image related
razor76  +   867d ago
Well played sir! That was funny ass sh-t Id give you two bubbles if I could 8-)
blakstarz  +   868d ago
No knows what the PS4 looks like yet as far as I know, but the Xbox One looks like an old school DVD/VCR machine.
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