IGN - Xbox One Controller Hands-on

IGN:The Xbox 360 controller is commonly regarded as the greatest controller ever made, but with the introduction of the Xbox One, Microsoft is changing the formula with a new design and over 40 enhancements. Has the company managed to improve upon perfection?

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OneAboveAll1824d ago

Wonder if it will have a play and charge kit.

lastdual1824d ago

If MS doesn't release an official one, you can bet someone will.

The controller is honestly the only thing that excited me about the new hardware. I like the DualShock for action games like GOW, but for FPS titles the 360 controller is great, and this looks like a solid improvement.

A real D-pad (at last!) plus improved, haptic-feedback triggers sounds nice. Let's hope it's compatible with the PC from the outset.

Bigpappy1824d ago

Got that fellows? Still the best, so far.

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

I'm not trying to be a hater or anything, but I honestly don't see why its considered the "greatest". It's a refined Gamecube controller, I personally like that Sony innovated and added the share button and touch pad to the Dual shock along with the speaker/mic. And light lol.

IcicleTrepan1824d ago

you mean renamed the select button to 'share' and stole the touch pad from ouya.

Kalowest1824d ago

You mean refined Dreamcast controller!!!

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

When did Ouya come in lol.

Also, why bother having a controller when the cable box can change channels with voice?

MysticStrummer1824d ago

I see, so an opinion is fact as long as it agrees with you.


Baka-akaB1824d ago

I cant play every genre fine or as well with it , so nope i dont see it .

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dragonopt11824d ago

Have fun using AA batteries still in the year 2013 lol

UnHoly_One1824d ago

I'll take swapping out a new rechargeable battery pack over tethering myself to the console to recharge, any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Baka-akaB1824d ago

lol so you can buy a recharge pack but he can't plug it in a charger device ? Especially when almost anything usb can charge the pad ?

UnHoly_One1824d ago

I'm not sure what point you are trying to make, Baka.

Yes, I'd rather have a separate charger like I do now on the 360. I have a few battery packs ready to go at any time. Even with 4 people playing at once I can swap out batteries in a hurry and nobody ever has to be plugged into anything.

If I want to do the same thing with my PS3 I need to have 8 controllers so everyone has a backup, instead of just having extra batteries.

I'm not sure why this is so frowned upon here, other than the rampant fanboyism. It seems like a far better choice to me.

HammadTheBeast1824d ago

I dunno, are you talking about a Wii controller? Cause my Dual shock lasts 10-14 hours.

Baka-akaB1824d ago (Edited 1824d ago )

You claimed he got to plug into the console i'm disputing that . just like you an buy extra stuff for the 360 pad , you can for a ps3 , and it does charge on many usb devices .
And you do realize there are external batteries for ps3 pads too ? If that's important enough for you to get some on 360 , you can likewise get them for ps3 ...

And here we go with crap about fanboyism again ...

BOTH can get the same kind of acccessories , while one DOESNT require AA batteries , that's all

UnHoly_One1824d ago

The 360 doesn't require AA batteries either, but the option is there if you need it. I've always used the rechargeable battery packs, never once did I put an AA battery in any of my controllers.

I'm not sure what kind of recharging accessories you are talking about for the PS3, I don't follow it as closely since the 360 is my primary console.. If they aren't Sony made I wouldn't buy them anyway, 3rd party accessories are usually junk, in my experience.

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tubers1824d ago


1. Tactile Feedback (ala PS VITA buttons that click)
2. Tactile Feedback "2" (triggers have small motors built into the)

I'd love to try em out soon.

Fullmetalevolust1824d ago

A battery pack?? Is this controller made by Mattel?
Making cheap Sh*t yet again.

zeddy1824d ago

i know its stupid but maybe they think its easier for people to just swap out batteries rather than connecting a usb, i dunno.

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