So you’re a fanboy… Xbox One goes heads up with PlayStation 4

You LOVE your console, and no matter how you feel about Microsoft or Sony, your next console is going to be great, and the other console is going to suck. Right?

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Snookies121671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I wanted Xbox One to be good, but all this negative news coming out post-conference. The thing is getting slammed all around on sites. All I can say is, I hope they do SOMETHING at E3 to wow gamers. As a gamer, that conference did absolutely nothing to excite me.

aaron58291670d ago

i buy consoles for gaming... so yea... im going for ps4.

wastedcells1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Agreed. Consoles are for games. It's just a bonus console can do all kinds of useful things now but I only turn my console on to play games. Sure sometimes for movies but every device plays movies now so I expect it more then care about it. Games for the win. PS4 will be an easy choice. Even if they show halo or gears at E3 it's over XBOX DONE.

Thirty3Three1670d ago

hahah! Funny + True!


blitz06231670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

I got voted down and lost a bubble for trolling before because I said Sony wasn't trying to compete with Microsoft's casual ways. I wasn't trolling and MS just proved that.

Can I have that bubble back?

AngelicIceDiamond1670d ago

Overall I'd say Sony's reveal was better simply because they showed games.

MS conference didn't speak to me as a gamer. I'm not into sports besides football but I didn't care to much about it that much.

MS said they'll show the games at E3. Well the road to E3 begins.

Evil_Ryu1670d ago

Tell the truth you never wanted it to be good...

Shivvy1670d ago

Even Angry Joe was Angry !

NYC_Gamer1671d ago

I went from being excited to just being upset

LOL_WUT1671d ago

I went from happy to angry skipped sad ;)

GenericNameHere1670d ago

If you're angry, why'd you add a ;)?

You're a BIG FAT PHONY!!

Salooh1670d ago

I'm not gonna say i'm sad. I expected this but still told my self maybe ms will do something exciting but no they made me completely sure that i won't buy another xbox.. So i find fans expression funny but in a kind of sad way towards them lol ..

gta28001670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

You're not excited? I'm pretty excited about the Xbox One. It's gonna be the best remote I own. I love how I can now turn on my PS4 just by telling the Xbox to do so.

aaron58291670d ago

while you're at it... after your ps4 is on... you can ask your xb1 to turn off the internet...

badz1491670d ago

You can't do that. "PS4" or "Playstation 4" will be the terms the kinect won't recognize. I can see it clearly now when you said PS4 to the One, it will display "invalid command. Do you mean Dance Central 4?" And then it loads it regardless of what you do next. lol

LackTrue4K1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

looking for super cheap xbox360s....hope they get a big price drop!! and get my self the last 2 gears of war.

maxgamehard1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

I think there will be some price cuts at e3. A lot of price cuts are usually announced at that time.

zeal0us1670d ago

I went through the five stages of grief when I was watching this conference.

Sadly for MS, I don't have high hopes.

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batbatz1671d ago

games tied to one account, fuck you MS

ltachiUchiha1671d ago

I understand they are fighting used games and all but that freakin sucks if all our games are tied to one account. Hopefully you can use your account on multiple systems like the ps3 so u can share them with a friend or family member.

JoeIsMad1671d ago

Aren't downloadable titles already this way? You can sign in with the profile and another to play together on the same console.

zeal0us1670d ago

Downloadable games is one thing but what batz is referring to is if you wanted to loan your game out to your friend, he/she would need your account info(so they can sign in) or have to pay a fee to run the game.

ROQFrost1671d ago

I'm personally looking forward to the Xbox One. I already know Microsoft and its developers can produce great games. Its great to see the T.V and Skype integrated into it. This way when I'm on my P.C to play some League with friends. The Wife can watch her Netflix and other T.V shows. Or when I'm on Halo I can Skype instead of using the party chat system. I believe Microsoft is moving in the right direction and bringing us awesome new things with our gaming console. From a hardware stand point the PS4 and Xbox One are the same. Now its all up to the software, And Xbox One brought the Software to this reveal.

GamerzElite1671d ago

"From a hardware stand point the PS4 and Xbox One are the same." How

JoeIsMad1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

They both have Direct X 11.1 video cards and 8-core, low strength processors. One has bluetooth, one uses wi-fi direct for controllers.

RandomDude6551670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

1.84 teraflop gpu---1.23 teraflop gpu
7 usable cpu--------6 usable cpu (games)
7 gig ram usable-----5 gig ram usable for games

DarkBlood1671d ago

not sure if serious or ..........

psyxon1670d ago

you aren't a gamer. nice front.

joeyisback1670d ago

to me xbox one is just a 360 in a newer box with new controller and more ram to me i didnt see anything that would make me buy one

CynicalKelly1670d ago

Really? I would have considered it the other way around.

The PS4 is just a PS3 with better specs and a share button.

The Xbox One is nothing like the Xbox 360. Everything about it is new excluding the achievements and dashboard appearance. None of it appeals to me though.

Let the disagrees commence I guess.

psyxon1670d ago

i died laughing. great joke. +1

THC CELL1670d ago

Sony also stated that e3 there's more lol Sony owned them at rival console now to end em at e3 take note consoles are for games not something we been.doing.for 75+ years

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