The Xbox One Reveal: 60 Minutes of Silence

GameSpot: Kevin ruminates on whether Microsoft actually revealed anything surprising when announcing the Xbox One. The most remarkable aspect of Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal was how utterly unremarkable it was. It was a predictable rundown of Kinect swipe gestures, media partnerships, and interface features, with a few games thrown in to remind us that the Xbox One’s key demographic is young men into sports, cars, and online shooting. There was little I didn’t expect--and it was this predictability that disappointed me most about the console’s reveal. The moment I most hoped for was the one that would surprise me. I craved the unexpected, the game that would make our jaws drop, the announcement that would make it all worthwhile, the feature that would make the Xbox One a sure win. It never came. And suddenly, I feel less optimistic about the future of game consoles than I did before the conference.

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DivineAssault 1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

EPIC FAIL buddy.. That was horrendous & the writer was right.. "Its for young men who love sports & online shooting".. Not for gamers or gaming as a whole

BitbyDeath1826d ago

Could MS have actually made the worst console in history? I'm sure it took everyone at MS to mess this up. Good work to all. Now let the firings commence.

SilentNegotiator1826d ago

The least customer friendly system since the Virtual Boy made our eyes bleed.

TwistedMetal1826d ago

its gonna be a generation of silence for the xbox one because its dead. that conference was its funeral. the big black box is the casket. tisk tisk ps4, pc, and wii u ftw my 3 way combo for the next gen and all you need really.

Kal8531826d ago

MS alienated a huge chunk of their most loyal, core games today. I think they're beginning to realize that, and can't get their stories straight about needing an internet connection, and having to play full price for a game that someone else uses. I'd love to be a fly on the wall at MS right now to hear them freaking out saying "Oh God, what have we done!"

Anon19741826d ago

That's my issue as well. It was a slap in the face of all the gamers who put the Xbox where it is today. They were the ones watching in rapt anticipation and they were rewarded with cable box features (for the US only at launch) that no one asked for.

Such a complete disappointment. And with Microsoft now waging war against used game sales and internet required to play, really all Sony has to do next gen is just show up. The backlash so far from fans has been fierce. I don't care what they show at E3, the momentum is clearly against them after today.

fsfsxii1826d ago

MS is trying to control the damage thats been done, just look at them on Twitter, trying to spin things to make them look positive

Jamiek1826d ago

I actually took the time to watch this during my work, what a bad idea! It basically was like hey, we kind of made changes. We think. But if you are into gaming, you probably won't care. Ironically, the one person I've seen who likes it (on Twitter), said she wasn't a hard core gamer and mostly uses Xbox as a media center. Yea. FACE. PALM.

thehitman1826d ago

I almost feel bad for microsoft... seems like they tried but obviously they werent ready to show the core part of their audience what they wanted when they wanted it to improve their face. I think almost they shouldve just waited till E3 and had a double long show if it meant they wouldve had actual games to show.

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The story is too old to be commented.