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Xbox Reveal Was Hardware Focused, But More Games Wouldn’t Have Hurt

Microsoft revealed their next-gen system, the Xbox One, earlier today. And despite saying a lot about the hardware and showing some new features, the event seemed to lack games news. (Call of Duty: Ghosts, Forza Motorsport 5, Quantum Break, Xbox One)

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dedicatedtogamers  +   918d ago
What aspects of the reveal were "hardware focused"? We actually learned very little about the capabilities of the hardware. I would say it was more "operating system focused", since that took up 80% of the conference.
M-M  +   918d ago
I really wish they would have given us some of the console specs, and not just how many cores it has, and the amount of RAM.
Freak of Nature  +   918d ago
It is pretty clear why they avoided giving up more specs.... As a get all console owner I am still pulling for them, but some things are off as of now...No Backwards Compatibility? Internet is required for playing? Used game sales need a full priced license? Used game sales only through Microsoft's own online service????

And just what are the 15 exclusives in year 1? I certainly hope it is "not" the list below. I would hope it would be all hardcore, but get this feeling it will be more like the list below...

Forza 5
Gears of War 4
Halo 5
Rare game
Quantum Break
Black Tusk Game
Fable 4

A couple Kinect Exclusive's...
And about 5 XBLA exclusives...
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badz149  +   918d ago
if by "hardware focus"
They meant by putting the console on the stage all the time, then sure...I guess it was "hardware focus" because other than THAT, I think it was more a TV focus!
Munky  +   918d ago
Totally agree with you. They should of focused less on the tv aspects and more on the actual hardware, I don't think they even mentioned anything about the GPU for frig sakes. As far as games are concerned, I hope MS blew its load in regards to services and UI (wishful thinking) and use E3 to focus 100% of the 15 new games they quickly mentioned.
Grap  +   918d ago
what hardware? all i watched is a remote TV which none of the world can watch it outside US
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Anon1974  +   918d ago
I don't know which was more disappointing, the absolute focus on TV features no one asked for or the awful gaming news that leaked out after the reveal. No BC? Used game sales require full priced license? Internet required for play? Used game sales only through MS's own online?

I loved my Xbox, I had issues with my 360 but was keeping an open mind as an avid gamer and developer, but this was just a nightmare. In my opinion, Microsoft just handed next gen to Sony simply because Sony isn't restricting used game sales or requiring an internet connection.
Enemy  +   918d ago
All we got was this heavily modified cable box that can play games.
rainslacker  +   918d ago
This conference was services focused. Games took a backseat, and the actual hardware was barely discussed.

When he said "lets see that again" after showing the task switching demo at the beginning, I thought to myself "WTF", your showing us multi-tasking...something we've been doing on PC for over 20 years now. Oh...we can use our voice. Something Siri has been doing for quite a while as well. If what your showing isn't awesome the first time, doing it twice isn't going to make it any better.
ltachiUchiha  +   918d ago
I honestly think the sony reveal caught microsoft off guard but sony was definitely ready to showcase its reveal because they actually had games ready for it. In response microsoft seen that they had to showcase their own system to try an convince gamers why they should buy the Xbox One instead. Problem is if your going to reveal your system atleast make sure you show off some games that you can only get on the Xbox One. Instead microsoft put most of their money & faith in 3rd party games such as Call of Duty to showcase their system. All I know is they hurt themselves more then they did help themselves. They have to bring it to e3 or else sony & nintendo will drown them with their 1st party offerings. Wake the fu** up microsoft.
Tetsujin  +   918d ago
I'd also like to add the crowd response on PlayStation 4 was far more energetic, more positive, and far more interested in what was next; on the Xbox side it seemed the energy wasn't there, and they were trying way too hard to focus on what the OS can do and less on how it can really benefit gamers as a whole.

I'd argue the conference was more of a "grasping at straws" event; outside showing the console they really had nothing else there that catered to the crowd outside a few diehards.
rainslacker  +   918d ago
I felt the same way. Sony's conference was all about how their new features effected game play and the gamer. MS conference was about some cool interactive proposal, which ultimately doesn't really affect gamers in the least.

Extra features are great, I'll never say I don't want something extra, but without a compelling game library what's the point. Particularly since some competing product is going to come along much cheaper soon enough...possibly from the cable companies themselves.
ziggurcat  +   918d ago
yeah, games... and less draconian software "features."
DivineAssault  +   918d ago
Theres probably a lot of hurt ppl on the net right now so ill try & watch my what i type but damn, MS got the game EFFFFFD up! What if some ppl dont like tv & sports? I like boxing & ufc but i dont want that $400+ to watch it! i was expecting more from them & thats not saying much.. I know E3 will have more software but sony will have way more attractive games..
HyperBear  +   918d ago
Well, to Microsoft's credit, they did show the Console, Controller and Kinect 2.0 altogether and in great detail. But once again, they focused on how Kinect can be apart of your everyday life instead of showing live gameplay demos with devs using the new controller on stage.

Would of rather seen 1 demo using the new controller then the Kinect demos.
Number-Nine  +   918d ago
seemed software focused to me...
Rainstorm81  +   918d ago
Hardware focused???

They announced a Halo TV series??..WTF?..That was the last thing i expected at the unveil.......a tv show...o_O
Typical-Guy  +   918d ago
What you saw here is what you're going to see at E3... Seriously they have no dignity at all. They make themselves look stupid and still laugh about it!

Half of those 8 games are Kinect rubbish..
Chuk5  +   918d ago
looks like state of decay will be the last xbox game i buy.
aman84r  +   918d ago
Well i think they could have done it but i didnt feel bored like previous Kinect E3s so i think it was pretty good.
hipnotyze  +   918d ago
Like the guy above me said, I'm really going to try to be careful here. I think both systems are going to be awesome, because all of us here are interested in the gaming. I feel like the announcement was about what the system is going to do above and beyond what the 360 does now. Let's be fair to MS on this point, they said multiple times that they are going to have a software presence at E3 in a couple weeks, and also promised that there are 15 games coming out in the next year (8 of which will be new IPs). It is literally day one of anyone having concrete facts, and in my opinion, way to early for any of us to say that MS is going to take a bath on this venture.
badkolo  +   918d ago
We know there is some confusion around used games on Xbox One and wanted to provide a bit of clarification on exactly what we’ve confirmed today. While there have been many potential scenarios discussed, today we have only confirmed that we designed Xbox One to enable our customers to trade in and resell games at retail.
Beyond that, we have not confirmed any specific scenarios.
Another piece of clarification around playing games at a friend’s house – should you choose to play your game at your friend’s house, there is no fee to play that game while you are signed in to your profile.
AzaziL  +   918d ago
Seriously they made the presentation last exactly an hour, not a second more, as if they didn't have any time to spare.

I mean com'on, they put all that work towards the event, but working more than an hour was just a little too much for em?
hesido  +   918d ago
All the TV capabilities, along with Kinect remote functions, multitasked same screen browsing etc., could be demoed and still would be able to give the same message and info in less than 10 minutes, yet they talked nearly 45 minutes about those.

They simply did not have enough to reveal at this point, even EA sports did not show any gameplay, and the wireframe videos made me thing they were place-holders for actual game videos but they didn't make it on time to show it.
ninjahunter  +   918d ago
Eh, Sony announced like 5 games for the PS4, and not particularly system sellers.

People need to calm their tits, the fanboy train will roll around tomarrow, and the next day whens theres actually info other than "NEXT GEN BEST THING EVER"
hesido  +   918d ago
It wasn't focused on hardware, c'mon. We even had GPU throughput and RAM type/bandwidth on Sony's presentation, with even more details.

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