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Initial Thoughts And Impressions On Microsoft’s Reveal Of The Xbox One – I’m Disappointed.

Baden of WGB launches into his thoughts and musings on the Xbox Reveal event, written as it happened. (Culture, Microsoft, Xbox One)

HyperBear  +   828d ago
Pretty sure the entire gaming world is somewhat disappointed in more than one aspect of the Xbox One.
BeAGamer  +   828d ago
4 > 1
Boody-Bandit  +   828d ago
I couldn't agree with you more. I mean no in game gameplay with ANY title. All we got was a hyperbole of what it will be without any real in depth details on nearly any aspect of the console other than multimedia implementation. The ONE thing "gamers" don't care about. It's as if our worse fears (the rumors they were heading this direction and how they finished up the last few years with the 360) are coming true.

I want MS to focus "primarily" on gaming and have their entertainment as an "it's also a great multimedia hub". Instead it appears they are going heavy on it being a multimedia hub with Kinect implementation and it will "also" play video games.
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BeZdaBest  +   828d ago
i think people are disappointed because they were talking about entertainment so much..

they basically did the opposite of what sony did..
(bad or good your called)

but remember folks this aint over...e3 is around the corner and this is where the wars will begin..this was a warning shot that missed for the most part.. but a shot none the less
HammadTheBeast  +   828d ago
No Sony shot them in the leg straight up, and they dropped their gun. Better crawl to it now and hopefully have some silver rounds in there.

Cause this Gen, Sony's a whole new Beast.
BeZdaBest  +   828d ago
honestly sony has its own problems to deal with...

like i bought into the whole ps+ digital downloads because i thought i could probably play them on the newer system when it comes out...but now thats not the case...

this whole gaikai thing is going to be trickier than most people think..(there's gotta be a catch)

and if they try to charge me to play the games i bought on the ps3 disc/download ( like the psp/psvita program like in japan) imma be pissed off and that will suck big time... i have 120 games for my tres.. and i dont really want to rebuy games..and have the old gens next to the new gens..
(i aint got space for that)
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WolfLeBlack  +   828d ago
The thing is, I get what they want to do with the Xbox One. They've been talking about creating a media hub for a while, and with this event we saw that idea clearly presented. From a business perspective I also get the idea.

But I'm a straight up gamer that doesn't use most of the other apps and abilities, so from that perspective I walk away feeling sad about the whole thing.

I get it. I do. But as a gamer, Sony's event inspired more confidence in me. I don't feel like I'll just be a single part of an entertainment hub on the PS4, like I would be on the Xbox One.

And before anybody starts, I'm not a fanboy of either company. Sony's event was not spectacular, it didn't have any real wow moments either, but it was solid and games got a good focus. Microsoft's was good if you went in to it with the view that they wanted to create an entertainment box, but if you went in to it as a gamer.......sadness.
onyoursistersback  +   828d ago
i just got home from work, and was so pumped to watch the xbox one videos...


the show sucked, hardly any gamplay, the hole show was about interviews...?!
EA sport videos could of use some athletes sweat!!!

the name sucks, and the console its self is UGLY!!!

well, i did have in mind buying an xbox slim, i would hope they get a price drop and get me the last 2 gears of war that i never get to play. :D
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tuglu_pati  +   828d ago
im disappointed with the specs, the new box is really weak in terms of power. I thought they were competing with Sony. Guess not, Sony is alone in their own league. MS and Nintendo will compete for the casual gamer.
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NameRemoved0017  +   828d ago
The last thing Microsoft could do to top this failure off is to make it cost more than the PS4 and raise the price of live.
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Ozmoses  +   828d ago
If you weren't disappointed with what Microsoft showed than you are not a real gamer..

This is complete and utter BS in terms of anything gaming related...

and to cap it off after the press conference SONY stock jumps up 9.25%

Even investors don't seem happy with the new xbox...
Jek_Porkins  +   828d ago
Just so you know, Sony's stock dropped and Nintendo's and Microsoft's jumped after the PS4 reveal.

I knew there wouldn't be a ton of games, and I still haven't gotten an answer as to when a better time would have been to announce the non gaming features for the Xbox One?

Everyone is complaining about it, but nobody has a better idea of when to show those things off, it certainly would have been worse at E3. I think getting the other stuff out of the way early is the best thing they could have done, could have done it much better in my opinion, but I like the console's look, the controller and the games seem like they'll be amazing.
HammadTheBeast  +   828d ago
I went down less than 2%, and later that day was +2.42%.
Reverent  +   828d ago
If I was an investor seeking stock in a reliable source, Sony would have my money. Thank you Sony, for actually caring about us gamers.
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Dunpeal  +   828d ago
reveal was pretty craptastic, even after having time to prep for a rebuttal to Sony's
GamersRulz  +   828d ago
MS pushed the initial April reveal to show this? fu**ing hilarious !
Dunpeal  +   828d ago

btw gotta be the same assclown disagreeing with everyone in this unanimous thread lol
Funky Town_TX  +   828d ago
And I don't mean it in a good way. EPIC FAIL!
minialex  +   828d ago
I bet Sony is breathing better right now... and so is Nintendo I guess! Sony must have watched that conference shaking its head thinking "what are they doing?" while having a big smile on their face.
Jek_Porkins  +   828d ago
Think of it this way, not everyone shares your opinion, there could be a ton of people who want to go buy the Xbox One when it releases, I'm one of them.

There are more gamer's in the world than the ones who come to sites or even watched the live stream. If you watched the late night news, all you saw was "Big news as Microsoft announces next Xbox". A lot of people will see that, and a lot of people will want one.

So I wouldn't consider them dead or dying or anything like that. If they have a fantastic E3, anything is possible.

Well it's obviously going to play games, and Microsoft said 15 exclusives in the first year, with 8 of those being new IP's. The controller looks great, the D-pad is spot on.

It'll let you record gameplay and edit, post it ect..
Xbox Live will now have 300k servers, which will obviously allow for dedicated servers on games.
I thought it looked good, Kinect 2 seemed to work much, MUCH better, and they seemed to use Kinect 2 more for other purposes than gaming.

They talked about the future with cloud gaming and things like that, so I was left impressed, the multitasking functions also impressed me very much.
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HammadTheBeast  +   828d ago
Dude. Please, tell me one thing it offers? TV?
S2Killinit  +   828d ago
I totally agree with you. I personally prefer the Playstation, but yeah of course tons of people will buy the xbox one, I mean its MS afterall. But honestly I do worry about the direction MS would be taking gaming as a whole. They don't seem to be focused on games anymore, and haven't been since the second part of the current generation. On top of that I worry that what MS is doing maybe out of necessity. Gaming is changing and casuals who play on their phones are hijacking the gaming scene. MS's answer seems to be to cater to these casuals. It's loose loose, if xbox does better than PS, gaming will be taken in that direction. If PS is more successful, I hope that they are able to stop the demise of hardcore gaming. If neither one wins, that's the worst case scenario, where Apple and Co. and the casuals destroy hardcore gaming as we know it.
DigitalRaptor  +   828d ago
You were left impressed? You must've had very, very low standards going in then.

I've said before, the people who went away with positive impressions from this conference have to be people who prefer watching TV and services on their gaming consoles than games. Because that was Microsoft's focus here. Just read these news sources I posted, because things don't bode well and whilst staying positive is a good trait of yours, you cannot defend what went down today for a supposed video gaming console reveal. Honestly, it's one of the worst console reveals I've ever witnessed.

And a company's focus is not opinion. It's a factual treatment of an demographic.

Here is where the problems get worse:
- Games are locked to one user. http://www.polygon.com/2013...
- The console requires Kinect to run. http://www.polygon.com/2013...
- It's a mess over at MSHQ. Phil Harrison told Kotaku that you will have to connect to the Internet every day, thus "always-online". Microsoft replied to this claim saying that these are "potential scenarios" that aren't confirmed yet. http://kotaku.com/xbox-one-...
http://kotaku.com/that-xbox... it's honestly a disaster situation!

E3 had better have games that are beyond amazing, that's all I can say, because that conference only added more complexity to the tornado of negative "rumour" we've been hearing about for months. The games HAVE to be good enough for people to find worth in the above fairly substantial issues. I'm looking forward to seeing Quantum Break in action.
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Limegreen  +   828d ago
4 > 1
Dunpeal  +   828d ago
we need shirts for this!!
Reverent  +   828d ago
Seriously. I was always very impartial about the Xbox 360. I never had any sort of biased against it... But after the Xone reveal, I just feel insulted. Sorry Microsoft, but I'm officially against you.
Typical-Guy  +   828d ago
All was really fixable but after they got interviewed and people started asking sensitive questions, their intentions showed up.... I'm convinced now that Xbox One is a system to avoid.

Thank you MS for ruining a once was a great brand
wishingW3L  +   828d ago
I have people on my facebook saying that the Xbox One reveal craps all over the PS4's! Like seriously, these stupid casuals....
Tyre  +   828d ago
There you have IT "You have to be kidding me. You mean to tell me that to simply play a game I have to have a camera turned on, a camera which Microsoft, like they can with the current Kinect, can use to view my living room/bedroom at any time or could be hacked in to at any time? I assume there must be a way of at least turning off motion commands, though, otherwise I’m going to be continuously activated crap I don’t want" This is the breaking point for me too. I'm not buying it. PS4 and just happy gaming, no evil BS. MS is showing it's true nature and purpose for the XBOX.
zippycup  +   828d ago
im a sony fan and i am getting a ps4 but i must admit this worries me

if i have learned anything
in all my years of gaming is that no company should be on top you want at least 2 of them to be there fighting for every inch of the market

if only one company holds all the cards they can do whatever they want and we have no choice but to play there way

if 2 company's run neck and neck they have to step up there games and make better games and lower prices to get gamers to choose there system and us gamers win
voice_of_ reason  +   828d ago
Xbox One is to gaming what Windows Vista was to operating systems.
RandomDude655  +   828d ago
The Microsoft curse. shit product, good product, shit product, good product....etc
Porkround  +   828d ago
LOL, disappointed is an understatement.
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nigelp520  +   828d ago
Does anyone else agree Don Mattrick is a loser and xbox needs shane kim back
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strigoi814  +   828d ago
Now hopefully nintendo cuts the price and announce first party games and more sega i might get a wii U than this satellite receiver lolz

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