Young, Female Protagonists are Taking Over Video Games

With the announcement of Quantum Break, DefaultPrime's Lucas looks deeper into the male and female, joint protagonists and why so many developers are choosing to utilize that dynamic in games.

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Gigglefist1830d ago

Definitely better than muscly action men imo

Kal8531830d ago

I think the recent trend for games to use the dynamic of a adult male player character charged with protecting a young female who is of significant importance is because it's emotionally powerful, and very natural. I have some little nieces who I cherish immensely, and I know there's literally nothing on Earth I wouldn't do to protect them.

Minato-Namikaze1830d ago

to be fair we have no idea what the game is about yet.

Eldyraen1830d ago

Personally I'm expecting the girl to be a supporting character as they later showed an adult male in a more 'gameplay' style cutscene near the end. I wouldn't mind more female leads though as done right the difference is minimal depending on the role and setting.

It was by far the best part of the show (for me) as I can't wait to see what Remedy does with a bullet time enabled Action game again ;) I may be disappointed in many aspects of the reveal but not by now knowing they are working on another new IP for MS (and better make a new AW next as I was initially disappointed it not seeing it after hearing Remedy mentioned).

jc485731830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

female in general are so underrated. seriously, I get tired of guys sometimes.

Brucis1830d ago

It seems like sometimes I'm the only one that doesn't care about my protagonist's gender. I know it isn't true but it certainly seems like it with how much focus on a character's gender, and not the character itself, journalists seem have.

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