Side by side: The Xbox One and the PS4

DigiBytes takes a look at not only the hardware on display for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, but also discusses some of the many different features of each that will define the next generation of console gaming.

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NameRemoved00171762d ago

So how much is Xbox Live going to go up because these "new features."

USMC_POLICE1762d ago

And all the servers they added.

InspectorG1762d ago

I wonder if you will need gold live for purchasing the ability to play a used game

DivineAssault 1762d ago

if xbox one could play 360 games, i can see more ppl being inclined to buy it but ZERO BC along with those awful requirements regarding installs on games & fees for used games will bury it.. No1 wants to talk to their machine to watch TV.. People buy these things to play games & PS4 looks to be the best for that having better specs that we know of & being super dev friendly.. At least sony is trying to offer an alternative to BC with Gaikai.. we shall see but Sony is whos getting my money day 1!

NameRemoved00171762d ago

Sony has a huge edge over Microsoft with Gaikai being able to stream older games especially in a few years as fiber lines start replacing DSl and cable lines and the average speed goes up to like 100MBps.

Reverent1762d ago

I really hope Microsoft does something soon. Hopefully all of this negative feedback will open their eyes.

Also, this is my 1000th comment; Huzzah!

zeddy1762d ago


TwistedMetal1762d ago

i agree there is still hope for ms but people need to voice there opinions on why the xbox one is just not good at all. sony won this round give them there props and ms will have to do something to get better thats how competition works. so good job sony you get my money.

akaFullMetal1762d ago

I really wonder if this is going to tank or sell like crazy? I hope the masses don't accept this!
Fee for used games, always online in the format of 24 hour offline timer, no backwards compatibility at all, I don't see how anybody can support this?

Tetsujin1762d ago

Knowing Microsoft they will spend so much in advertising to make people believe "millions" are on this idea; and here in the US it will work - however overseas not so much. The conference alone was almost a waste of time, and the post show was an even bigger joke; at first I did want to hold all opinions until after the reveal, and now I'm even less inclined to purchase the new Xbox. I know the new thing is "wait till E3" however so much damage has been done there's very little Microsoft can do at this point to keep the fanbase happy unless they do some last minute changes.

stuna11762d ago

Microsoft sustains massive damage, with their own Ccomboo Bbreakeer!!!

josephayal1762d ago

The days of something purely for Games has passed, PS4 and Xbox one are both very similar in that they are home entertainment systems and not just games consoles

NameRemoved00171762d ago

Not true there will always be PC where you have things like Steam that are focused just on gaming related stuff.

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The story is too old to be commented.