The Xbox One Gives the First Look at the Future of Sports Video Games

Kotaku: "All four sports titles discussed today—FIFA, Madden, the newly acquired UFC license and a rehabilitated NBA Live—will also release for PlayStation 4. Still, it's meaningful that EA Sports chose the Xbox One's event to showcase its next-generation promises. It was silent for the PS4's debut."

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dedicatedtogamers1831d ago

The silver lining to Microsoft's Eye of Jupiter storm cloud?

I don't think there's any value in pointing out that EA chose to announce their sports games during the Xbox One conference, since we all know the games will also be available on PS4.

sloth33951831d ago

there hasnt even been a big change in sports games for a long time either

Moonman1831d ago

And just wait till the Blu-ray playback or costs associated with watching Blu-rays are addressed.

Unicron1831d ago

First look at... More cg. People fell for this in 2005, not again.

cyhm31121831d ago

be honest, even if it is not cg, it doesn't even look that good to be called next gen.

Gamer-Z1831d ago

CGI cut scenes are the future of sports games?

TwistedMetal1831d ago

wow i did not buy one sports game last gen, this next gen i was not impressed at all by the looks of the new sports engines and games, in fact they looked worse i was actually wowed a little bit last gen at the sports games back then.
imagine all the money i have saved for not paying 60 a year per game + 60 for live + dlc fees.

im not buying one sports game this new gen unless the ps4 footage gameplay is shown

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