These Are The Things That People Remember About Xbox Consoles

Kotaku: "The new Xbox has been revealed: it's Xbox One. Seems like a good time to reminisce on our memories about the Xbox (be it the 360 or the original), right? Appropriately, the #xboxmemories tag was trending on Twitter earlier, right before the reveal. Here's some of what people remember about Xbox consoles."

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strigoi8141793d ago

when we can play online for free..oh memories

1793d ago
yugovega1793d ago

when we had to buy a special remote to watch dvds on xbox1.

it's sad when memories consist of the "first" time my 360 red ringed. that's implying there were plenty of times it happened to these people.

the first time a game got that awful ring scratch on it when you stand the 360 upright and it rocks.

InTheLab1793d ago

That first...Bleep Bloop achievement sound I got for Gears.

And lol at that fake Kaz tweet.

Chapter111793d ago

Perhaps the greatest memory I'll have of the Xbox 360 is that it isn't the Xbox One.