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Submitted by gulevski 991d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One: 5 Reasons Microsoft’s Reveal Was Total Failure

"So, today witnessed another console unveil this time from Microsoft. After Sony unveiled their new console features earlier in the year and with Nintendo already putting the Wii U on store shelves, this was the next anticipated release. " | (Microsoft, Xbox One)

aceitman  +   991d ago | Well said
I like to know who these people where that clapped at every and anything.
Moonman  +   991d ago | Funny
They are all $100 richer. :)
Black-Helghast  +   991d ago
They weren't real people? lol...
Reverent  +   991d ago
I keep hearing from people that all the clapping was from just Microsoft employees. I guess they were all sitting right next to the cameras.
Enemy  +   991d ago
I think Jeff Gerstmann already confirmed they seemed to be working for Microsoft.
nix  +   991d ago
i have ONE reason:

Cable Box.

"They are all $100 richer. :)"

I am one of the employees who clapped and I am using my $100 towards ps4!! Thanks M$!!
Rusty515  +   991d ago | Funny
Probably Sony executives encouraging Microsoft's idiocy.
Kevin ButIer  +   991d ago
LOL that's genius...
Shivvy  +   991d ago
haha Bubbles up
SonyPS4  +   991d ago
MS shareholders.
shoddy  +   991d ago
Sony stock actually jump 9% after the announcement.
azshorty2003  +   991d ago
No shareholders would most certainly would not have been cheering during that presentation.

If I had any Microsoft shares, I would've dumped them after that fiasco.
SonyAddict  +   991d ago
I think it was a room full of Activision,treyarch and infinityward employees!.
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TwistedMetal  +   991d ago
nobody it was like those fake sitcoms that has fake audience laugh and clap through the speakers. pre recorder cheers.
forcefullpower  +   991d ago
I noticed that too. I could only see a couple of dudes clapping but not to the extent that they were broadcasting.
NeXXXuS  +   990d ago
because t.v.
Syntax-Error  +   990d ago
I am a fan of the 360, but even I was a little disappointed
I love the voice command and cable box, but the console is HUUUUGE! That sh!t looks like room deodorizer. Most people say VCR, but those vents all over it are ugly. It looks bigger than Xbox v1. Wanna see what the PS4 looks like before I cast a stone.
dollison27  +   990d ago
Microsoft employees...the whole thing was a "mandatory" company meeting...unpaid though.
Cueil  +   990d ago
Microsoft employees
Parasyte  +   990d ago
They were Microsoft employees. People that were at the reveal, like Adam Sessler, tweeted that the applause wasn't coming from the press/media.
HyperBear  +   991d ago
Here it is:
#5) Xbox One is a Stupid name
#4) Kinect 2.0 Forced Onto Gamers
#3) Xbox One is a Massive Device...& Ugly
#2) No Backwards Compatibility & Pre-Owned Fees
#1) Gaming is Secondary, Not Primary Concern For Xbox One

I'd say those are some valid reasons. #2 might change every 30 minutes until it's confirmed by Don Mattrick. And we'll have to wait until E3 to say if Gaming truly is secondary to the platform (behind TV/App integration).

@aceitman: They were Microsoft Employees....
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HammadTheBeast  +   991d ago
You forgot second hand fee, and online connection startup.
NameRemoved0017  +   991d ago
Don't forget non removable hard drive only 500gb (next gen games will be like 20GB+ each), who the hell was the idiot who decided to use 3 operating systems and you have to install games to play them.
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HyperBear  +   991d ago
Well I just copied what the reasons where from the article. There's probably about 20 reasons that, all of us on N4G, can come up with on why it's a total failure.

I just simply copied what the author of the article said where the 5.
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aconnellan  +   990d ago
Didn't they say in the reveal that the installed games will be uploaded to Cloud Storage? They said that way you can sign in to another xbox and have all your games ready
Reverent  +   991d ago
I'd hardly even call gaming secondary for it. Gaming was more like a tacked on, obscure side-feature.
maxgamehard  +   991d ago

Also of the ram for Xbox only 5 GB is usable for games

This was stated by gameinformer
Thefreeman012  +   991d ago
I don't think 3 is a valid point. Personally I think it looks fine looks better than the first 360 did or the ps3 for that matter. The controller looks great
00  +   991d ago
the reveal was boring
all the stuff that came after just made is worse.
iamtehpwn  +   991d ago
5 Reasons:
1) No games
2) TV is not games
3) games pls
4) You know for a video game console, this thing could use some games
5) And the games that were shown will also be available for PS4.
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Jek_Porkins  +   991d ago
Forza 5 and Quantum Break are exclusives, they didn't show a ton of games, but they declared that earlier in the week.

Microsoft-"We plan to show the hardware, we'll save tons of exclusive game announcements for E3"

After the Xbox One reveal- "What!? How dare they not show games that they stated earlier they wouldn't show?"

They did however state that 15 exclusives would be shown off at E3, 8 new IP's and Rare is said to be bringing an iconic franchise
Crazay  +   991d ago
well said Porkins. 15 exclusives is HUGE freaking news - now let's wait and see what happens with E3.
Boody-Bandit  +   991d ago
Jek the problem I have is they didn't show any actual gameplay footage with ANY game. I mean seriously, WTF? Not ONE game had in game graphics from the gamers perspective. Infinity said the premier was in game graphics engine but we gamers know that the cut scenes, regardless if it's the actual graphics engine or not, is always more polished than the actual game play graphics. And to be honest, it didn't look at that great.

That presentation was rancid. EA didn't go into any in depth detail of what they were claiming actually meant in terms of implementation. The whole presentation was fluff. Very disappointing.

Even though their presentation was boring as hell. I will hold off judgment until E3. MS really needs to bring the heat June 10th.
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UnHoly_One  +   991d ago
Save your energy, Jek, you are wasting your time trying to talk sense into the PS fanboys.

I'm looking forward to seeing what they have to show us at E3.

I have a sneaking feeling the comments around here are going to look a little different that week. lol
warewolfSS  +   991d ago
better not make sense on here.everyones gonna start to yell about how sony is better and give you disagrees. everyones so upset about TOYS. these are TOYS.

your not elite for buying them. anyone can do it.

and sony didnt even show a system. whats the big deal. your all ridiculous.
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NarooN  +   991d ago
Yeah, 15 exclusives, wooo!! 13 Kinect games and two games that no one will care about except diehard M$ fans, haha.
MoonWheel  +   991d ago
I bet 5 or 6 of those games will be mediocore kinect games and others will be timed exclusives or bought third party games.
Pillsbury1  +   991d ago
How can you seriously still defend a company that is trying to force kinect on you and wants to charge you more fees? For many people having a game tied to ur account making the game worthless to resell is reason enough to hate xb1. On top of that they want to charge you the full amount to put it on another console.

Edit: I bet most of those exclusives are kinect focused
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Jek_Porkins  +   991d ago
You guys can try to spin it how you want, but a launch lineup of solid first party games like Ryse, Forza 5, Killer Instinct, Black Tusk's game, Battlefield 4,Assassins Creed 4, Watch Dogs, Destiny, COD Ghosts, Madden 25 and whatever else they have would be pretty damn good.

I expect good things, and I expect some Kinect integration, but I'm not sweating that, because I loved Kinect integration with Skyrim, Mass Effect 3, Halo CEA and Forza 4.
KarrBOMB  +   990d ago

They're retarded or just fanboys, that's how they can defend it. Yes Jekyll, Kinect is so cool that 1 out of my 50 Xbox 360 friends has one. It's stupid. I work out every day, the last thing I want to do is flail around like a special needs kid to play games. I want to sit and relax.

Also, Microsoft is blocking used games, borrowing games, Redbox games and trading games with friends. Regardless of what you wish or think, Microsoft is catering to housewives and casual gamers, not real gamers who don't feel like dancing in front of a camera.
InSpectre  +   990d ago
It's okay Jek, it's a free country and you can do what you want.

However, announcing a games console with no games isn't what most people wanted to see no matter how you spin it. There was simply no reason for this conference at all. They should have done it all at E3.
SegaSaturn669  +   991d ago
# 6 No Mark Cerny -- the mark cerny lookalike was a scumbag, too.
RandomDude655  +   991d ago
Even the great Cerny couldn't save this debacle.
sinjonezp  +   991d ago
I felt the same way. Lol like why this guy has this fake smile and keeps bobbling his head...smh..could not trust this guy at all.
Typical-Guy  +   991d ago
I don't care about the name and look of the system, it looked kind of okay, but lack of games and a forced Kinect was the real downer. Oh and no used games and watching TV that's only available to US residents. MS I return the flip off to you !
Crazay  +   991d ago
Let's not forget about E3...less than 3 weeks away people. Wait and see what happens there, then if you still aren't convinced, wait a few months or longer and see what the general populous says before making your decision.

You all are making an assumption on so much that still hasn't been officially confirmed or items that have conflicting reports. I'll have an Xbox One on day 1 and the PS4 as well. I have no total allegiances.
GamerToons  +   991d ago
I mostly like you because of your boob profile picture
jessupj  +   991d ago
It will be interesting to see what those 15 games are and of course if any of them get delayed.

But we aren't making opinions off assumptions. Some assumptions, yes, but most of it has been confirmed.

There's many other things, but a used game fee just on it's own should be enough to stop any gamer from supporting this.

I just can't comprehend, based on the current information, why you would get a One day 1.
KarrBOMB  +   990d ago

I have a 360 and PS3. I do put quite a bit more time into my 360 because I play online shooters most of the time. But, the PS3 offers great exclusives that I play a lot of single player games. Without jumping to conclusions, it's obvious that Microsoft is forcing Kinect, installs of every game (which I hate doing and newer games will eat much more HD space), not allowing borrowing of games with friends w/o making it difficult, and most importantly, making used games come with some sort of fee. If you think that's not factual yet, you're blind.

They are actually affecting businesses like Gamestop, EBay, Amazon, Gamefly and Redbox just to name a few. People won't buy used games online for fear of getting a worthless disc. Gamefly can't rent out games over and over, neither can Redbox. Just trading in used games at Gamestop is going to be lengthy no matter how they do this. And buying a used game is going to include fees, and probably not 99¢ either.

I'm a gamer, don't care about social websites, movies and TV for ridiculous prices through Microsoft, or stupid Kinect. So by very obvious deduction I can see how non consumer or gamer friendly the Xbox one will be. I'm absolutely done, I don't care what Kinect exclusives or Halo TV show they have. After the cluster F that was their release, I know when smoke and mirrors are being employed to take my money and offer me a joke in return. I know in short, when the getting is good and it's never been better.
Crazay  +   990d ago
I'm not disagreeing that they had a knee jerk reaction which is biting them in the ass and I agree with you PS3 exclusives are fantastic titles (most of them).

I have 4 Xbox 360s and 3 PS3s..Why? I have a connected house and I like to have access to any/all my content in any and all rooms in my house where I may or may not want access to media/games.

I also have Dreamcast, Genesis, Master System, NES, SNES, Sega CD, Sega 32X, Saturn, Gamecube and WiiU. I'm no fanboy by any stretch of the imagination.

Forced installs does bother me, no question about it. I never use Twitter or FB n my xbox..what an insanely stupid idea. We also still don't know where MS is going to go with this used game platform, does it bug me that it could be a total fluster cuck? Oh yea but I'm not your typical gamer...I seldom if ever buy a used game unless it's a classic or one that has high praise associated with it and I never had the opportunity to play it...99% of my entire collection is bought brand new and I still own about 90% of the games I've bought over the past 6yrs...I do call it a collection because that's what it is to me. A hobby that I collect.

I'll have an Xbox One, and a PS4 on day 1. We just need to see what comes from E3 because that's really going to be the tell tale of what's to come for the launch. There's still time to maybe fix a few things.
KarrBOMB  +   990d ago

I'm the same way in some regards. I have a 360, PS3, SNES, NES, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube and Turbo G 16. But, I still buy tons of used games. I've recently started renting games through Redbox because I've been utterly disappointed with games like "Homefront" where I return it a day after I bought it for only $25. This way I won't get burned on games that tempt me.

I also use gamefly to play titles I know that I only have a passing interest in. I use to buy just like you, everything new. But it started to turn into a collection of unopened games that I never got into. That and I resigned from a high paying job, so now I'm more careful with my money.

The thing is, I truly spend about 90% of my gaming time with the 360, and not with exclusive titles. Yeah Halo is decent, but it's not what it use to be for me. I do like the 360 controllers a bit more than the PS3, but it's not as if the PS3 has bad controllers. They are great in there own right. I don't have a FB or Twitter account because I don't care about sharing or hearing what people do on their weekends. Kinect is like a wii to me, just with fewer cool motion games. Plus it's really more group oriented gaming. My buddy has one, he's more a PC gamer, but when a group of us are at his place drinking, we'll play some Star Wars or golf. Other than that, it just doesn't interest me.

I just see Microsofts release and lack of important details as a scramble to figure out a huge problem. Do I want to see a console that I enjoy the most go in this direction? Absolutely not! But I see the writing on the wall and I can't have Microsoft or any company affect my renting and purchasing options to that extent. I think as true gamers, it's important that we stand together and let them know that they can't squeeze every cent out of us just to help their bottom dollar.
jeffgoldwin  +   991d ago
I understand some differences between ps4 and one, but even u hardcore fanboys do realize they are 95% the same thing right?

Aka x86 cpu, bluray, not backwards compatible on either system. I don't buy into Kinect or that touch controller for the ps4, since those both are a gimic bust for me. Sony def holds an edge if online is free again, but neither side has confirmed either way on that.

Can't both sides agree to just hate on the whimpy WiiU?
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dumahim  +   991d ago
Reasonably well said.

As much as myself and a lot of others are loving Sony right now, I think a big crash may be coming. Sony has been vague on some issues and I will not be surprised in the least to hear that they will also restrict used game (pretty sure they only confirmed used games are not outright blocked). While it's all good for Sony right now, I think the ball is back in their court to come forward with answers to quite a few things and figure out what we're getting in to later this year.

The other part that depresses me about all of this, even if Sony comes out and says no fees, free online play, internet not required, and all that, the fact remains there HAS to be a solid source of competition to keep everyone on their toes. I WANT Xbox to be a good system. I want to buy it and enjoy it, but damn if they're making it very difficult.
Natso  +   991d ago
There wasn't much competition for Sony during mid-life PS1 and the PS2 era, and look how that turned out...

Just saying.
InSpectre  +   990d ago
"there HAS to be a solid source of competition to keep everyone on their toes."

I agree, but if the competitors put out crap I'd take one clear leader for a console cycle that actually cares about games.
jessupj  +   991d ago
On the surface, sure they look the same, but if we look a little closer they are miles apart.

I know this is pure speculation, but I don't see any reason why if MS were using GDDR5 ram they wouldn't have proudly said so at their conference. As it stands they didn't specify what type of ram they're using so I think we can safely assume it's going to be GDDR3. I'm not expert of ram, but I know that is going to make a huge difference in a lot of the aspects of gameplay. One also has 3 different OSs so who knows how much of that 8GBs is actually going to be available for developers.

What about the used game fee? Needing to connect every 24 hours?

It's clear the One is focusing on being a media hub, where as the PS4 is literally all about the games. It was built from the ground up with heaps of input from many different developers.

From a gamers perspective and the One and Ps4 are black and white.
jeffgoldwin  +   989d ago
Beyond 3-4gb is nearly worthless tbh (let alone ddr5). My higher end 1080p gaming pc never goes over 4gb ram while using windows OS which is a ram hog.

I do like the (supposedly) faster ps3 cpu/gpu but since they yet to announce their intentions with playing used games and if online is once again free, we just don't know for sure.
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rainslacker  +   991d ago
Wii U isn't going full on anti-consumer, stupid greed money corporate type on us. Yes the Wii U is less powerful, and the games have been sparse, but it's focus is still on games.

Most people aren't dissing the hardware itself outside the looks(which is unimportant), and the forced Kinect(which I'm personally indifferent about).

People are hating on the X1 because of it's complete lack of focus on games, it's obvious intention to be primarily a cable box, and a blatant way for MS to force their way into our living room by giving us something that not a single person in gaming, or elsewhere, has ever asked for(Hint: There's a reason the Google, Sony, and Apple boxes offering similar features haven't succeeded.)

Then you add in all the other stuff like DRM and no 2nd hand, and all the possible positives of the system(which admittedly there are some), just don't make up for the shortfalls.

So no, we shouldn't agree to hate on the Wii U. It's possible to criticize it based on how it's performed and what it offers, but hate on it is not necessary. I believe hating on the X1 is warranted because it leads to a slippery slope for all of us, and is a complete disregard for what the community, consumers, and customers have asked for or wanted.

Edit: I realize you were just being glib in your comment there. In response to the rest of your comment. It is the current differences that people are hating on, as they are just bad.
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Jbones  +   991d ago
Yeah this was for the masses or the casual gaming public. I was waiting to hear about Xbox Live Arcade games on the XboxOne. Maybe with the "Infinite power of the cloud" i can redownload my xbla games... if only they would make some attempt at it. Not worried about the Xbox 360 games just the digital part i have put so much into
Ace Killa 08  +   991d ago
Wow your the only person who's thought of that. But think about it, if the regular disc game's are not backwards why should live Arcade? It is a brand new architect.
Jbones  +   991d ago
Yeah the change from PowerPC to x86 is the real problem here. The fact that the xbox marketplace or any digital gaming purchases were not even mentioned, gave me alot of hesitation towards picking one up. I had 6 360's red ring, the 7th one i bought because MS was just sending me more broken ones. They have made so much money off of Xbox Live and digital purchases that we should have been told something during the reveal.
rainslacker  +   991d ago
It may depend on the game itself. If the XBLA game is using the XNA framework, then it's likely that the .Net framework will exist on the X1. .Net is a framework similar to Java, where the actual hardware is unimportant, as the game runs on an software layer which interprets the code for the hardware.

If it's coded using MS development tools for the 360, then it probably won't be compatible, as the chips between the two are completely different on a basic architecture level(RISC vs CISC).
marchinggamer  +   991d ago
I don't understand why people expect exclusives that are still in the works or example not a single game at the ps4 event were an exclusive they were all game demos running on a high end gaming PC
ZodTheRipper  +   991d ago
You realize that those systems are coming out this year, do you? Developers are working on next gen for a couple of years now.
kenoh   991d ago | Spam
SDF Repellent  +   991d ago
Totally unexpected. Everything that could've went wrong, gone wrong.

Phil Harrison did his job as a Sony spy.

MS: "Hey Phil, when you worked for Sony, did they reveal any plan for their next system? We would like to get some advantage over our competitor."

Phil: "Oh yes, Sony will try to recoup some much needed cash and is building a system with a low-end laptop CPU and use only 4gb of standard DDR3 Ram. It will be only around 3x more powerful than the PS3."

MS: "What else can you tell us"

Phil: "They are going to try to fight the used game market and will implement a online system that will check every 12 hours and required an additional fee for a second install when you decided to sell or trade your game in. There is already a patent for it, here let me show it to you."

MS: Dang, easy cakewalk, we just use a higher-spec low end laptop CPU, double the amount of Ram, and double the amount time required for a mandatory online check for DRM and next gen should be our."

Phil: "I heard Sony will try to make a profit this time around so the system will still cost $500 without move or the eyecamera included, according to my inside source that is working on the PS4 project."

MS: "That is great news! We can now bundle in a Kinect with every xbox one sold, for $500, still break even, while still trump the spec of the PS4."

MS: "Phil, we would like to offer you a position to lead the xbox one project."

Phil Harrison phoning Kaz Harai a few hour later: Harai son, mission accomplished!
jessupj  +   991d ago

I was fully expecting you to be defending the MS conference.

You know it's bad when SDF Repellent, a huge fan of MS, is disappointed.

For your sake I genuinely hope E3 brings good news for you.
solidjun5  +   990d ago
"Phil Harrison did his job as a Sony spy. "

wow...You have quite an imagination man. Like Dora the explorer imagination.
SonyPS4  +   991d ago
"Xbox One"
"Which one are you talking about? The first one or the new one?"

Very bad choice name.
UnHoly_One  +   991d ago
Considering the original Xbox has been off the market for many years, and it was never once called the "Xbox 1" by anyone with two or more brain cells, I'm guessing it shouldn't be too confusing.
Fez  +   991d ago
Some people refer to the 360 as just 'xbox' so to differentiate from that you have to start calling the Xbox 'the original xbox' or 'xbox 1'. So now with xbox one it does get annoying. Maybe it should be pronounced 'Xbox oh-nay' just for clarity?
maniacmayhem  +   991d ago

BOLO  +   990d ago
Name still sucks. Taking 359 steps in reverse. Can't wait for Playstation Zero to release next gen.
ZodTheRipper  +   991d ago
They probably thought they can get rid of the naming problem by naming it "One" ...but they'll have the same problem after this gen when "Xbox Two" sounds just as stupid.
wastedcells  +   991d ago
Most of the feature are US only. So the rest of the world gets to care about 2 exclusives..... And confirmation that the next Xbox is more for my girlfriend than for me.
kenoh   991d ago | Spam
PFFT  +   991d ago
I think there were more than 5 reason. Not impressed at all. The reveal was a fcking disaster. Hopefully MS shows more at E3 cause if not this poor excuse of a console will be dead in the water even before it even releases. Why they took this route is beyond me..........i mean most of the shit IF not all of the stuff the new Xbox can do can already be done With PC's among other devices MINUS the shitty always paired Kinect 2.0 spy cam.
#16 (Edited 991d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
hardlogic  +   991d ago
I think the XBOX ONE is one sweet piece of tech and can't wait to get one. Will buy more than one. I will need them in the man cave, living room, and bedroom due to the TV integration. Live is going to be EPIC. Hope to see all the XBOX fans on line. The HALO tv series with Spielberg is awesome news.
ZodTheRipper  +   991d ago
You can't possibly be serious.
hardlogic  +   990d ago
I am serious! I have had the best time gaming on xbox consoles and can't wait for the xbox one to rule them all.
grayfoxx881  +   991d ago
I was looking forward to the 21st ever since Microsoft made the announcement. I am so disappointed with the end result, it was a completely missed opportunity.

Why wasn't time spent discussing what was under the hood of the console? Why so much emphasis on television channels I can already watch? Why bother showing any games at all if so little effort is invested in the first place?

During the reveal, my fiancée leaned over and asked me "This thing play games, right?"
Ace Killa 08  +   991d ago
Why bother showing any games at all if so little effort is invested in the first place

Because you would of still bi#ch about it any way. During the reveal I leaned over and told my friends I'll have a another way to check up on my fantasy football. And the emphasis is not the channels numb nuts, it's the ability to switch back and forth from watching your tv provider, Internet, games and yes games you can play more than game at a time while by switching back and forth, apps. The idea is to have one multitasking device. It has Web browser, Skype, apps, tv and also does it simultaneously. I don't think the Samsung tv does it just as good as this xbox.
grayfoxx881  +   991d ago
"Because you would of still bi#ch about it any way."

If you're not going to post anything intelligent, don't bother posting anything at all. Your comment doesn't even make any sense to begin with.

If Microsoft's showing had any real substance, with more than two exclusive pre-rendered cgi videos (one of which wasn't even worth showing) and showed some actual gameplay, the public and press reception would have been much more positive.

They completely glossed over the specs of the console, and spent the majority of the reveal showing the press what televisions and phones are already doing. You must have fairly low expectations if that impressed you.

I'm so glad that you and your little friends can check your fantasy football on the Xbox One, I guess you're their key demographic. I was expecting more than that. Microsoft dropped the ball on this one, and that's apparent no matter what website you visit.
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GABRIEL1030  +   991d ago
1. Kinect Mandatory.
2. Focused in TV.
3. Not playable games.
4. Another boring COD. ( I liked the dog!)
5. Always Online, blocking second hand.
Veneno  +   991d ago
I love dogs too, but no way in hell should that be a bulletpoint in revealing your console.
tdinc  +   991d ago
I believe SONY had this "one" covered a while ago)
#20 (Edited 991d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SonyAddict  +   991d ago
And who says MS don't make the headline articles on n4g!?.
iNFAMOUZ1  +   991d ago
yea im not even going to argue with n4g, ill be the big dawg and leave it like that, this site is pro sony, while sony fanboys troll on microsoft stuff on this site, ill be busy playing games, chow ;)

oh and p.s the reveal was awesome, way better than some other console, bye, have a good night.
solidjun5  +   991d ago
No, you'll be busy watching TV.
maniacmayhem  +   991d ago
Then switch to the games in an instant.
KUV1977  +   990d ago
What games?
solidjun5  +   990d ago
I tend to buy games used. Wait...
Granted, we won't know full till E3, but until MS fully debunks this, used games is an issue for me.
Pillsbury1  +   991d ago
Have fun watching NFL on smartglass. We will be playing games.
CEOSteveBallmer  +   991d ago
Mcleod: There Can Be Only One
Pillsbury1  +   991d ago
5 reasons? How about everything.
Drainage  +   991d ago
lol this console isnt for me. footbal is boring, dont watch tv, i d/l my moviess/music , dont care for halo story tv, hate using my voice unless its talking to people, dislike racing sims, hate cod. lmao
akaihana86plus  +   990d ago
I kinda feel bad for Microsoft now, but then the more i think about it the more i realize that it was their fault to mess things up, and they really f'ed up hardcore this time!!!, let's see what's gonna happen at E3 and what kind of excuses are they gonna bring up
aconnellan  +   990d ago
Have they actually confirmed what form the used game fee will come in? If they haven't, then for all we know they just attach an extra $5 or something on top of the price of a used game (which are cheaper than a brand new title already).
Besides, if you're waiting out to buy a game when it's pre-owned, paying the fee on top of it is still a lot more convenient then just buying it new, especially here in Australia where new games are $120 on average, and used games are as low as $20
buynit  +   990d ago
Wow.... A lot of you cant just wait till e3 to make your decision..

All i see is "gamers" hating on a console for games.. It doesnt make sense!?

You have to be some kind of retard to think that the stupidly named xbox one wont have games, i mean c'mon great games are subjective anyway so who the hell are any of you to say that any of the 3 consoles wont have great games..

Bunch of bitter " gamers"
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blakstarz  +   990d ago
I own both systems, but that design choice is terrible, as I said before it looks like one of those DVD/VCR combo machines from back in the day.
I'm sure it probably looks better in person, but it just have such a bulkiness to to it. Hope the PS4 looks more refined.
IconicIncarnation  +   990d ago
Well we know that Playstation's have similar orby looks. Can't see PS4 being ugly they did say it will look nice a few months back. Xbox One i have to say to design is beyond me, the thing looks unattractive i don't get the 2 sided colors.

Truth is Microsoft has screwed up taking there attention away from what it was originally designed to be. If you want to buy it go ahead. I don't see a problem with people praising it. There decision. For me well i ain't no fanboy but Microsoft do things which i truly disagree with. Borrowing games is part of video games having that option taken away is kind of disrespectful. It truly make sense that they obviously don't know the current economic climate that charging people to get online just to pay a fee to access a portion of the game is absolute greed. Anyone backing that up needs to be checked.

PS4 ain't interested in anything but the game themselves and another member of my Playstation family. Social apps etc i could care less about.

Every console has a great game whether you dislike it or not. Though not everyone will agree.

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