Microsoft’s Xbox One Forgets Something at Reveal

We first got a glimpse of what Sony planned to offer with the PS4 back in February, but now we’ve finally seen the next Xbox, the Xbox One. How did the American behemoth match up to the Japanese giant? Did the show disappoint, or truly usher in the next-gen? Daily Reaction‘s Seb and Dan discuss. - PSLS

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doctorstrange1671d ago

It's gonna take me a while to get used to that name.

TrendyGamers1671d ago

Same here, I think I would've been happier with them just calling it Xbox Three.

HammadTheBeast1671d ago

Or Xbox Infinity. Or just Xbox.

Muerte24941671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I don't plan on getting. There is tons of news coming out pretty much confirming an online only console.
Step to play a game on Xbox One

*Buy a game (not from Gamefly because tie-in with Live tags)
*Turn on you Xbox: One (doesn't function without Kinect)
*Insert Game (must enter code for mandatory install)
*Must be connected to internet to verify the code
*Friends cannot share game any longer, must pay full price for new code to unlock game
*uses games officially blocked

JhawkFootball061671d ago

So many sony fans trolling the xbox articles. Tell me how Rhaigun's post is not trolling? Yet it has many more likes compared to dislikes.

Foolsjoker1671d ago

It's going to take a while to treat One as a noun.

doctorstrange1671d ago

The Queen does it all the time. She's gonna be a huge fan.

Maddens Raiders1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

took a shyt on themselves today in front of the entire world. To conspiracy theorists this all has a deeper meaning & hidden agenda. I am actually feeling a little more sad today. I was hyped for a huge "battle royale" between two legendary companies going into E3 - fresh off the rails from the last console war that began in 2005, but clearly Sony is outshining (all at the moment). Something that not even Cliffy B or gaming journos at large can deny.

We'll see if MS can dig themselves out of this fine hole they've dug for themselves thus far, and maybe they can. There's still a little bit of time left before the fall rush.

rainslacker1671d ago

It was funny after the show that IGN had their analysis, and they said it's going to cause some logistic issues in the media because the original Xbox was usually called the Xbox 1.

I get what the name is supposed to imply, but it does seem like it's a step back in terms of naming your console with some sort of progression.

3-4-51671d ago

Xbox One for some reason fits perfectly. It's easy to say, and I'm already used to it more than I thought I would be.

* The name is solid

* The controller looks good

* Kinect looks functional although I'm still not a fan of it.

* They really need to hit a few doubles and maybe a home run with their games at E3.

Sony and Nintendo will be showcasing good games...

Microsoft needs to understand this and show us everything they've got.

They already said one of the higher ups didn't want to reveal everything at E3, obviously the presenter who works for Microsoft disagreed and so would every fan.

Microsoft....get in touch with reality and give us the games.

They will sell to casuals via the fantasy sports thing, but they need to bring it with games.

I'm hoping they do.

iceman061671d ago

I would kind of agree. The name IS solid, though already used to refer to the original Xbox. The controller is about the same..add in some revised capability on the D-pad and the infrared stuff (pretty interesting)...meh for motion controls. The E3 point is crucial. They will have to play damage control for the next couple of weeks just to get to a safe E3. Then, they better call down the thunder, lightning...tsunami if possible to rain down some tried and true games. I don't believe for a second that PS4 shot it's wad on the reveal. It actually showcased for working, playing, exclusive games. We know that COD and EA sports stuff is multiplatform. I am hoping for them to bring it...just to keep the start of the next gen competitive.

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ftwrthtx1671d ago

Can I get that 60 minutes of my life back? Please?

Foolsjoker1671d ago

I'm just more annoyed that I had to wake up for that.

3sexty rulzzz1671d ago

Sony's PS4 reveal wasn't all that great! for one, all of the games were running on a pc unit and not the actual gaming system. Secondly, any of us has no idea what the ps4 looks like. and finally, this was a console reveal and not a games showcase.

Microsoft actually showed a game running on its hardware. At least we all know what the xbox1 looks like and how it will perform on xboxlive. judge xbox1 and microsoft after e3, at which point your argument has merrit

cyguration1671d ago

WTF does a console's visual aesthetic have to do with future-proofing and feature-proofing for gaming? SERIOUSLY?!

I'm sorry but this is like the 100th comment I've read complaining that Sony didn't "show" the actual console. So you mean to tell me looking at a piece of hardware is more important than what it can do? Because Sony said, showed and explained exactly what the PS4 can do and what wide range of games we can expect.

Unless MS' entire E3 conference is one game reveal after another, I have no reason to have interest in their console...especially if they don't actually plan to release a large cache of core games for their console.

TKCMuzzer1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I'm sorry, I missed the part where they picked up a controller and showed a game being played on the hardware. Do people see what they want to?
The Xbox one looks like a PVR, not really design genius.

Philoctetes1671d ago

If a console gives me the games and other features that I want, who gives a rip what it looks like? It could be carved in the image of a giant penis and I would still be happy to buy one.

rainslacker1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

"this was a console reveal and not a games showcase"

I'm sorry. I was under the impression that a GAME console's purpose was to play games. My bad.

All that other stuff is the kind of thing that gets talked about briefly then expanded on in interviews and future shows. It should never be the main focus of a console reveal. If it's there, there should be a healthy dose of actual games being shown as well. Much like the Sony reveal, which was great just for that reason alone.

Extra services or extra non-gaming content isn't what I look for in a GAME console. This reveal did nothing but show me that MS has other intentions, and that gaming will likely take a back seat. They have one more chance at E3 to convince me, otherwise I'll stay with PS4/Wii U.

jessupj1670d ago

Oh, were you there at Sony's Conference behind the scenes and sore the pc they were using to run the games?

Well, enjoy your Halo tv. Mean while I'll be enjoying my unrestricted gaming.

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Jek_Porkins1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

There were things I loved and hated, I loved that they showed the console itself, I dig the design, it looks like the more modern high end gaming PC's these days.

I loved a lot of the features they showed off, not everyone will be interested in that, but when would have been a good time to tell people about those things? Better to get those things out of the way, save all the games for E3, and blow people away.

So many conflicting reports on the used game issue, but looks like used games are allowed and the fee thing is BS.

I would have liked to see how much the new Kinect has improved, I mean they talked about it, but I wanted to see it, hear how you don't need as much room to use it ect...

I wouldn't have minded seeing more games, but if they bring 15 exclusives to E3, and 8 new IP's, I'm happy.

Overall it wasn't perfect, but neither was Sony's.

The one thing I will say is that when I brought up Sony not showing their console I got "The consoles looks don't matter", but now the tune has changed to "The Xbox One looks like a VCR". Funny how that works?

TKCMuzzer1671d ago

looks don't really matter but lets be honest the Xbox one looks like a VCR/PVR. It's not that it looks like that that's the issue but that the look probably signals Microsoft intention with the console, to watch TV first.

Jek_Porkins1671d ago

It looks like a high end gaming PC rig, I liked the look. There have been some ugly consoles released, but this isn't one of them. Glad they had the guts to show their console.

rainslacker1671d ago (Edited 1671d ago )

I had no problem with the look of the console. It was rather large, but seems like it fits in with most of the other components of my entertainment center. The Kinect was freakin' huge though.

The TV features, along with some others, are interesting. I also won't deny the influence that can have over the people looking for better ways to consume their media. After all there is no denying how the DVD or Blu-Ray helped sell some PlayStation consoles early on. Whether or not this is something that will make it a must have item for the masses really depends on MS marketing and people's actual feeling of needing such services, and ultimately if they're willing to pay a premium both in hardware, and XBL fees.

Agree about used games. The conflicting reports are troublesome. But Phil Harrison did talk about it. Maybe he misunderstood what he was saying, but it didn't appear that way. Again though, I would remind people that Sony did say they will leave it up to the publisher. Perhaps being a bit reserved on this topic for now would be a good thing.

I was also wondering how well Kinect has improved. Sadly the only thing we really saw was it's higher integration into what most people are criticizing about...TV integration(or more aptly console control integration).

The 15 games with 8 exclusives is the only thing so far that makes me willing to give them a shot at E3. I won't bother with the "How much will be Kinect crap" argument, because realistically, we can assume that at least 3-4 will be core titles. It's about on par with what we expect Sony to show for the core PS4 at E3. Maybe 1 or 2 shy. It's also realistic to assume that they won't announce all 15 of those exclusives will be at E3.

Jek_Porkins1671d ago

Hey another civil person on N4G today, nice to talk to you.

Not sure why so many people disagree with my own personal opinion, but as I said, it wasn't perfect, but I have reason to be optimistic. Hopefully Microsoft understands the criticism and it makes for a much better E3. Hearing that Rare will bring back an iconic franchise at E3 has me happy.

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