EA Cancel Online Pass But Xbox One Has Pre-Owned Game Fees

Wherever you are in the world, if you are a gamer then chances are you would have found the screen of your choice to soak up the moment that Microsoft revealed their new console Xbox One. All the familiar buzzwords were repeated, such as ‘franchise’, ‘community’, ‘immersion’ and ‘innovation’. The main reason people tuned in, however, was to find out the answers to two questions that will make them part with their hard-earned cash: what does the in-game footage look like? And how much is it going to cost me?

It’s of no surprise that we are all going to have to wait a little longer yet, as Microsoft and Sony continue their little game of cat and mouse. An interesting revelation, though, is the confirmation that gamers will have to pay an extra fee to play pre-owned games on Xbox One.“On the new Xbox, all game discs are installed to the HDD to play,” a Microsoft representative told Wired.

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Kal8531799d ago

The 2 most important questions I tuned in for have still not been adequately explained. Can I play my games without an always on connection, and can I play used games. Virtually all the comment buzz going on now is people trying to get a clear answer.

Nafon1799d ago

They said something along the lines of "you can continue playing single player games or watching a DVD/bluray should you lose connection to the internet." The way they said it made it sound like you can't start a game w/o internet, but I don't know.

You can play used games, but it sounds like you will have to pay a fee.

Kal8531799d ago

Turns out that "fee" is now being reported by virtually everyone to be the full retail price of the game. Basically, you have to buy the game again anytime you play it on a new Live account.

jony_dols1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Now that's the straw that just broke the camels back.

What are they thinking?!? It's indefensible.

darx1799d ago

This is what will keep me from getting the XB1. Some gamers have children who have their own system in their bedrooms like we do in my house. So now I will have to pay again if he wants to play said game in his room. So annoying! And not on my watch.

Tonester9251799d ago

So if I take a game to a friends house to get on some Couch Co-op Borderlands or something. I connect to my account I wouldn't have to pay again to play? Only on his account?

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Hufandpuf1799d ago

you have to connect your xbox to the internet at least once every 24 hours. if you're offline, you can continue to play singleplayer games, movies, music etc. within the 24 time limit.

I think this is a way for MS to combat piracy.

The used games system is bullshit though.

jony_dols1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

Combat piracy? No, it's about lining their pockets.

They could have built a more secure system to delay the inevitable cracking of the hardware by hackers. It took nearly 4 years for the PS3 to be hacked, so it's not impossible.

Actually, if anything this will piss off hackers & act as an encouragement to open it up & strip the used game blocker.

Maddens Raiders1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

is a date that will go down in gaming infamy, as the day Microsoft's gaming division walked onto the stage and collectively committed corporate suicide.

I know it's hyperbolic and E3 is 3 weeks or so away, but their "reveal" was really more of an abortion to the consumers only interested in video games, truth be told.

Nafon1798d ago

Currently with the 360, If you install a game to the hard drive, you still have to insert the disc to play it. With the xbox One, the disc isnt required, so you and some friends could get a brand new game and split the cost to each install it on your xbox. Microsoft has to either require the disc to be inserted, or charge a fee. If the disc had to be inserted, It would mess up their multitasking between games, so they aren't going to change their minds on this.

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Nafon1799d ago

You have to be signed into your profile to play a game without the fee. So you can't let a friend borrow a game, unless they want to pay the fee or use your gamertag.

Microsoft obviously told someone at EA that they were going to make people pay extra to play used games. Imagine the backlash if people had to pay for an online pass and give M$ even more money on top of their Gold subscription...

I'm sure the publisher (EA) will get a cut of that "Fee" anyways...

maxgamehard1799d ago

It's funny how they announce no more online passes a week before this conference. It was a way to get good press and quietly they let M$ do the dirty work for them.

Its sad because you have a fee to play online and a fee to play your used games. How can people approve of this?

Shadow Man1799d ago

so wtf no more EA games for PS4? unless sony will be doing the same thing.

rainslacker1799d ago

Sony said they are leaving it up to the publishers, so I wouldn't doubt that EA would use this "feature" on the PS4 as well. I hope it gets a huge backlash if true. This is something I want to go away quickly. Online passes were bad enough, but optional. This is just about double dipping and controlling the market in their favor.

darx1799d ago

Honestly screw friends, my kid can't play it on his XB and would have to play on mine. My biggest gripe! And for sure the reason I'll be passing.

Nafon1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

They have those family packs for xbox live gold so they might have considered linking game serials to all accounts in the family... MIGHT have. So knowing M$, you will have to pay for the game twice

001799d ago

I really hope all the companies that take part of this loose lots of money.

Kal8531799d ago

They're definitely not getting mine.

maxgamehard1799d ago

Damn straight, I hope others follow suit so companies can't continue with stupid things like this.

Anyone notice how Take Two doesn't have online passes or bad DLC models and yet they generate a good amount of revenue. Why can't companies follow their pro consumer approach rather than follow this anti consumer BS that doesn't work.

ricochetmg1799d ago

I wonder if Sony will do the same.

MoreRPG1799d ago

Lets hope they don't
But if MS do it then there is a posibility Sony will find a way to make money out of used games

LightofDarkness1799d ago

Sony are placing no restrictions or requirements on developer DRM, apparently. If EA want to do this, they can, but they'll have to implement it themselves and it won't be standard across the board.

maxgamehard1799d ago

Sony puts it on the publishers. Just like online passes are a publisher based decision. Companies that don't charge the online pass probably won't next gen and companies that do probably will next gen.

rainslacker1799d ago

One can hope that the publishers that do decide to do it see a huge decrease in sales because of it. One can hope that the non-hardcore majority will not be fussed with bothering with such restrictive business models, because if they accept it with enough numbers, it pretty much means the end of used games across the board.

Sadly, the fact we have to hope for this is just bad. It shouldn't even be in our minds.

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Dlacy13g1799d ago

I knew there was far more to the reason behind EA dropping online the other shoe dropped. EA feels MS's solution works for them to the point they dropped online passes.

NOW the big question... How is Sony dealing with this? Surely EA is putting pressure on Sony to have a similar system in place.

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