GameStop President Tony Bartel Talks Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Used Games And Pre-Orders

Forbes - GameStop is already signing up PowerUp Rewards gamers who want to be first in line to pre-order the just-announced Xbox One next gen console. The game retailer had a similar First To Know List for PlayStation 4, which attracted nearly 1 million gamers. The list offers news on the new Xbox, but does not guarantee a system for this Christmas.

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gamerlive1613d ago

I would rather see backwards-compatibility and not get fleeced by Gamestop for trade-ins.

jeffgoldwin1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

xbox and ps aren't going to be backwards compatible because of the upgrade to x86 cpu. so at least fanboys wont be foaming at the mouth flaming each over that aspect.

2pacalypsenow1613d ago

No one forces you to trade in games . Damn them for trying to be a successful company and make money!

Kenshin_BATT0USAI1613d ago

This is exactly what I don't understand. Sure gamestop endorses used game sales, but they're a business and it's not like they are saying you have to buy a used game. I bet if they charged 50% of a game's cost for a used game, people would flock to defend them.

ohcatrina1613d ago

People that should not open their mouths ever about video games: GameStop. Jerks. :<

DDDGirlGamer851613d ago

Don't think they'll be backwards compatibility

awkwardhamster1613d ago

This is going to be an exciting Christmas. Dear Santa, I want it all.

creHEARTive1613d ago

I have already accepted that the days of used games are coming to and end.

jeffgoldwin1613d ago

You've accepted false rumors and heresay, thus failing once again. Both systems are confirmed to play used games. Curse you blasted truths!

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