Call Of Duty: Ghosts Preview Producer Interview Explores The Tech Behind Xbox One - Gamerhubtv

With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 now the target, Activision Producer Yale Miller talks Call of Duty: Ghosts in this exclusive interview.

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gamerlive1830d ago

Dynamic multiplayer maps are cool, your move BF4.

NameRemoved00171830d ago (Edited 1830d ago )

Frostbite 3.0 is capable of better dynamic maps, graphics and destruction than COD will be in 5 years. BF4 has had rumors for dynamic maps for a while like being able to flood maps by destroying dams.

awkwardhamster1830d ago

So excited. Can hardly contain myself.

DDDGirlGamer851830d ago

Most. Gameplay please! I hate when people talk about how cool a game is and show nothing on the game....

creHEARTive1830d ago

Tech talk is great, but I need to see some footage.

Ares84HU1830d ago

What I've seen so far of this game is not impressive. I was expecting much more.....something along the lines of Call of Duty 4 when it was released.

KrisK1829d ago

I am kinda on the same page. At the very least, the animation on the Battlefield 4 trailer seemed a bit nicer. Will have to wait and see though.

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