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Submitted by Errol James 996d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One: The Future For Casual Gamers?

The Xbox Reveal left us wondering, Who is Microsoft Trying to Appeal To? (Culture, Microsoft, Xbox One)

SuperSteve  +   996d ago
Oh, how I loathe the terms "casual" and "hardcore" gamer.

I thought some of the One's UI features were badass, and the few games they showed looked great. I guess that makes me a "casual", despite the fact that I'm typing this from my +$2,000 self-built gaming PC, while listening to an episode of The League on Netflix via my PS3.

Casual, indeed.

Edited to add: Microsoft is trying to appeal to people who want MORE than just a gaming experience from their console. The idea that Microsoft can't deliver on more than one front is absurd, as is anyone who thinks the big, AAA titles won't be on Xbox this generation.
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Rusty515  +   996d ago
Look out. We got a badass over here.
SuperSteve  +   996d ago
Hey, some things are just self-evident.
negative  +   995d ago
Badass?? Or someone who can actually be honest. Not a "rusty" PS fanboy.
Errol James  +   996d ago
I'm thinking more about the EA Sports/Call of Duty gamers. The ones who will faithfully buy a videogame every year no matter how little it changed from the year before. Those are the casual gamers of tomorrow in my opinion.
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SuperSteve  +   996d ago
Did you not see the segment on Ghosts? It looks radically different from the past few releases and I'm actually looking forward to seeing more of it. I say this as someone who hasn't played CoD since Black Ops 1, and that was only the campaign.

"What do the fucking NUMBERS mean?!"

"We're out of TIME!!!"

"We're on the brink of WAR!!"

Ahh... good times.
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Errol James  +   996d ago
honestly? I changed the channel during the Ghosts segment. Last I saw was scars on a dogs face and had enough. COD was never my cup of tea.

My favorite part of COD is the CO-Op Spec Ops missions. I'll play that all day with my friends.
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CEOSteveBallmer   995d ago | Trolling | show
Panthers  +   995d ago
I also think this system is awesome, at least as an entertainment control hub. They havent shown much in the way of games, but at the very least I want to get one for the simple fact that I can control my TV a lot easier.

I wonder if I can command the Xbox to "GO TO PS4". (since they said I wouldnt have to switch Inputs anymore)

Im hoping for a good E3 showing.
andibandit  +   995d ago
I think it would've been better if they hadn't shown ANY games at all, instead og showing us the next iteration of what weve been playing for 6 years.
aiBreeze  +   995d ago
I'll judge their games once I see a real live demonstration, not some fancy video. I honestly wonder how many people woke up yesterday morning going "boy wouldn't it be great to get an inferior voice activated tv box". It'll sell well still because Kinect has proven Microsoft knows how to market things to casuals the right way but tbh, so far everything is extremely underwhelming.
DARK WITNESS  +   995d ago
But that's the big problem, so far MS has not shown they really can deliver on both fronts.

Sony has managed to add all the apps and services + casual devices without estranging the core gamers who have less interest in that stuff. They still have the games and know when and where to present those games to keep us all interested and excited.

MS has been on this path for a while now and each year they only seem to show more and more apps/tv services and casual stuff while showing less and less core stuff. Thats the real problem.

They want to offer something more then just gaming so they want to leave the gaming bit to third party and just throw up all the other crap. Problem is Sony has those same third parties as well, plus they still invest in their own IP's AND they still have apps and services.

Bu..bu...but wait for E3, 15 exclusive games... Really !! MS have a lot of convincing to do considering how the last few E3's have gone. We have all heard it so often and been letdown, I think we are passed the point of just saying "wait till E3" and hoping we will look the other way!
jessupj  +   995d ago
Like it or not, there are hardcore gamers in this world and there are casual gamers in this world.

Can Casual gamers play core game and still be considered casual gamers? Yes. Millions of sheep buy cod each year and nothing else. I consider that type of person a casual gamer.

Can a core gamer play a more family friendly game and still be considered a core gamer? Yes.

I don't know why you get so insulted by a well established notion.

If you don't agree, please explain to me who little Timmy's mum that only plays Candy Crush for 10 mins every evening just before bed is the same as me, whom plays many different games in many different genres for a few hours most days?
IcicleTrepan  +   995d ago
My girlfriend plays candy crush on her phone and dragon's dogma on her 360. Please explain which of the two categories she fits into.
LoveOfTheGame  +   995d ago
My girlfriend loves to play kinect games and is attempting to beat Dark Souls, again which category does she fall in?

Didn't mean to try and one up you, just in the same situation.

I believe the people who just buy COD each year are the hardcore gamers. They sit there yelling and raging because they got killed for blindly running around the same corner again. That is the essence of a hardcore gamer, el douche. (Perfect phrase for a men's cologne commercial)
vikingland1  +   995d ago
Well said, yesterdays event was only to show what the Xbox One is going to do. The fanboys can't seem to grasp the concept. They say but but but there aren't any games. MS said they will be showing the games at E3. 15 games plus 8 completely new games ( I do wonder though how many will be Kinect only )so the fanboys need to wait until E3 before the hate really starts. I for one will wait for E3 before I make my final judgement on the Xbox One. I do think the name is lame though.
boybato  +   995d ago
Clearly I am not xboxone's target market , so I'll go ps4 or wiiu next gen.
Errol James  +   995d ago
Wii U lol
bigtrucknd  +   995d ago
XBOne is the best cable box I've ever seen. It's a giant cable box but beats the hell out of my stupid genie box.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   995d ago
Giant would be an understatement.
bigtrucknd  +   995d ago
I had no idea it was so large. I will never be able to bring that home from Gamestop.
project_pat36  +   995d ago
its not even a cable box lol its a hub your cable box plugs in to
TwistedMetal  +   995d ago
no the ps4 and wii u is the future for all gamers!! F the xbox one to many fails.
project_pat36  +   995d ago
First time commenter, made an account just to say this.

What does it do that Nintendon't?

Wanna watch your tv shows? press "TV" and your there...

Wanna play games and watch tv? Wii U does that too...

Want to video chat with random people? Wii U...

Want to share your gameplay via video? (PS4)

Who exactly do they (Microsoft) think they are kidding? So far everything they have announced has already been announced from Nintendo and Sony for their consoles.

The name Xbox One... I understand the need to associate the console name with what it is.. an all-in-one multimedia device. But come on... ONE? I thought Wii U was a bad name.. and another note.. why name it after your competitors console? ( PSOne anybody? )

Ill definitely be gaming with Playstation as I have since psx, and I hate to say it but I see no reason to grab the new xbox.. it looks/feels the same as the 360 ( UI ). At least Sony is being more innovative, much like Nintendo.
project_pat36  +   995d ago
apparently a few die hard xbox fans around lol. you'll be dieing hard alright.

I own ps3,wiiu,and 360. I enjoy all of them equally. but as far as next gen goes.. from what I have seen. PS4WON
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LoveOfTheGame  +   995d ago
You should be bragging more about that time machine you have rather than all three consoles.

I'm not too impressed by either side right now and it, for the first time, might come down to the exclusives for me to decide which one to get.

Hell I wouldn't throw out getting my friends into PC gaming at this point.
Bakkies  +   995d ago
In the conference they firstly showed how you can watch TV on it, then play fantasy basketball, then Skype some ESPN guy, then they showed some EA Sport hogwash.

I guess their target audience is sports fans, who likes watching Star Trek while watching a trailer of Star Trek?
CEOSteveBallmer   995d ago | Trolling | show
Jek_Porkins  +   995d ago
Well if the next Xbox does well in terms of sales, I'm sure people will try to use the "casual" gamer argument, much like they did with the original Wii.

I think the controller screams core gamer, designed by gamer's for gamer's. The media options are just that, if you just want to play games, then play games.

How can it be considered casual when 90% of the same content will be on the PS4 as well? I mean that is majority right there.
vikingland1  +   995d ago
Wow someone with a level head and common sense. I keep saying lets see what they show at E3 but everyone keeps forgetting about it. I will reserve my full judgment until E3. and I am hoping that those 15 games they mentioned ( 8 of them completely new ) will be amazing and not just Kinect games.
Jek_Porkins  +   995d ago
Think of it this way, people here on N4G would have bashed the console no matter what Microsoft did or showed.

If you say that Microsoft said they will show 15 new exclusives, 8 of those new IP's, the N4G answer will be "How many Kinect?". I could seriously make a flow chart with things like that.

E3 will be the telling tale, and the N4G response is......"That's what we've heard the last 3 years!".

Seriously though, Microsoft knows core gamer's buy launch consoles, they will have a lot of nice things to show us.
josephayal  +   995d ago
XBOX ONE: the future of hardcore gamers
McLuvn  +   995d ago
Too many fees connected to the ONE for the "casual" market
to buy it, and buy it, and buy it, etc, etc.
BladerunnerZX  +   995d ago
This statement sums up the Xbox One and Microsofts current policies :

"Microsoft’s intentions are abundantly clear: the Xbox One is aimed squarely at those who wish for a do-it-all, fancy set-top box which is packed to the hilt with multimedia capabilities and can ensure the company never misses an opportunity to cash in on its consumers. The ever-shying Xbox controller is sadly the last remaining sign that Microsoft still actually cares about gamers; because the above decisions present undeniable and damning proof that they do not. "

- from
mochachino  +   995d ago
They went from Wii to phones/tablets/ browser games. The future of casuals is has already been decided. Why would they ever go back to consoles when their having equal fun with 99 cent games.

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