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Xbox One Reveal: Angry Rant

Angry Joe tells us exactly what he thinks of the Xbox One reveal event. (Xbox One)

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jensen86  +   804d ago
u hit the nail on the head wiv that rant i fink
Root  +   804d ago
Joe is pretty good with his rants I'll give him that....I like how he realises this "Wait for E3" BS

It's an added bonus to me that he sounds a little bit like Patton Oswalt, aka Spence from King of Queens :)

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ShinMaster  +   804d ago
Sony also said to wait for E3. But that didn't stop them from actually showing off what is mostly important about a GAMING console.

Microsoft just threw around a bunch of adjectives like "revolutionary" and "game changing" which meant nothing in the end.
dedicatedtogamers  +   804d ago
I saw this when he posted it on twitter. Hilarious!

I love how the Microsoft fanbase is pulling - literally - a reversal of what happened with the PS3 in 2006.

Some of the things the Microsoft fanbase mocked Sonyfor:

PS3 - hard drive installs
Xbox One - mandatory full game installs

PS3 - Blu Ray player (we bought our console for games, not movies)
Xbox One - movie streaming, Blu Ray, TV streaming, music streaming, everything non-gaming related

PS3 - $599
Xbox One - No confirmed price, but bundled Kinect plus 500 Gb HDD in every system ain't gonna be cheap.
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Digitaldude  +   804d ago
Joe is awesome, tells it like it is.
Campy da Camper  +   804d ago
Jesus he's spot on all right. My biggest fear now is a ps4 shortage.
febreeze1  +   804d ago
Well you better camp gamestop during sony's conference so as kaz says "You can pre-order at your local gamestop now!" you'll be the first one :) I plan on doing that lol
Kevin McCallister  +   804d ago
Lol, same here. I was just sitting here thinking to myself if I wanna try to pre-order on Amazon and await UPS delivery..., try to reserve at a brick and mortar Gamestop, or do the overnight thing. I'm hoping to get in an early preorder at my local Gamestop, and if not, Amazon will be option #2. I waited in the rain and cold for 8 hours to get my 360 and it is not an experience I wish to repeat.
Veneno  +   803d ago
That Joe has a lotta energy.
Moonman  +   804d ago
This is all truth.
Chapulin  +   804d ago
joshuatobi  +   804d ago
Yea all those loyal xbox fans that purchase it are idiots and blinded by their idiotic ideals
Eldyraen  +   804d ago
If I buy it, its pretty much because I buy all my games new and am online 100% of the time anyways. Well that and they ended up having games I enjoy.

If I don't buy it, just means their games didn't hold up. I can ignore the rest as I've dealt with much of the same with PC gaming and it never got in my way so far.

The exact same can be said for PS4--however I admit the likelyhood of me not picking one up at this point is roughly zero. It at least showed more games and some gameplay to go by. Everything is open to change between now and release though but E3 and other conventions can seal the deal sooner.

There is a difference between blind faith, hope, and then accepting the truth once we see it for ourselves.
nolifeking  +   804d ago
I call bs. I don't go out polling or anything, but I'm fairly confident your Internet has either gone down or not been strong enough to hold a connection. Absolutes are for liars and science.
Eldyraen  +   804d ago
Of course there are occasional hiccups outside of my control--but I'm saying when I'm home its not like my console isn't hooked up to the internet anyways. The rarity of my connection going out (outside of maybe a storm which knocked out electricity or damages a line) is extremely rare though and I could care less if I'm denied a short stint of gaming as there are always something else I can do to fill that time.

As much as I love gaming my life doesn't revolve around it to the point I'm going to go into withdrawal or have a connection if something happens. Proof: I didn't throw a hissy fit when PSN went down and its unlikely my internet will be down near as long as that took to get fixed.

Outside of unforeseen circumstances though its still up and stable 99.9% of the time and being an semantic whore won't change that fact. Enjoy your trolling.
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RckTnz  +   804d ago
He's Correct
Why o why  +   804d ago
Sad day caused by ms's vagueness. Seems most of the rumours were true and that deal with it guy has lost his job for exposing it and being as arrogant as his former employers. What a chain of events.

Watched this video last night....dude pissed
McScroggz  +   804d ago
Joe is a big fan of the Xbox 360 and a pretty normal dude. I don't think this bodes well for the average joes (hehe) out there who don't have a console allegiance but just play a few games.
ThatCanadianGuy514  +   804d ago
Seems to be the same reaction all around the world.
The damage is done and i don't think MS can recover from it.

What i don't understand is what the hell did they do with that extra month? They were supposed to announce in april but pushed it back a month because of Sony's reveal.They had plenty of time to adjust.They had every advantage and this was their end result? Don matticks oblivious smile through the whole thing was just so sad.
first1NFANTRY  +   804d ago
I can see it now. The little men will speak the truth while the corporate nut hugers will somehow let this abysmal console reveal slide.

I'm looking at you IGNorant.

Any one who calls themselves a gamer seriously cannot be pleased with what has been shown for the Xnone.
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grimmweisse  +   804d ago
I love Joe, he speaks with such passion and enthusiasm, be it something positive or negative. Joe and TB are my go to guys for anything game related!
TwistedMetal  +   804d ago
i hope the ps4 console dont run out i hope we can preorder soon because everyones gonna be all over it and im not gonna play ebay flip prices to double someones money lol.
Eldyraen  +   804d ago
That's what I always hate most about console releases--people picking up extras and screwing over real gamers for a quick buck. Same is true for anything else but neither are ever going to see a dime from me.
nolifeking  +   804d ago
It seemed as if he didn't really wanna give Sony any credit. He did, to a point, but it seemed begrudging. It seemed like he felt Xbox was the only console in existence, repeating Consoles as a whole lost their advantage because MS dropped the ball.
Pozzle  +   804d ago
If I recall correctly, Joe doesn't own a PS3 or Vita, so he doesn't talk much about Sony/Playstation or on behalf of consoles he doesn't own.
tompoulo  +   804d ago
I agree with him but why be angry??? Is this what you have to offer Microsoft??? Thank you but i will not take it this time.
I must admit as a 360 (primarily) gamer this generation i was not expecting this from microsoft and i was let down. One could say i Jumped Out!!! :P
nolifeking  +   804d ago
Did you really ask why ANGRY Joe is so angry? Words fail me, but not completely.
tompoulo  +   804d ago
Fair point...
Max-Zorin  +   804d ago
Microsoft is truly on some other ****.
00  +   804d ago
pretty funny
that is the same way I feel.
MasterCornholio  +   804d ago
Microsoft pissed off a lot of people yesterday.

Thats the truth
Eldyraen  +   804d ago
One of the few truly non-biased, honest comments I've read in the past day. Even if it didn't piss me off no denying it did others.

I'm more disappointed myself although I was actually expecting a similar outcome. 3 weeks though and I get to see more of the PS4 and what MS should had shown today.
MassOnesumis  +   804d ago
First impressions mean alot. Not only did they not discuss integral features to the gaming experiences, but fees on top of fees is a scam.
WooHooAlex  +   804d ago
The thing I find most interesting, that Joe talked about in this video, they pushed this event back one month to respond to the PS4.

What feature did they tack on last minute? Video sharing? Controller layout?
a_bro  +   804d ago
Most likely video sharing. My question is will it have a dedicated chip to do this, or will it just run on the main processor, cause if so, that's....well not good at all, compared to Sonys solution.

Then again, I forgot that this is a DVR box as well for tv viewing -_-
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WooHooAlex  +   804d ago
I know a lot of people are saying this, but if they launch the Xbox One without allowing used games and requiring an internet connection for the console to function, the PS4 will freaking kill the Xbox. Game over.

I don't mean to hate on the Xbox, I owned an original Xbox and a 360 but man... this is bad. They better get Tiger Woods' publicist to start doing some damage control.
hesido  +   804d ago
Xbox one will allow used games but with a fee. Details are scarce on the Sony too, it too will allow used games but we do not know all the details (If anyone can point us to an interview about used games without fees, help us)

I'm getting afraid because of EA removing online passes (it turns out they are passing the dirty job to the platform holder in the form of offline passes), Sony may be in on this too (I hope not). This may also partly explain EA's hatred towards Nintendo, maybe they didn't give in to EA's used game proposal??

Seriously, a Sony executive should immediately clarify the situation, and win our hearts again.
Veneno  +   803d ago
Agree d . I really want to know now the REAL Sony policy on used games. Is it all option al or mandatory?
Bumpmapping  +   804d ago
Xbox will never be number ONE in a console race! What a trash reveal most pathetic thing I have ever witnessed sad day for gaming!

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GezForce  +   804d ago
That twitter post was pathetic.. wtf is this gaming community coming too? gamespot ign and gametrailers all Microsoft dickriders. The gaming industry has just reached a new low. I loved my xbox and 360 but there's no way in hell I can support this. We the gamers will dictate the future of gaming not these greedy corporations and nut huggers. sorry about the rant but im just flabbergasted by all this idiocy, damage controlling and side stepping nonsense.
GrownUpGamer  +   804d ago
People are acting like kids here on N4G.

Used games are a dangerous virus/bacteria in the video game industry. ASK the developers about it. Put yourself in their position. IMO what the developers should do is charge less for the games BUT of course if people keep buying used games and pirate games WHY in the hell they are going to lower the games price?

People complaining about this event are fools and idiots. I bet that if microsoft shared this info on E3 instead even so people will bash it and complained anyway... or i should say PS3/N4G/ignorant fanboys?

What did Playstation revealed on their event... the same games that Xbox One is going to have? Did they reveal you their console? NO

Seriously what happened is not affecting any gamer so STOP THE DRAMA FOOLS YOU ALL ARE ACTING LIKE IGNORANTS. STOP and be wise because on E3 if microsoft end up blowing everybody brains out you all (N4G/PS4 Ignorant fanboys)are going to be the worst of the worst labeled for ever.

WooHooAlex  +   804d ago
Take off the fanboy glasses, man. Even if you're an Xbox fan and plan to buy one, its okay to stand up and say what they're doing is wrong.
What Microsoft is doing at the moment, is completely anti-consumer. If you have a different opinion that's fine but there's no need to attack PlayStation or their fans.
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GrownUpGamer   804d ago | Bad language | show
Dungus  +   804d ago
"People are acting like kids here on N4G. "

"People complaining about this event are fools and idiots."


awesomeperson  +   804d ago
Has the name "GrownUpGamer", and makes points by typing with caps lock on.

"if microsoft end up blowing everybody brains out"

That's a big if. A lot of people thought that they were going to do that today, but it ended up in much dissapointment.

I have no doubt their E3 will be better than this showing, it can't possibly be worse. So I'm keen to see what both Microsoft and Sony have in store early June!
Pozzle  +   802d ago
You're seriously comparing people who pirate games illegally to people who legitimately buy games that are used?

Yes, it sucks that devs and publishers get no money from used game sales. But that's something that should be fixed INSIDE THE INDUSTRY. Because punishing customers isn't fair.
GrownUpGamer  +   802d ago
so tell me how do you solve the used game and pirated games problems?

Whatever they come with people are going to complain about it.
supraking951  +   804d ago
suck on it MS
Hufandpuf  +   804d ago
I am very disappointed in MS. I was looking forward to this reveal but it left a sour taste in my mouth. The console and controls + Kinect 2 look great, but the focus on multimedia and lackluster game reveals let me down hard.
OSIRUSSS  +   804d ago
latincooker214  +   804d ago
good god he was mad as hell. just get a ps4 dude it will make happy. :) ps4 ftw
GrumpyOla  +   804d ago
It seems alot of people are unhappy with xbox one reveal. I'm personally a Playstation fan, but I don't think all this anger will have any effect though. Xbox has become a household name. All it takes is one decent game that uses the smart glass, mobile phone and kinect features and all this rant will be water under the bridge.
Jovanian  +   804d ago
sometimes angry joe is very annoying but I agree with this rant video
Gamer-Z  +   804d ago
haha at least he was honest, everbody else is trying to cover it up and not make it seem so bad but the cats out of the bag MS. Pandora can't go back into the box he only comes out.
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coolmast3r  +   804d ago
Well that was exactly my emotion and thoyghts right after the shitconference.
iliimaster  +   804d ago
oo yes i got the new halo game get home pop it in and instead of playing there is a 2 hour wait for the full install of the game? 1000 friends?? is that a joke, it really looks like the first edition of tivo
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   804d ago
i am so fucking done with MS! ive been a supporter of xbox since day one but after today, MS has turned their back on me so now i will turn my back on them. I WILL NOT BUY XBOX 1!!! Instead i will take that money and upgrade my pc motherboard to support crossfire and buy another video card. PS4 is still a go day 1...
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