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Xbox One: Why I'm Unimpressed

Darrin Wright of The Game Fanatics gives his two cents on the reveal of Microsoft's new console. To say he's looking forward to it would be inaccurate. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

DeanSanchez  +   429d ago
I too am unimpressed. As a 3D modeler and texture artist working on games for hopefully the PS4 and XboxOne, and strictly as a gamer, this announcement was underwhelming.

To start, the name is kinda bad. One? You mean the original xbox? Idunno... not a very firm name. Secondly, if the used games thing is true, I wont be able to play my friends games once they're done with it without paying a fee or some sort. Shady microsoft. Third, where are the damn games today? Most of the announced games are also coming for PS4!

Jesus, get your crap together! Kinect?! Sports?! TV?! These people youre targeting as a main demographic are NOT going to buy the Xbox One on the first day! The HARDCORE GAMERS are! Where are the damn games!?

Yeah, e3 is around the corner, but you call this a conference?!
Dlacy13g  +   429d ago
lol... not that I am happy about the implications of all this but I had to laugh...

What is more shady in reality?

a) Not buying a game and just playing it for free because a friend gave it to you.

b) asking the consumer to pay for the game they are playing.

and nobody called it a conference... it was called a reveal. Which is pretty much what they did.
Imalwaysright  +   429d ago
Is that a serious question? Are you joking? Now we can't lend a game to our friends and family? How is that shady? Are our friends and family doing something illegal because they borrowed a game from us?
tuglu_pati  +   429d ago
Why I'm Unimpressed?

no games shown, weak specs, ugly design, casual driven... and the list goes on
DeanSanchez  +   429d ago
I get your point, but in my defense, isnt that what gaming is about? The community, the friends, playing together? Think about it, if a friend shares a game with me that I have never played, and I liked it, dont you think I'd want to buy the sequel to that said game?

Same thing happened with Uncharted or Assassins creed. Never really played them when they came out, but I decided I would try, so i borrowed a friend's game and loved it. Bought Uncharted 3 and bought Assassins Creed.

Also, yeah it was a reveal (though some could say it was a reveal conference lol), but I personally think they shouldnt reveal anything if they dont have much going for it. Who knows? Maybe if they waited, they would have a megaton announcement that just blows everyone else out of e3. Thats all :]
GoldPunch-TR  +   429d ago
Design + Exclusive Games + Console Name + Presantation
TheFamous1  +   429d ago
The name is terrible and can be confusing. The unveiling of the console today was lackluster. The console design itself is boring and unimaginative. And television use is declining with Netflix and Hulu type options. I think we all knew Microsoft was going to go a more entertainment centered approach, but I was expecting more and they need more.

Most hardcore gamers are going to be choosing the Playstation 4 this year because it is the system with games at the core. Nobody cares about these fantasy stats or snap windows on the side of my television.. many people own smartphones which can easily be used to find this info - without losing screen real estate.
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Sarobi  +   429d ago
"Pictured: someone more excited than me" LOL
IRON883  +   429d ago
Sorry don't like it just what I think they really didn't go to think of a better name
DeanSanchez  +   429d ago
Dont like what im seeing...
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josephayal  +   429d ago
Pachter likes it
air1  +   429d ago
I love what the console can do and I think a lot of you don't see the big picture. that bit about having 500k server is huge! they can def. back up the stuff they plan on doing.

talk about fucking up the name though... couldn't just call it xbox live? it only makes sense with the direction the xbox is going.

im not worried about games I KNOW I will be playing great games on the ps4 and xbox live.. err..one!

and I think the console looks good maybe not great but good, maybe itll look better in person.
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Chevalier  +   429d ago
How about the countries that don't have good internet? The people out in rural areas? They won't benefit from cloud computing will they?

The stuff for cable tv, how about if you don't have cable and only have Netflix? Then why would you care?
buynit  +   429d ago
I guess it sucks to not have internet, sony will have the same problem wont they? Or does sony have some super secret internet connection?

Your right if you dont hsve cable and only netflix then that sucks too.. I would imagine you can at least go from movie to game easily but if you have netflix then you must have some sort of good internet connection no?

I would hate to not have a good internet connection, i can live with out it but if you can why not live with it?!

My friend.. I can point you the way to the wiiu, dont be fooled its a great console that will have amazing games in its future and its less intense on the internet and cable stuff too!
kneon  +   429d ago
Maybe they should have used some of those servers to provide better streaming of the reveal. I have 75MBs internet and it kept stopping to buffer.
Z501  +   429d ago
dumb name is dumb
PigPen  +   429d ago
That's true, where are the people that hate the Wii U name so much. I waiting to hear from you "Patcher".
BabyTownFrolics  +   429d ago
i see a console with more power than the 360, a better controller, a better kinect, a more robust live, and better integration into other forms of entertainment. I wanted a new xbox that was better than the 360, and XBOX1 is better in all those ways.

I am also looking forward to the ps4 on day one.

I think that gaming sites need conflict and they (and n4g) instigate that conflict for their own profit to the determent of the gaming community at large.

next gen is looking awesome, i really don't know what everyone is so upset about.
Imalwaysright  +   429d ago
You saw a lot of new things but apparently you didn't see new games as you didn't list them. Maybe that is why many of us aren't that impressed with the Xbox one reveal.
buynit  +   429d ago
Yea cause we all know their is a strong chance their wont be any games..
Imalwaysright  +   428d ago
I was talking about the reveal, not what will happen in the future.
buynit  +   428d ago
Well its not like the reveal is the release of the console numb nuts..
Regardless you have to wait for the future, duh...

Some of you n4g'ers are just a bunch of weirdos..
cell989  +   429d ago
The only thing I liked about the XBOX JUAN was the new controller, looks like an improvement over the old one. 2 Questions: who was in charge of the console's design? and who thought it was a bright idea to make this a cable box?
level 360  +   429d ago
I think deep inside they are feeling the need to reference Neo ( of Matrix ) = The "ONE"

A bit ironic that it resembles this - ( http://www.old-computers.co... )
ps3vita4life  +   429d ago
It was truly horrible due to the lack of games. Sony's conference was sooo much better!! They focused on the most important audience, the gamers. The PS4 will win this generation and put the xbox one to shame. 4>1

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