Microsoft: Xbox One reveal "probably didn't show as many games as we should have"

"From a first party standpoint we're continuing to be heavily invested in gaming. We probably right now aren't talking about it maybe as much as we should, because we're talking so much about what's new," he told OXM at the Microsoft campus earlier this month.

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xHeavYx1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Xbox, insert "You don't say" meme.

Yi-Long1666d ago

.... ok, knowing MS, 90% of those games will be for Kinect... but stilll(!) :P

What a joke of a revealing. Ridiculous.

aCasualGamer1666d ago


I agree, although i don't want to judge too quickly, this day was a disappointment. The console looked like a horizontally placed PC and the services only appealed for the jockey american who is a hardcore sportsfan with gaming as an afterthought. I truly hope they'll reveal more of the 15 exclusives they talked about. The one true gem of this reveal was Quantum Break, the rest was vomit on a plate.

I think Kaz and Mark are sitting in their office chairs with a big sigh of relief, that they can now sit back and relax with zero competition for the hardcore market. They practically own every hardcore gamers heart at this moment. Hope they treat us well, and don't do a Microsoft and go apeshit on the casual shit.

dedicatedtogamers1666d ago

It wasn't just the lack of games. It was...

- no backwards compatibility
- no used games (games install and link themselves to your XBL account. If you sell the disc and someone else pays the fee and installs it, YOUR INSTALL IS DEACTIVATED -> confirmed by several websites)
- Kinect is required
- Xbox One isn't always online, but it does require an internet connection (no further details)
- 8 gigs of RAM, but 3-4 gigs (rumors vary) are reserved only for the three operating systems
- no GPU reveal
- no processors reveal
- no price reveal (I suppose that was to be expected)
- all the TV streaming requires a separate cable box and service (confirmed by multiple sources)

EasilyTheBest1666d ago

Im sure I watched a different reveal to 90% of people on N4G.
Everyone is complaining about games not being revealed but I counted 3 times when they said the games are coming at E3.

It seems pretty obvious to me why not many games have been shown today, perhaps Its because I run my own business and know how these things work.

dedicatedtogamers1666d ago

See above.

Also, this was Microsoft's opportunity to show off the focus of the Xbox One. And they did. But the focus isn't gaming.

You can stick your head in the sand and say "wait for E3" like people have been saying since 2010, but some of us are a bit fed up.

Game4life1666d ago

what is this squareenix again at sonys reveal?

"Please be excited for E3"

Gridloc1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

What they did with TV was pretty cool. But I'm a gamer and Games come first. It looks like from Microsoft's perspective is that hardcore gaming is secondary if its even that high up. We will see soon enough....
As for the always on, it is, its just in the form of Kinect

Maddens Raiders1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

just wow Microsoft. Somewhere Peter Moore is sipping a cocktail saying to himself, "Not enough GAMES shown, No used games on the console, & Kinect is a requirement? They miss me".

At least he would've come out w/ a GTAV tattoo plastered on his bicep to announce exclusive timed content only available on XBOXONE and get everyone roiled up from day NUMBER 1. Oh well, "salud" to the good 'ol days Peter.

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dasbeer881666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I'm betting ten bucks that Microsoft's E3 press conference won't surprise everyone either.

Please let me provide you a brief summary prediction regarding their E3 conference:
-Dom Mattrick walks onto the floor and fills in more details regarding Xbox One (ten minutes).
-Rags about sales over the past years, and more bs why its better than Sony and Nintendo (five minutes).
-Announces more apps and services which are completely unnecessary (probably take about twenty minutes on that).
-Shows off probably two new original IPs as well as more stupid Kinect exclusives (betting twenty minutes on that).
-Some other random engineer walks onto the floor and talks more about TV services (ten minutes).
-Ends with a Call of Duty trailer (five minutes).
THATS IT. I just predicted the future of MS's E3 press conference. You're welcome folks.

Oh and MAYBE (despite the chances are pretty low) a Final Fantasy Versus XIII announcement trailer. But who knows?

Jek_Porkins1666d ago

It's understandable, but they did say that E3 was all about the games.

You have to wonder if they were just a little too excited to show off what the console could do, but I think patience is a virtue, really looking forward to seeing what they have at E3.

I guess Microsoft looked at the reveal as a way to show the hardware, thinking more people figured gaming would be a given, but gamer's are fickle these days and hard to please, so I guess it wouldn't have hurt to show one more game or two.

E3 should be fun.

-Alpha1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Gamers are not fickle. They are legitimately unimpressed with what they saw, and for decent reasons

Jek_Porkins1666d ago

Am I not a gamer then? Because I was impressed, I knew going in that the show was short, and we wouldn't be seeing a ton games, but we still got to see a new IP and Forza 5, as well as a ton of other interesting aspects.

I think they could have shown more games, but I'd rather E3 be all about games.

Game4life1666d ago

gamers aren't stupid. the press conference as a whole lacked variety and fell short of almost all of my expectations as a gamer.

The tv aspects were nice and all but I have a tv and a cable box so why should I even care?

air11666d ago

hes right you n4g "gamers" are a fickle bunch.

games are coming for the console your just ignorant if you think other wise and cant wait a few weeks.

I know you cant see the big pic. cause its not a game but holy shit 500k servers?! they can def. back there shit up when it comes to software. the way you can go from game to tv is epic no more damn switching inputs!

if your not happy with what the console can do atm then stick with your one console. all this talk about "its all about games" then why would you limit your self as if none of the consoles has a few games worth buying the console for..

how can you be a "hardcore gamer" and only have one console? then tell everyone its all about the games?!

duli141666d ago

well atleast you're easy to please.

fsfsxii1666d ago

"Gamers are hard to please"
Just like Sony's reveal where they showed the GAMES and didn't show the console, everybody complained

dedicatedtogamers1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Edit @ below:

So what you're saying is "Xbox One More Month Until E3 Please Don't Judge Our Console Based On Our Console Reveal"?

If they wanted to show off the hardware, they did a terrible job.

- what kind of RAM does this use?
- how much RAM is devoted to the three separate operating systems?
- what GPU does it use? How big? How fast?
- what processor does it use? How big? How fast?
- Is the 500 gb hard drive a standard feature or a premium feature?
- is Kinect 2.0 bundled with the system?

Plenty of hardware questions were left a conference that was supposedly meant to focus on hardware.

Jek_Porkins1666d ago

You got to see the console, Kinect 2 comes with every console. I'm sure the specs will be saved for E3. Or maybe they'll trickle out some of the info before E3, don't need to blow their load on one conference.

tigertron1666d ago

The whole point of a games console Jek, is that they actually show games. We only saw a brief glimpse at Remedy's new game, Forza and COD which is a multiplatform game.

We didn't watch this so we could learn about the Xbox's TV functions.

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NYC_Gamer1666d ago

I'm gonna hold MS to their word of E3 being about games..I want them to come on stage with core software and not family focused Kinect garbage..E3 will be MS last chance to sell me on the console.

GameCents1666d ago

The could should show 50 games at E3, their used games policy is a deal breaker for me.

001666d ago

that killed the little bit of enthusiasm I had for xbox one, I was going to wait for E3 but not anymore.

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