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Submitted by TRGMatt 995d ago | opinion piece

XBOX One is Revealed - Will it Actually Impede the Living Room Experience?

While many of XB1's new features seem like great additions to your living room, they may end up becoming a constricting factor to the gaming experience. TRG's Matt Clarmont reacts to the console's reveal event and explains why Microsoft may be shooting themselves in the foot with their new approach. (Xbox One)

ElitaStorm  +   995d ago
sony stock went up by 9.25% after the Xbox one conference what do you think?
turnerdc  +   995d ago
Sony's stock rise is due to the spin-off proposal which Sony is now said to be considering.


The report of Sony considering the spin-off proposal also came out today. This would have a MUCH bigger impact (splitting up the company) on Sony and investors are more interested in this than the announcement of a new console from a rival company.
jony_dols  +   995d ago
'The move higher in Sony's stock Tuesday seemed to coincide with Microsoft's Xbox announcement that it will carry a Blu-ray drive. Dan Ernst of Hudson Square Research described the news as a "moral victory" for Sony but said that it wouldn't be the only recipient of royalty payments.'

Lol! For every Xbox One purchased, a small portion of the retail goes to Sony!
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pop-voxuli  +   995d ago
No, its due to the announcement, look at the time line dumbass.
turnerdc  +   995d ago

Yeah...I'll take your word over CNBC, Deadline, and the Financial Post.
Maddens Raiders  +   995d ago
Suffice it to say -
some investors are already using the voice command - "XBOX, give me my money back!"
TRGMatt  +   995d ago news outlets are tying the stock surge to some investor who wants Sony to diversify its entertainment stocks...the surge began at 2pm EST to the closing bell. Coincidence? Yall business junkies missed something important here :p
TRGCarl  +   995d ago
Wow that is epic, I wonder why that is? strange good for Sony fans I suppose lol
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Moonman  +   995d ago
Microsoft has officially left the gaming market people.
yugovega  +   995d ago
just what I need, my 2 year old repeating me "xbox tv" "xbox price is right" it'll be so fun for him to change the channel every 2 secs. thanks Microsoft.
Shadow Man  +   995d ago
voice recognition?

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