Rock Band Music Store Now Live

Yesterday, we told you about the Rock Band Music Store that Harmonix was setting up. The update comes in the form of a patch and has the addition of faster loading of the DLC. A welcome change for all the virtual rockers out there.

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Syko3918d ago

This Game owns Guitar Hero...I remember all the GH fanboys hating on Rock Band before it released. Now all you hear is crickets as if your Bass player just blew the big rock finish. =)

Rock Band is one of my favorite games of all time. Great party game.

dannyhinote_133918d ago

They're both great series, but given the DLC that Rock Band has available, it's a not contest for me. Loves me some Rock Band. Would love it even more if it had some System of a Down... :)

SnakeShady3918d ago

this update sucks.
the mic is still laggy and the patch introduce more problem to the mic sound.