What Did You Think of the Xbox One Reveal Event?

Having just recently wrapped up this morning (or afternoon, depending where you are), the big Xbox reveal revealed the Xbox One – Microsoft’s next generation console that will be made available “later this year.” So, for this Ask PSLS, we look at what the competition did and ask the PlayStation LifeStyle staff: What Did You Think of the Xbox One Reveal Event?

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TrendyGamers1799d ago

Should've had more games, less TV.

Aceman181799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )



really there are people actually defending this conference? M$ will make easy money off you people.

EVILDEAD3601799d ago

It was a perfect set-up for E3.

Both Sony and MS had reveals that easily could have been better, entertainment wise.

What MS did accomplish was getting the system out there, showing off it's capabilities, get the necessary announcements out of the way, all without having to wasting that same time doing it at E3.

Sony didn't have any knockout punches in Feb and MS didn't retort with any knockout punches.

Both, showed or announced first and Third party games. Both leveraged partnerships and both clearly are saving E3 for the big megatons.

MS played it smart for round one, it'll be interesting to see if both Sony and MS go all out for round two.


JokesOnYou1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I thought it was good, they unveiled the console, the controller is basicly the same with minor changes (Thank God, I love 360's controller), they revealed a new core IP -Quantum Break, Forza5 is day 1, they will launch 15 exclusives the 1st year, with 8 being new IP's...I hope they aren't mostly kid Kinect games, but yes I hope they have Kinect intergrated with core games like Quantum Break, they've expanded their dev studios working on games, powerful specs are on par with ps4, Steven Speilberg is making Halo TV shows, exclusive NFL partnerships, major third party support from EA and Activision, and don't let the fanboys fool you they are conveniently overlooking how smooth the 3 OS software looked= the media/TV intergration is by far the best I've ever seen AND ALL THIS will launch this year! -damm I'm excited.

Probably the only thing I don't like that I heard afterwards was that their maybe a used games fee....wont affect me I buy all my games new, but I have friends who cant afford to and this is just more nickel and diming consumers.

As for all the negativity on n4g, I expected as much I think a lot of it is fear of xbox brands growing popularity but truth is xbox one looks likes its going to be ONE helluva all-in-ONE piece of hardware.

mcstorm1799d ago

@JokesOnYou I have to agree with you. Ok Microsoft did not show everything off but what they did show was impressive. The new dash looks clean and the new gestures with Kinect look like they should of been with the 1st one. I don't know how the tv side will work here in the uk but it was impressive.

The controller looked good to and for me im a very big forza fan and to have forza 5 as a release game its a must buy for me. I was impressed by what Sony showed off at E3 but Forza is the game I like the most out of all games and is the main reason why I am now going for the Xbox one over the ps4 to get 1st.

There is stall alto we don't know about the ps4 and Xbox one and im sure all this will come at e3 but I can't wait to try them both they both offer something a little different this time round out of the box but for me because I have become very Microsoft at home having a 2012 server, surface and Lumia 920 the Xbox one fits my life a little bit more to. I just hope both Sony and Microsoft can get the new consoles out for £300 and if they do I could of been wrong about how well they will sell in there 1st year.

Also im not a massive fan of cod but the demo looked impressive to.

IM loving my wiiu at the moment and I now can't wait for e3 to see in full what Microsoft and Sony have to show.

On a side note I was shocked to here EA say the Xbox one was getting exclusive Content with fifa that a big plus for Ms as ea have been siding with Sony for 15 years now and 15 exclusives to in the 1st 12 months they are really starting with a bang.

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Noami1799d ago

really awful i kinda dont like how it looks and they concetrated on things that werent games and they dint show much gameplay just stuff that just could be cg and lies so 0/10 and thous wooo and aplouds were fake

whoyouwit041799d ago

I agree because maybe it would shut up some of the Sony fan boys on this site. the stupidest thing about them saying where were the games, is Microsoft said this event will not focus on games, but E3 will. I mean dam how hard is that to understand? bottom line if you actually look at the features that Microsoft showed compared to ps4 it is the more impressive console in my opinion. Now if they don't show up with the games at E3 then you people will have a valid arguing point.

Wedge191799d ago

I dunno... I think Dish had a better campaign! Though Comcast's multiplayer and DLC offerings were waaayyy better.

BitbyDeath1799d ago

Games were the least of its concerns IMO
Every horrible rumour coming true, now that's an issue.

EasilyTheBest1799d ago

So, show 30 exclusive games and a load of others then when E3 comes show all the TV stuff, is it?

Great idea.

GrownUpGamer1799d ago

"Should've had more games, less TV. "

mmm... what if they concentrated this event in letting you know the new stuff added to the gaming console world instead of once again show you what we know about what a gaming console do and then on E3 instead of spend time talking you about that they talk to you about games? You know that stuff that we already know what a gaming console is for.

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NYC_Gamer1799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

I loved all the cool features but was disappointed by the lack of software

whoyouwit041799d ago

wait for E3 then if they don't show up with the software I will be disappointed with you.

Wedge191799d ago

It was just sad... you could tell that it was quickly put together and that they didn't have much to show off. Pointless facts (more computing power than the world in 1999), sports, the Today Show, Price is Right. Oh and I think I saw Call of Doggy in there.

dbjj120881799d ago

I, like Sebastian Moss, vomited repeatedly during the presentation.

Wedge191799d ago

But, but did you see how excited that person was when they won on the Price is Right? Why'd they change the channel? I was watching that.

Relientk771799d ago (Edited 1799d ago )

My favorite part is definitely that the conference spawned Call of Duty Dog/Collar Dog

"I can poop around multiplayer maps to stop people from camping. Nobody camps on poop."

"I come with Xbox timed-exclusive DLC teeth"

"Who let the dogs out? Activision now does, on a reliable annual basis."

TrendyGamers1799d ago

Yeah, Twitterers were quick to snatch that one up.

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