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Dropping the Microsoft Banner

Max Level: "If you’ve come across me on the interwebs in the last 3 years or so, it’s obvious that I’m a little Microsoft biased. That’s putting it lightly: I’m a 360 fangirl. Something about a green “X” gets me all stirred in the loins.

Despite all that though, this next generation for Xbox isn’t stirring me as much as I thought it would. This is mostly because my beloved Microsoft has been making some shady decisions as of late. Despite their huge pushes in 2001 to be a contender in the gaming industry, their priorities have seemed to shift in the end of the 360’s long run." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

ThaTruthMVP  +   548d ago
I agree with this sooo much!
Why o why  +   548d ago
Must be a sonyfandroidette right.

Guess ms can still fix this with a stonking e3. They're gunna need it

@The gaming art

To be fair ms were right in it up until the year they had to release crackdown 2 as a full price when it was blatantly dlc material. They started to miss a couple more shows and developing less games. They were hard at the start it has to be said. It ended weak like Tottenh*m hotspurs
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Sunnyknight  +   548d ago
Microsoft. *sigh*
TheGamingArt  +   548d ago
It didn't shift near the end of the 360's life cycle... it shifted at the start. Certain gamers * cough * were too caught up in Halo/COD and Live to see it. Microsoft does this to EVERY product they release. You shouldn't be disappointed because ALL of the signs were there for the shift.
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BOVICE47  +   548d ago
"You have a gaming console...WHERE ARE YOUR GAMES" true story
Hoffmann  +   548d ago
I am a gamer...thats why i did not buy the last xbox console and won't buy the next one either. The first one had a few nice games at least.
TheGamingArt  +   548d ago
The first one was the bait. They had to have nice games.
EasilyTheBest  +   548d ago
Ummmmm, watch the Xbox One reveal, they said the games will be shown at a later date, (E3) for obvious reasons....
ger2396  +   548d ago
This reveal seemed rushed, it seemed like a knee jerk reaction to the ps4 reveal. They probably didn't have any games to show off their new console. E3 better be amazing.
MagickaEmperor  +   548d ago
I'm buying a PS4. I gave Microsoft a benefit of a doubt when folks said that they had lost focus on gaming and where planning a future geared towards the Apples set-top box market, and multi-media. But after seeing what they did to the Xbox 360's perfect controller (now it's shaped like a boomarang and the size of the original 'fat-boy' Xbox controller), and the crazy size of the XBOX one - with its terrible BetaMax inspired design, which coulda been drudged up from the late 1980's (seriously; the Xbox One doesnt even look like a game console anymore!?). I'm sorry Microsoft, but the XBOX One is too large, it's controller sucks, the system looks like a large portion of it's CPU power and Ramm are needed simply to maintain all the bells and whisles you've crammed into it, and the menu looks like a pain in the ass to navigate. Plus my shelve isnt large enough for you're new system or it's large camera. Sony and it's slim, sexy, little wunderkin console are my new destination for gaming. bye bye old friend.
KingJulian  +   548d ago
I am a huge fan of Microsoft and I was a little disappointed as well. I am holding out on bashing until E3. They need to bring out the guns.
MeatheadMilitia  +   547d ago
Microsoft just took a huge crap all over indie developers. Sony is looking real good right now as user friendly

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