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Xbox One is a desperate prayer to stop time

Gamasutra editor-at-large Leigh Alexander wasn't particularly impressed with today's "groundbreaking" Xbox One unveiling.

"At the opening of Microsoft's Xbox One reveal, my first thought was that I feel old: An amped movie trailer soundtrack accompanies the pan-out on the big Reveal Tent on the company's campus, and I couldn't be gladder not to be there: No wristband, no ambling in line for logo lanyards and pounding sizzle reel, no obligatory applause for yet another annual lime green laser light show. Other people are excited about this, probably. I'm not. I'm become the jaded cynic, destroyer of dreams." (Microsoft, Xbox One)

GribbleGrunger  +   871d ago
Whether you agree with it or not, that's one hell of a well written article.
Enemy  +   871d ago

Fastforward to 10:10, guys. Xbox One only gives games 5GB RAM to work with.

PS4 = 8GB GDDR5 unified to games

I love how Marc tries to brush it off by saying "but but the other 3 gigs will let you watch TV while you play!"
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LightofDarkness  +   871d ago
That's 5GB of system RAM, which will more than likely be on par with what PS4 will offer in terms of system RAM use. Remember, PS4's 8GB are shared between GPU and CPU with 1GB reserved for OS. So imagine 2GB will be used for VRAM (mostly textures) at any given time if not more, so it could well be around 5GB available for anything other than VRAM uses in the PS4 too. They've yet to confirm how much VRAM the X1 will have (which will undoubtedly be GDDR5). If they're using DDR3 for VRAM, god help them.

Anyway, the thing sucks in general, I don't know why I'm wasting my breath defending it on a technical level.
tuglu_pati  +   871d ago
According to some rumors PS4 will use 1GB of ram for the operating system, leaving developers 7Gb to use which, is way more than the Xbox one have or use for gaming.

Xbox One will be competing with Wii U in terms of power.
darthv72  +   871d ago
shadowfall was said to only be using 3gb of ram. So if xbox one has 5gb to work with and can achieve some sort of parity in its visuals then...hey.

Its all good.

The main difference between ther two is the type of memory. 8gb DDR3 is =/= to 8gb GDDR5 from what some site say. GDDR is higher latency but faster and better for graphic intensive uses. DDR is lower latency and slower but better for multitasking workload.

both platforms seem to be using similar specs with what we can discern. Specs aside...its the games and features that define each platform.

Each will be a welcome addition in my home.
jerethdagryphon  +   871d ago
light the apu that the x1 uses is similat to this http://www.aria.co.uk/Super...

only slower with 8 cores.

the ram pool is shared 8gb is vram+cpuram they may have a small framebuffer again not sure
abzdine  +   871d ago
i could really feel MS didn't see that feb 20th announcement coming!! it was such a mess with that console design they just made yesterday night -_-
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Clarence  +   871d ago
Hell naw!they didn't see it coming! It hit'em like the hulk

M$ is trying to appeal to people who watch TV all day and night. Fantasy football they can't be serious. Fail every article pretty on here pretty much is saying how bad their conference was.
uuaschbaer  +   871d ago
Yes, it is,and not littered with the usual going-forwardses.
d0nni3  +   871d ago
I agree sir, very well written artical that bought up points i hadn't considered as yet. It does paint a very jaded look at what we saw today and i have to say i can't find a reason to disagree with him.
EVILDEAD360  +   871d ago
Conference was far from desperate.

MS showed off what they needed to show, you could lobby the same criticisms at Sony.

At the end of the day, even without E3, MS is set-up perfectly to have a hugely successful launch.

PirateThom  +   871d ago
The entire internet disagrees with you. There was a wholly positive vibe after a 2 hour PS4 event. the XB1 event has been met with mostly negativity or indifference.

That's the reality. The disappointing reality.

They didn't show what they needed to show, they showed a media box rather than a gaming console.
kenshiro100  +   871d ago
Are you kidding me? You, of ALL people should not be defending this. And please don't give me that 'wait until E3' crap because I am not looking forward to E3.

Microsoft disappoints yet again.
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d0nni3  +   871d ago
It will have a great launch i'm sure but we're too far away to be speculating about that yet, we know next to nothing about how they will realistically stack up against each other!

I would disagree that they have set themselves up perfectly though, the conference left a lot to be desired. Granted they have got the basic functionality on show and got the console reveal out of the way meaning they can focus on games more at E3, it just seems that the things they did announce did nothing to increase hype, they whole thing left me feeling empty i have to say.

What was there to get excited about? Fifa getting an exclusing mode in Ultimate Team (i've yet to meet anyone that uses this part of Fifa). Another CoD game that didn't really show anything apart from the usual fanfare of slow-mo running with a few dogs and not so great arm hair (o_0) more slow mo cars and the only thing that looked half decent was Remedys new project.

It lack substance and anything to really make you look back and say "Wow, i didn't see that coming" It was lots of promises for the future without promising anything

They best have a dam good ace up their sleeve for E3 because from what they showed today, they've forgotten who buys the damn thing
SCW1982  +   871d ago
How can you lobby the same complaints against Sony? They actually showed live gameplay not a bunch of trailers calling it gameplay. Not once was there an actual game being played at this event. I laughed out loud when they showed XBOXONE graphics by showing a trailer for EA sports games that was laughably prerendered. So please explain how the same complaints can be thrown against Sony? Or go on defending your Black Laser Disc Player from 79
EVILDEAD360  +   871d ago
@ Pirate Thom

'The entire internet disagrees with you'

LMAO. The ENTIRE Internet disagrees with what?

Are you really claiming that EVERONE on the internet had only positive things about Sony and EVERYONE on the internet has only negative things to say about this conference?

Believe what YOU want. I'm not hating on the Sony conference at all. What I am saying is you could easily make the argument that they both showed what they had to show to get their messaging across and are BOTH saving their big announcements for E3.

Either way, the MS conference was far from a desperate at all.

Sony showed it's hardware capabilities, tech demos, 1st and 3rd party games, and leveraged partnerships.

MS did exactly the same thing. But didn't use 2 hours to do it.

rainslacker  +   871d ago
Gamasutra is one of the last bastions of good gaming journalism, and it's to be expected. Most of their writing focuses on the development and business side of games though, not really as much on the consumer side.
ArchangelMike  +   871d ago
Excellent article. Who in the gaming industry has been gasping for a media cable box? Nobody, that's who.
M$ just failed at their own unveiling.
HowarthsNJ  +   871d ago
I get the joke, "Xbox Won". Sorry if I'm not the first to think this.
kingmushroom  +   871d ago
i was thinking the same thing and that's what they have to do to trick the public, which is lame.
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MasterCornholio  +   871d ago
What a disaster
Anon1974   871d ago | Trolling | show
majiebeast  +   871d ago
Xbox one official theme song has been revealed.


4 is better then 1.

Polygon and wired are both reporting that the xbox one will have a powerbrick. This thing is just a massive disaster.

Show me the power supply in this pic

This unveiling just beat Sony E3 2006 and thats a pretty big achievement.
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adorie  +   871d ago
To think I had this in a tab, ready to use. *closes tab and hits agree*
Enemy  +   871d ago
Not sure if you're joking about the powerbrick but that would be tragic.
HammadTheBeast  +   871d ago
I just realized my PS3 didn't have on lol.

Then I remembered..... cold winter nights.... Xbox RROD.... power brick.... giving me warmth.....
adorie  +   871d ago
Destroyer of Dreams Vs Freddy Kruger.
On-topic: Touche, Gribble. I can't even talk negatively about Xbox one anymore, because it's already getting old. This article is a similar reflection, thus after reading it, I came to the conclusion that the negative press will live on without me.

On a final note, can't wait for E3. My pre-order money is ready for Greatness. :)
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Shadow Flare  +   871d ago
For a 21st century console, that thing is offensively ugly
diepdiep  +   871d ago
At first glance, the console looks like a VCR.
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Cupid_Viper_3  +   871d ago
Also at 2nd and 3rd glance..
GdaTyler  +   871d ago
This reveal conference was laughable. They should have at least revealed some more games instead of all the gimmicks that people are bound to get bored of in a hurry. It would be best to build the hype up early, so people don't lose faith in it.

As for the console design... I thought it was a microwave. :/
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waltyftm  +   871d ago
Shite game's(lol) console, sorry not a games console, Sony must be pissing themselves laughing at ms.
OldParr  +   871d ago
Ps and battlefield 4 me! ;)
andjudunno  +   871d ago
MysticStrummer  +   871d ago
Now we're going to start seeing MS fans claim media bias against MS, after they dismissed the same thing happening to Sony. Just like the "It has no games!" battle cry from early this gen against Sony, they won't like the karmic payback.
air1  +   871d ago
i don't think it was a bad reveal. I love the way you can go from game to tv, no more switching inputs!

the name is very stupid though.. from my understanding, they want to make it a constant evolving community/ console. I know all the good stuff is going to be under a premium subscription (xbox live).... you couldn't just call it that ms? xbox live...

but you had to pull a Nintendo lame name.. that's my only complaint, im not worried about games I know it will have great games especially since I will own both consoles. I cant wait to see how the ps3 interacts with every thing, I know one thing they had me sold when they said all ps4 games can be played on the vita, I got it thinking I could do it with the ps3... sony!!! just make it work on ps4.
GdaTyler  +   871d ago
This what I thought after seeing the reveal conference.

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GenericNameHere  +   871d ago
Now that I think about, THIS MAKES ABSOLUTE SENSE! Games were made to make us feel awesome or leave us feeling epic! Why Halo was so successful? It made you feel like a badass, a Space Spartan, killing alien baddies and saving the world! Final Fantasy? It was a huge world, where you can do whatever you want! Giant and epic boss fights, great storylines that sucked you in, great characters that made you want to play them! TV and Movie does that too, but the difference is that in games, these moments are INTERACTIVE!! You could actually control these characters, YOU were the badass, rather than watching it. You felt power, the grand sense of adventure. Sure, Sony might be going for "realistic", but at least their games are still about giving you interactive adventures. Take Uncharted. It's an interactive Indiana Jones. Sure, he has a gun instead of a whip, but the feeling of adventure and awe is in there, and you're able to control most of it. Microsoft? They want to give us, the gamers, awesome moments we can't play. They want us to see their breathtaking moments, rather than be a part of them. WTF!! I don't want to see others become heroes. I want myself to mature along the main characters, and feel proud of their actions in the end.
KillrateOmega  +   871d ago
Damn. That really was one hell of a well-written article :)
cell989  +   871d ago
Battlefield 4 will be better played on PLayStation 4 than X1 and Call of Doggy was not impressive
McScroggz  +   871d ago
Some commenters have stated that E3 is for games, so this presentation wasn't a misstep for not showing much. But, to that I would say isn't the tremendous backlash reason enough? Microsoft focused SO LITTLE on gaming that to anybody interested enough in the Xbox One could only feel disappointed by what was shown.

The Kinect switching was pretty cool, but I have plenty of reservations regarding that. But, from an entertainment aspect, did what they showed off and told us about really give us a reason to want to buy an expensive console? Not really. From a gaming perspective it CLEARLY didn't give us any reason, and knowing only 5GB are allotted for gaming isn't reassuring either. By splitting up their reveal what they've done is a presentation catered largely to disinterested in strong support of the console (if at all considering price) and leaving the middle ground gamers and even core Microsoft gamers really wanting.

Could E3 turn things around? Possibly. But after months of bad rumors and press this conference, from a general perspective, only served to highlight a growing angst towards Microsoft from a gamers perspective and now instead of optimism and excitement going into Microsoft's E3 presentation many will have a cynical outlook.
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Captain Tuttle  +   871d ago
What a debacle. The post show announcements have made it even worse. It's like Sony wrote the agenda for them.

I'll be hanging onto my 360 for awhile and then I likely move on to PC.
-Gespenst-  +   871d ago
Now THIS, is journalism. On the very pulse of culture. This goes beyond the xbox reveal, this is an implicit (occasionally explicit) indictment of consumer culture. Bravo.

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