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Submitted by maximaz 921d ago | opinion piece

Xbox One Reveal. Our (negative) Impressions.

AlienLion writes:

"So the eagerly-anticipated 'Xbox event' has come and gone, and as always, it's time for our impressions. Before I personally start, I would like to note that we do our impression pieces, without taking into account any information that comes after, or in addition to, what was revealed at the actual event. This way, we let the press conferences speak for themselves, without any damage control..." (Call of Duty: Ghosts, EA, Forza Motorsport 5, Microsoft, Quantum Break, Xbox One)

The Meerkat  +   921d ago
Sonys share price jumped almost 10% today.
sir_fortesque  +   921d ago
Holy crap it did too!
sir_fortesque  +   921d ago
I'd maybe get one if I could take all that stupid shit out of it and just play games....probably still not though
Salooh  +   921d ago
Exactly, It's like lack of exclusives and paying for online wasn't enough for them. Even if they removed all these bullshits i'm still not sure if it's worth buying for the 2 reasons i mentioned now.
skydragoonity  +   921d ago
Xbox one is a very dumb name
ChrisW  +   921d ago
Yeah... but do you know what people thought of the name "Playstation", when it first came out?
Hellsvacancy  +   921d ago
Well, the PS1 was the first Playstation, hence PS1

This is the 3rd Xbox, surely it should be called Xbox Three, I understand why MS is using Xbox One "one box to rule them all" etc, its just dumb, and gamers are like not liking it, well, except GreenPowerz
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Jeff257  +   921d ago

"Well, the PS1 was the first Playstation, hence PS1

This is the 3rd Xbox, surely it should be called Xbox Three, I understand why MS is using Xbox One "one box to rule them all" etc, its just dumb, and gamers are like not liking it, well, except GreenPowerz"

Most people just called it Playstation. In 2000 Sony released a smaller version of the Playstation as PSOne. Then all the systems started being called that. That was also around the time the Playstation 2 was released it made more sense to refer to it as PS1.

Anyway XBOX One is a horrible name since it is the third system.
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HenryFord  +   921d ago
He is reffering to "Playstation" not "Playstation 1", since that was not the official title of the console. It was named "Playstation" not "PS1" or "Playstation 1" - there is a "PSOne", but that was a second, improved version.
BlindGuardian  +   921d ago

actually it was called PSX
r1sh12  +   921d ago
OMG this article is too funny.
Its just a hate fest lol!
Hanso  +   921d ago
Why do they call it an Xbox 1?
Because it's 359 steps back
SonyPS4  +   921d ago
Well a 360 is a full circle, like a 0, while this is 1. If you look it that way it kind of makes sense, well, kind of. Name aside the actual system is very disappointing. The Wii U and PS4 are way more desirable to me now, and I think I am buying a PS4 day one, and also buy the Wii U along with it on the same purchase. Never bought two systems at once before, might give that a try. Double the excitement.
rainslacker  +   921d ago
360 converted to radians is 2. although I guess that really doesn't mean anything. Although 2 + One = 3? That would work in some of that weird stoner math I used to do when I was younger.
WitWolfy  +   921d ago
Ergo dude The Xbox 360 never had a degrees symbol on it, so yeaaaaa. But, if it did had to have a symbol then a Deg/C symbol would've been fitting. Seeing that it ran at 360 Deg/C temp at launch.
SonyPS4  +   921d ago
Yeah but where else would they get 360 from?
sagapo  +   921d ago
I had mixed emotions with the reveal. Hopefully E3 will clear a lot of stuff out and show some more (a lot more) games.
If I had to choose now, PS4 would be my console of choice.
Raccoon  +   921d ago
The thing is Sony is not gonna sit back on e3 thus making the awesome PS4 yet more appealing... Microsoft has a lot of appeal to make up for and to be honest with all that tv and windows bloatware it does not appeal to me.
hemmo1986  +   921d ago
Wow reminds me of the wii, everyone was excited until they realised motion control was just a crappy gimmick! The controller looks alright, but Xbox one? What the hell kinda name is that? The console has a nice shine to it, even though it looks like a giant dvd player!
jc48573  +   921d ago
owning a 360 is better than owning and xbozone. I really don't mean to hate, but "all in one" is like the thing I hate the most.
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Chicago8506  +   921d ago
Lol, @ all the funk Xbox1 is facing.
My take on the reveal is, MS is pushing the Xbox brand into a service.

It appears they're attempting to take a handful of conveniences & jam pack them into 1 hub/box.
They talked of:
Tv, voice recognition, Skype, Fantasy Football & ect.
I'm willing to bet Live will be required to access these features among others.

I think 1 of the spokespersons said "Xbox was made by gamers, for the gamer," or something like that.
So for all u outspoken 360 supporters who gladly paid MS for features that should've been free, MS has now given u more features for your money, technically u should b happy, the system was made by YOU.

We can all agree the games will b shown come E3, that goes without saying, but these talks of "used game blocks?" and other nonsense? Lol.....for MS's sake they better seriously consider lifting that restriction.

Game on.
Jeff257  +   921d ago
Actually he was talking about the controller when he said "it was designed by gamers for gamers". The XBOX One though is clearly not for gamers.
Chicago8506  +   921d ago
Okay, well if that's what he was referring to, the FACT remains that XboxOne will b what the supporters made it.

Ya gonna have ya games,
Ya gonna have ya kinect that many supporters have boasted how its outsold PS Move,
And ya MOST DEFINATELY gonna have ya fees for most, if not all features spoken @ their conference.

U guys shelled out ya money despite its RROD issues & requirements for multiplayer, not to mention Netflix & video chat ect.

Bottom line:
A Zebra doesn't changes its stripes.
U will still get ya games, and ya fees, only this time "I believe" MS is just trying to justify this ridiculous method for its supporters.

I stand by my initial statement, the system was made by its supporters.

Game on.
FunAndGun  +   921d ago
Yes, he was referring to the actual console.

"When asked about the lack of games in a post-event interview with GameTrailer TV’s Geoff Keighley, Microsoft’s Don Mattrick said: “Look, Xbox is created by gamers for gamers, so that’s our core. That’s our DNA. That’s what we do. We decided that we were going to do an unveil, tell people the name, let them see the box, let them see our vision. And we’re going to show such amazing content at E3. Be planned to be blown away.”"
breakpad  +   921d ago
ok PS4 's reveal was relatively bad BUT XBOX's was much WORSE.....and maybe will be the ugliest console ever ..terrible design
jc48573  +   921d ago
I'm glad you pointed that out. I was like "what is wrong with people?" Why are you not complaining about the stupid looking box. Even the Xbox 360 looked more interesting than that. Stupid cable box. sigh....time to buy a WiiU.
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breakpad  +   921d ago
nahh.. PS4 in teaser seems to have a very cool design in combination with his powerful tech chars and good promised games starts very very strong ...if sony keeps it that way will be definitely the winner (and the my choice as well
Chicago8506  +   921d ago
Honestly, I really didn't find PS4's reveal to b bad.

Vita connectivity, fairly new control design, new camera, exclusives, option to help/spectate games, specs & even actual in-game footage (kill zone) as an example.

I actually liked their conference, seeing the system itself would've been nice, but I can survive to E3 :)

Game on.
g4me_he4d  +   921d ago
Here's another impression, it sure left an impression on me :)
ravenl0rd  +   921d ago
Well, XBOX One will be a great system for the neighborhood sports nut. Yay.
assassin2k  +   921d ago
Pretty much sums up my opinion of the reveal in hilarious fashion. When the PS4was announced and rumours touted similar specs I was interested to see what Microsoft would come up with. Now I'm confident PS4 has it. Microsoft have tried to go more mainstream with the all in one ethos. They seem to be forgetting that nearly everyone (in the UK at least) has Sky. Or Virgin. Or a set top box that has a hard drive and can record. Gamers care about games. And the reveal lacked this. Forza 5 doesn't even look as food as GT6. Watched the two together. Worrying that Polyphony on 7 year old tech appear to be accomplishing more than Forza on new tech. Oh dear, Microsoft.
CEOSteveBallmer   921d ago | Trolling | show
bunfighterii  +   921d ago
TBH none of the game reveals looked any more impressive that the current gen. You had to try to actually notice major differences.
Coolmanrico  +   921d ago
Personally I was disappointed with the reveal. Too much entertainment. They basically showed everything I could do on my laptop already. Not a fan of sports games, not a fan of Forza. Quantum Break was interesting, but just a trailer. And as the reveal was coming to an end I said Call of Duty Ghost better not be the last thing they show. Then he announced it and I stop streaming right then.

Overall disappointing, however it interesting to see people that think the x-box one will actually fail. As much as Microsoft is pushing it as a entertainment console, the developers are the ones who are going to bring the games. I'm pretty sure it won't have the problems that wii u will have where I got to pray that a multi-platform game actually includes the wii u. I'm leaning towards getting the Ps4 first, I'm already sold with Infamous: Second Sons, but I'll have both before it all said and done.
kenoh   921d ago | Spam
Fishy Fingers  +   921d ago
Needed more NFL commissioner.
Marugo  +   921d ago
htc uses "One" name because they getting shit sales lately and calling the htc the 'one" to rule them all,
but xbox360 isnt a fail right?
kingPoS  +   921d ago
The Xbox One reveal was so impressive that Sony's stock price rose from shear excitement alone.

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