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Submitted by AKR 991d ago | article

Xbox One is not a Wii U competitor

After a first look at the new Xbox it, PS4 and Wii U seem to be radically different from each other. What will this mean for the coming years? (Wii U)

Trunkz Jr  +   991d ago
Good, because Wii U feels the same.
Pixel_Enemy  +   991d ago
To be honest, I kind of hope Wii U and Xbox One don't sell well. PS4 seems to be a hit with core gamers and developers. If PS4 can get a lead in the console race, everyone will want to develop for it and the real gamers win. PS4 does have the best of all three consoles features under one hood.
PopRocks359  +   991d ago
Monopolies are historically terrible. Competition is what will lead to better products.

EDIT: Nintendo may be my personal favorite, but I'd be absolutely heartbroken if Sony in particular stopped making consoles. Competition helps all of the platforms improve.
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SonyPS4  +   991d ago
Sorry but Wii U is here to stay. Xbox One might have to go if everyone is buying PS4s instead of XOnes. Sony has much better chance with this this generation than they did the last. PS3 had poor reception by the media, and developers, but this time everything is looking to be the opposite. Developers are praising the PS4, Sony has gotten aggressive with their AD campaign, Sony stocks rising while MS stocks are dropping, gamers are more excited for PS4, while XboxOne is getting slammed across the entire internet, etc.
PigPen  +   991d ago
You're thinking long term for Sony's survival huh. Why would you ever hope for something like that.
BLKxSEPTEMBER  +   991d ago
How in the hell does real gamers win if the xbox and wii u dont sale well? that sounds like the exact opposite to me. you sound like a blind sheep fanboy.
WiiUsauce  +   991d ago
what makes you think there aren't "real gamers" on Nintendo consoles. There are gonna be some phenomenal hardcore games on Wii U. Super Smash Bros. is widely known as one of the most technical fighters out there, so much so that it's gonna be a EVO fighting game this year.

Xenoblade 2 will be one of the most hardcore RPG's on any system. It'll be open world, have a badass MMO style battle system, will have online multiplayer and deep character customization as well as breath-taking visuals.

Bayonetta 2 and Shin Megami Tensei and Fire Emblem are more hardcore titles... jesus. Why are you guys so hard headed? The PS4 will be great, but so will the Wii U. So far though, the Xbox One looks atrocious.
SugarSoSweet  +   990d ago
I hope so too Sony were the only 1's with enough balls too put decent hardware in their machine and actually target gamers
truechainz  +   990d ago
The "real gamers win"? Any gamer who wants to pigeonhole themselves to the content of one console has no right to call themselves a real gamer. Take your elitism somewhere else
Auron  +   991d ago
right now it sure isn't competing with any game consoles, maybe a cable boxes.
lizard81288  +   990d ago
I think M$ is trying to get the jump on Apple for their Apple TV, before it comes out. However, I'm sure Apple will have a bigger following than One will along with new things (innovation) as well.
BeZdaBest  +   991d ago
i feel game consoles are dead now we have hybrids..

(ps4 social gaming 1 a media gaming console...and then theres ninty always doing there own thing)

the console are turning more and more into computers like hybrids ..
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Minato-Namikaze  +   991d ago
But what we’re all about, in our DNA, is the gaming and the gamers. You buy [PlayStation] because you’re a gamer and you enjoy playing games, and you use it for other purposes, but we’re first and foremost about that core gamer that eats, sleeps and drinks the gaming. - Jack Tretton.

I want to fight for the side that fights for gaming, lol
BeZdaBest  +   991d ago
yea thats why i buy gaming console in general..

if they were to make a "pure" game machine it'll probably be better because all the extra stuff wouldnt be taxing the systems probably be a lot cheaper..i just want to play games i dont want none of my stuff to show up on facebook or twitter...and i dont want my system to be a media hub..i have a roku and a old pc i use for that purpose..

i understand there trying to give you value with this things.. maybe they should make a core system that only plays games and nothing else. ill buy that for a dollar(not really for a dollar but i hope you understand what i mean...
Bigpappy  +   991d ago
Well the PS3 will try to compete with both. It already has the touch pad and the Move. It is also rumored to have a Kinect like camera and similar power to X1. So the PS3 has all potential bases covered.

It just needs to lead in one of those areas, and not just copy what the others are doing.
-Falaut-  +   991d ago
...and that's another post by Bigpappy everyone. *slow clap*
SonyPS4  +   991d ago
It has no chance against Wii U or the PS4 with all this:

-Anti used games
-24 hour offline
-Paid online
-Emphasis on TV entertainment

Neither Wii U or PS4 has ANY of this.
Grimhammer00  +   991d ago
Yeah...I told a friend today that MS actually made WiiU look like a good choice! (If one wasn't getting a PS4...which at this point should be a no brainer getting one!)
PigPen  +   991d ago
Microsoft has 15 games with 8 of them exclusives is crazy. Everyone is focusing on the negatives and none on the positives. Sony can't keep up with Microsoft and Nintendo in that area. Nintendo has a 3 game exclusive with Sega. Sony for the first time is in a bad spot. It's the exclusives that will separate the consoles. And 8 announced this early is nothing but good.
grassyknoll  +   991d ago
You have no clue what those games are, it could be anything from Halo to Kinect Sports.
truechainz  +   990d ago
I thought it was 15 exclusives with 8 being new IPs
latincooker214  +   991d ago
well said. PS4 FTW:)
Brucis  +   991d ago
It's not competing with anything right now. Holy shit was that reveal a disappointment, and the info found out afterwards only made things worse. Microsoft has dug them into a hole deeper than the Nintendo haters thought Nintendo was in.
fsfsxii  +   991d ago
XbOne is competing with any cablebox out there
tehpees3  +   991d ago
We are still on the "Wii U can't compete with Microsoft". Except this time it isn't about power. Its about Nintendo putting the needs of the consumer first.
BeZdaBest  +   991d ago
nintendo is still the only company that puts "gaming" first.. even if they come out with "weird" systems..
stuna1  +   990d ago
I disagree Nintendo is not the only company putting gaming first! Sony was slammed media wise, but still was pushing the envelope as far as new ip's, facing bankruptcy still pushing new ip's, the eventual ending of the current generation! Still pushing new ip's.

So how aren't they putting games first? Most of all how aren't they putting gamers first?
ginsunuva  +   991d ago
Of course not. It's a DirectTV and DishNetwork competitor.
thechosenone  +   991d ago
I find it hilarious that they're comparing it to the Wii U. xD
rainslacker  +   991d ago
This was a pretty good blog for a Nintendo fansite. Even gave credit where it was due to all three systems.

I kind of agree with it even. MS is seemingly not even trying to compete for the gamers attention. On top of that they are going full on anti-consumer if the reports are to be believed, and those reports do have some merit. It may end up just like this gen, where multi-console gamers just buy the Nintendo console for it's unique offerings, and then decide on a PS4 or X1 based on what else they want to play, and what appeals to them more.
urwifeminder  +   991d ago
Box1 and wii u are the only consoles for me pc is my bread and butter.
Cheaptrick  +   991d ago
What this Xbox One unveiling brought is the end of Xbox One as a serious competitor of PS4 & the Wii U's resurrection from the walking dead. Microsoft is not primarily into gaming anymore with Xbox One.
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PigPen  +   991d ago
I was thinking Wii U and Playstation, but now I am more in agreement with you. 15 games and 8 of them exclusives is looking like a winner.
cheetorb  +   991d ago
I'll bet this new Xbox is an Apple TV competitor more then anything else. Of course we don't know exactly what the Apple TV is but I bet they're both headed is the same direction.
Cheaptrick  +   991d ago
After the Xbox One unveiling I have another good reason as to why I should hold on to my Wii U.
nick309  +   991d ago
pop-voxuli  +   991d ago
To me the wii u is like a kick to the nuts, and after watching the XBO reveal I would much rather have a wii u.
SOULJER  +   991d ago
At least Wii U has games.
RTheRebel  +   991d ago
250$-300$ Nintendo wins this gen.
o-Sunny-o  +   990d ago
Wii U is awesome just add games. PS4 is awesome just look at the games! If I need a VCR ill get Xbox One. Kidding aside Xbox shown nothing but phone apps and things my phone can do switch to movie, switch to tv, switch to music, and switch to falling asleep during boring revealed console event. Hope Xbox doesn't fall hard with this one. Exclusive timed Call of Duty dlc won't last you another gen. Paying for online is garbage too.
stuna1  +   990d ago
We pretty much know Skye will be a paid service just like many others will be! Just like you'll still be required to pay a cable or satilite bill.
skipper  +   990d ago
Not only that, but the Wii U tablet controller is doing allot of what we saw with the cell phone/tablet demo for X 1 ( I think X1 would have been better than Xbox One), and guess what I don't my cell or tablet, I just use the gamepad. Also Nintendo is adding cell phone/Tablet integration as well as 3DS support. Not to the extent of PS4/Vita support though(at least I don't think so and sorry if I am mistaken). I am sure Xbox One will do some cool things, but I do not need it to be my cable box, or redundantly have features my Smart TV,BluRay player, 4room dvr that records 4 shows at a time, already do, and at a touch a button on my Wii U gamepad I might add. and if I stacked all of those per square inch added together are probably smaller than Xbox One. I could not add my PS3 or the future PS4 to that, cause they are kinda big.
Jagsrock  +   990d ago
It's funny how much the perspective on the Wii U has changed since yesterday, at least in terms of what ive seen on this site. Before 21st Wii U is doomed, trash and hopeless, After 21st Wii U is awesome and now actually being mentioned along side the ps4. Despite the bias on this site I think it does speak to how microsoft seems to have alienated their user base. I don't think they will have issues selling to the casual user/sports fan who will always be there but they have however definitely given a boost to the Wii U who will provide gamers with the unique, and quality game most likely for a cheaper price tag. If Nintendo brings the heavy hitters soon and establishes a healthier library , the wii U might actually find itself in a really good place in the market as a alternative and secondary console to the PS4.

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