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What's the Xbox One Mean for the WiiU?

IGN - Microsoft finally unveils the Xbox One but what does this mean for the WiiU? (Wii U, Xbox One)

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TruthbeTold  +   437d ago | Well said
Until we find out the price of Xbox One and more games release for Wii U, I'm not sure we CAN know what it means.
CouldHaveYelledUiiW  +   437d ago

"Well Said" to you.

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theBAWSE  +   437d ago
Nintendo should look at this as a positive and get some games out quick
wampdog29  +   436d ago
@theBAWSE: Yeah, because Nintendo will just drop what they are doing and release half-assed games. Let them make perfection and be patient. They'll come.
I_am_Batman  +   437d ago
Their focus on TV instead of games might mean that I'll get a Wii-U as a secondary console instead of an Xbox One.
deafdani  +   437d ago
In my particular case, it's pretty likely Wii U will be my primary console, and the PS4 my secondary one. :P
tuglu_pati  +   437d ago
It means that PS4 will be the only true Next Gen console while MS and Nintendo with their weaker consoles will be competing for the casual market. PS4 will be in another league.
AJBACK2FRAG  +   437d ago
Oh yeah another leauge alright. The second place again leauge.
tuglu_pati  +   437d ago

If you think the new box will be as powerful as the PS4 you are in for disappointment. The PS4 will be probably 5 times more powerful than the new xbox.
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gamer42  +   437d ago
"The PS4 will be probably 5 times more powerful than the new xbox."

wow! really? I- I'm speechless.
DarkHeroZX  +   437d ago
Not 5x more powerful. The rumored GPU for the next Xbox is 1.3 teraflops compared to the PS4's 1.84. That's only a small difference in 50%. That's like the jump from ps3 to Wii u in power.
SilentNegotiator  +   437d ago
It means that this time, Nintendo can have the miniscule lead from a distant 2nd/3rd place, as we repeat generation 6.
PopRocks359  +   437d ago
Hello Mr. Crystal Ball! How are you doing today?
BosSSyndrome  +   437d ago
Uh... Gamecube wasn't that far behind the Xbox. Both were demolished by ps2.
SilentNegotiator  +   437d ago
Go look up "miniscule", BossSyndrome. In the 6th gen, Xbox had a "miniscule" lead over Gamecube and they were both "distant" from the Ps2. I'm saying that Wii U will take lead this time over the Xbox, and both will be hammered by a very well thought out PS4.

And I'm sorry that you still can't see the writing on the wall, Poprocks. Ps4 is clearly the most friendly to developers and gamers alike, by a mile.
PopRocks359  +   437d ago
What's your point? That doesn't speak volumes about how the mass market will respond to it and the other consoles. This is not an open-and-shut generation, no matter how much you want it be. Not by a long shot.

EDIT: Am I saying that the generation can't wind up being exactly as you say? Absolutely not, but I'm also saying there is a variety of variables to consider here; price, release, games and the mainstream market. This generation is too unpredictable to make any solid claims with any real certainty or facts to back it up.
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Moonman  +   437d ago
PS4 and WiiU...good ole' Ninty and Sony FTW!!!!!!!!
chadboban  +   437d ago
Agreed man! That's what I've always gone with along with my PC.
brewin  +   437d ago
It leaves the door wide open for the Wii u to gain a spot in the next gen marketplace. Most gamers own two consoles each gen... I see the ps4 and Wii u being the dominant next gen systems. The Wii u will be priced right and have a killer lineup of games that people want to play, not to mention a head start of at least 5-6 million systems by the time the one release. Ps4 will seemingly have the more impressive exlcusives initially at least. It'll be interesting that's for sure.
Number-Nine  +   437d ago
WiiU is thanking the gaming gods.
cyguration  +   437d ago
This right here. LOL

After the conference finished, I bet Iwata took the bucket of sweat he had before MS announced the XB1 and dumped it in an empty red-ringed 360 case.

Anyway, the Wii U has no where to go but up based on that pathetic conference.

I was really rooting for MS but they didn't just drop the ball they completely kicked it out of the court. It's the PS4 vs Wii U for next gen.
Donnieboi  +   437d ago
LMAO @ the bucket of sweat/red ring thing u said!
rainslacker  +   437d ago
I've never been one to play into this "Wii U is doomed" nonsense, but unless MS changes perceptions at E3 among gamers, the Wii U is going to be in a much better position than I would have thought possible given it's current status.

If people wanted 2 consoles, the PS4/Wii U combo is looking really good right now compared to PS4/XB1. If they want one then I guess it won't really affect the customer either way, they'll still get the one that has the games they want to play.

Still, initial impressions aside, MS does have time to turn things around. They do have strong marketing, and lots more news to release. Claiming victory because of today is premature.
from the beach  +   437d ago
A new friend for it under my TV!
HammadTheBeast  +   437d ago
PS4? PC?
Sharius  +   437d ago
What's the Xbox One Mean for the WiiU?
... atleast they have better name?
WeMilk   437d ago | Spam
AJBACK2FRAG  +   437d ago
Debatable. Wasn't the first Xbox (The one that cost Microsoft four billion dollars.) Xbox 1? Anyway... Who cares. Wii U owners are going to be seeing the best games of this generation very soon. When I think of how Miiverse will interact with games like Mario Kart U or Super Smash Bros. I get very excited to be a Nintendo fan and a Wii U owner.
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Trunkz Jr  +   436d ago
Yeah when they announced the name Wii U my heart sank, I still bought one but I still hate the name...
MasterCornholio  +   437d ago
That someone did the impossible and had a worse unveiling than they did.


Yeah XBOX One brings me images of the first XBOX its even more confusing than Wii U.
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PopRocks359  +   437d ago
In all fairness the Wii U didn't have a bad unveiling. The following E3 conference meant to invigorate people and make them really understand what it was meant to do was a three ring circus in comparison... but yes, this was worse than that.
pr0t0typeknuckles  +   437d ago
right now im going to say that wii u has nothing to fear at the moment,in fact it looks 1000x more promising.
brave27heart  +   437d ago
It means their prayers have been answered. Just kick the marketing team into overdrive and market Wii U as a games console. Seriously think with a few 1st Party titles they could push Xbox for 2nd place.
DarkHeroZX  +   437d ago
Idk the 360 is last now and it does have a lot to offer.
just-joe  +   437d ago
It means the Wii U has a fighting chance.
gano  +   437d ago
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creized1  +   437d ago
I think Microsoft has "Lost" their spot into the big 3.
Its 2 now, Playstation and Nintendo.
Yes, Nintendo may be aimed to casual gamers and in a friendly way but ATLEAST it is still a pure Gaming system.
Unlike the XboxOne.

Thats my opinion atleast...
bobacdigital  +   437d ago
Which is what I said from day one really ... Nintendo does their own thing away from the main stream...Nintendo has pretty much been a complimentary system for a while now... Must people who own a Wii also own a ps3 or xbox...

One thing is for certain in light of the ps4 and xbox one announcements... Nintendo can only rely on their games to differentiate themselves from the competition. The Tablet as of yet has not shown to be a game changing dynamic.. TVii is going to be looked at like a nerf'd slower iteration of what the Xbox One can do.

I think most Nintendo fans (including myself) hope that the games are going to be amazing.. And in general the demand for the New Xbox and PS4 arent going to be so great that everyone forgets about Nintendo.
swice  +   437d ago
Sales boom?
Gameland  +   437d ago
The WIIu is in a good spot right now
blackbirdi  +   437d ago
will end seconde lol behind ps4
ApolloTheBoss  +   437d ago
It means that if I had the only option of buying either a Xbox One or a Wii U, I'd buy a damn Wii U.
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Inception  +   437d ago
WiiU had more interesting games than Xbox One showed on their conference. Wind Waker remake, Zelda HD, Bayonetta 2, Wonderfull 101, and Xenoblade 2 are games that peek my interest to buy a WiiU. Too bad it's region lock so i still confused which version i must buy (US / Asia).
GenericNameHere  +   437d ago
Hmmm... Xbox "exclusives" that might turn out to be Kinect games or generic FPSs, mix some Halo and Gears and Forza in the mix? Or future Wii U exclusives that are old IPs, but are still pretty good, like Mario Kart, a new 3D Mario, a new 3D Zelda, maybe a new Starfox/F-Zero/Metroid, and the next Super Smash Bros?

Wii U it is!
ShaunCameron  +   437d ago
At worst, the Wii U will do good for itself but be an industry afterthought a la GameCube provided it sells well enough. Generation 6 revisited.
rickmodus  +   437d ago
since I already own a WiiU and lovin it till this day, my second console will be ps4. eventualy after 2 years maybe i'll get a nextbox. I loved the gears of war series, but after the last one I got kinda bored, the same for god of war actualy but they also have the uncharted series so ps4 it is for second console. Nintendo always comes up with some new kinda gameplay. always got Nintendo day one, and always will get it day one.
BlmThug  +   437d ago
Wow, this site has gone into fanboy overdrive.
Thepcz  +   437d ago
some perspective
after seeing the xbox one, the wiiu instantly increases appeal by 1000 percent
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yugovega  +   437d ago
well Nintendo's stock did raise today by nearly 3%. and that was only 2 hours after the reveal, and nothing else could have make it rise. they didn't announce anything today. I see a lot of xbox1's being returned due to people like of an internet connection considering you have to verify your games online to prove they aren't used.
RFornillos4  +   436d ago
I'm a nintendo fan, and even I admit that this generation certainly looks promising for Nintendo and Sony after the Xbox One reveal. Sorry, MS -- you'll just have to stick to being my PC and mobile OS for now...
Whymii  +   436d ago
What does the Xbox one mean to the wii u? Less trolling on every wii u article given that the MSony fan boys will be too busy trolling each other.

Personally, I'm going to grab a bag of popcorn and sit back and laugh as each side tears strips off each other trying to validate their blind obsessions.
o-Sunny-o  +   436d ago
Xbox One is a worse name then Wii U. No offense Nintendo sorry. Wii U will demolish Xbox One but I'm thinking PS4 is the main home console this time around. ^~^ Can't wait for games for Wii U and PS4.

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