Xbox One Achievements Detailed

Hot from the official unveiling of the Xbox One console, new details about the next-generation of Microsoft hardware are still trickling through to Electronic Theatre. The latest comes in the form of new details on the Xbox Live Achievements system, wherein Microsoft Studios are inviting gamers to ‘unlock a new generation of achievements.’

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OneAboveAll1669d ago

How about letting us spend our achievement points to buy arcade games etc?


Muffins12231668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

That would turn off developers....why would i want your achievements lol?It would only work if Microsoft paid them for accepting "achievement money" lol.

SexyGamerDude1667d ago

It could work if MS let you do it with games that MS themselves developed for that reason.

ichimaru1667d ago

while I love the concept, I have to agree with muffins, developers would be the first to cry foul

Thatlalala1667d ago

Even if an arcade game was 1000 pts, I could get 87 "free" games. Dont think this system would work.

Cam9771667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )


from the beach1667d ago

Imagine if arcade games emptied all their cash out for you when you got a 1CC.

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patsrule3161667d ago

A couple of ideas I am guessing we will see with the new achievement system.

Limited edition achievements: Developers can add an achievement on a specific day, for that specific day only. For example, they can add an achievement on New Years Eve 2013 for detonating a bomb in the sky. Get the limited edition 'Happy New Year 2014: Fireworks' achievement.

Day One achievements: Even more insideous, achievements that can be earned for playing the game on release day, that gets removed from the achievement list on day 2.

Company veteran achievements: You already got an achievement for beating Assassin's Creed IV and Watch Dog. When you then finish Splineter Cell, you get a 'U Bi a veteran' achievement for defeating three different Ubisoft games.

Alos881667d ago

I'm sorry, but as a completionist I find the idea of limited edition achievements to be horrible; I don't want to permanently miss out on a award because I was busy at work or something.
Day one achievements are pretty bad too, they sound like just another cynical marketing exercise.

patsrule3161667d ago

I don't think these are ideas I want to see, but I think they will try to do some (if not all) of these. They said they can dynamically add achievements, and have achievements across the platform, so that is what I think they will do.

I can't tell if I am getting disagrees because people don't like the idea or if people think they won't happen. I don't like them either, but I do think they will happen.

FunkMacNasty1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

Achievement Unlocked:'Joined the Dark side'

That's what my Xbox will tell me when I first fire up my ps4

ThatCanadianGuy5141667d ago

Haha.That would be great if Sony offered a "Welcome aboard" trophy to people who Sign up a new PSN.

Kevlar0091667d ago

Come to the Dark Side, we have games

Tultras1667d ago

Achievement #1; We actually managed to make you buy this, LOL.

iliimaster1667d ago

whats kinda scaring me is that shouldn't of sony came straight out and say we are NOT blocking used games or requiring full game installs ? or they keeping quite so M$ and their DRMboxone can't change their minds?

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