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Submitted by Hellsvacancy 992d ago | opinion piece

Analysis: Xbox One versus PlayStation 4

IBT: With the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One now officially unveiled, we analyse which of the consoles seems like the stronger competitor based on what we know so far (PS4, Xbox One)

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DivineAssault  +   992d ago | Well said
duuun duun duuuuuun, "aaahaahhahah ughhhhh PS4 wins (blood drips) FLAWLESS VICTORY! FATALITY!

This analysis is complete BS! how does xbox one have it on hardware when PS4 has 8GB of GDDR5 ram & a blu ray drive too?? crapola & whoever did this article knows nothing about PS4 obviously.. It smashes the one
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Skarlett   992d ago | Spam
xHeavYx  +   992d ago
Also, with that 8GB of ram, the new Xbox will be running 3 different OS.
Heavenly King  +   992d ago

4 > 1
n4g_someone  +   990d ago
3 OS's on Xbox One, so still..

4>3 :P ; if not, then we go back to

Tonester925  +   992d ago
I wonder how much RAM will be used now that the TV, Movie, Game,Music, UI, etc will all be going on at once.

I don't know too much about RAM but can someone explain how much RAM could be used now that EVERYTHING is connected.
tuglu_pati  +   991d ago
3 of the 8GB will be use for those features leaving only 5 gigs for gaming.

Put it this way PS4>XBOX1>Wii U.
greenpowerz  +   992d ago
Victory? PS4 didn't even exsist at It's reveal.

I'd be surprised if Sony even has the same console they announced at the reveal hardware wise at launch.

PS consoles are never the same as boasted.

What has you people in denial today? Why So angry?

MSFT announced and showed a dam sexy next gen console and told use it's coming soon with sweat features and lots of games coming. This is what people wanted.

I think one of the things bothering PS fans is the RAM they keep mentioning RAM and TV. RAM and Power is scaled. Xbox One is always doing two things at once the ram is for switching.

MSFT's CHIPS are highly customized so spec talk or comparisons is pointless, really. Love the guessing about RAM type and GPU/CPU LMAO pretty intertaining.

If you think about it MSFT did the smart thing. Everybody was waiting to see the next xbox. They showed the console to the broadest span of consumers with the broadest set of offerings that appeal to more people than just hardcore gamers and Sony trolls. E3 is for games.

Heard the same rubbish trolling when Xbox released and when Kinect released yet MSFT can not be stopped in NA and is selling many 360 almost 10 years later LOL
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Sarobi  +   992d ago
"dam sexy next gen console"
You must get a hard on for VHS-looking players.
Enemy  +   992d ago
"PS4 didn't even exsist at It's reveal. "

And with good reason. E3 belongs to Sony now more than ever before. Today was Microsoft's last chance against the PS4. In the end, it was always 4 > One
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BlueTemplar  +   992d ago
You seriously think the PS4 doesnt exist dont you?

You think that the console cant possibly exist until the casing is finalised? You do realise they are in fact just PCs in a box surely?

At the very least, you MUST SURELY acknowledge that if companies like Ubisoft are releasing games for it THIS YEAR then it has to exist in some form?? or do you think the devs take receipt of a console a couple of months before launch and just magic a fully-formed game out of their arse?

FFS get a grip of yourself!
BlueTemplar  +   992d ago
"Love the guessing about RAM type"

What guessing? Sony explicitly announced 8gb of GDDR5 RAM. If MS was using the same, they also would have stated it so people wouldnt jump to conclusions about DDR3.

Theres this thing, called "reading between the lines". You dont appear to be very good at it.
Root  +   992d ago
"Victory? PS4 didn't even exsist at It's reveal."

Exactly...and it's gotten more hype then the Xbox One without showing the console

They have something else to wow us with at E3 instead of just new games. This makes the hype even stronger for Sony
Inception  +   992d ago
"MSFT announced and showed a dam sexy next gen console"

Mate, i knew you drunk and dissapointed with how MS blow up your expectation. So you should take a rest and deal with it :)
Clarence  +   992d ago
At it again I see its the other way around. Based on the design of the Johnny 5 i mean the Betamax 1 oh damn Xbox 1 M$ new console didn't even exists until the PS4 was announced.

You think it's sexy. That thing belongs in the 70's with threes company.
M$ actually hired a design team to come with this monstrosity.

I could have came up with that design. Get me 2 of Yao Ming shoe boxes some cable wires, black glossy spray paint and some motor oil and I'll make you a Xbox 1

The ps4 is more powerful

Read it and stop fooling yourself

All M$ did was spam you with gimmicks hand gestures, apps and fantasy football
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RIP_Weazel  +   992d ago
..."sweat features"?
"sexy","Sony trolls"?

Are you on a one-boy crusade to be the poster-child of pointless console adoration? You do realise that there's a wide world out there with nature,social lives, girls (That arent related to you), and non-line people!!
MysticStrummer  +   992d ago
Yup it's all bitter N4G PS fans all right...
gta2800  +   992d ago
"MSFT announced and showed a dam sexy next gen console"

Go home Greenpowerz, you're drunk.
solidsheep  +   992d ago
Xbox, put Greenpowerz to bed.
DigitalRaptor  +   992d ago
Face it greenpowerz, the company you idolize just did a U-turn on you and your fellow Xbox gamers out there, well at least they made that clear at this event. E3 could display a different focus, but it cannot hide that they have prioritized gaming, below other things. People won't forget this, and not only have MS made their situation even worse, in regards to "false" negative rumours but they've confused people in regards to their direction as a gaming company. If they don't solve this at E3, well... frankly I don't want to imagine that outcome. The games they show at E3 will have to be more than amazing for people to even perhaps consider putting up with Microsoft's consumer restrictions set in place, as I've noted below.

Even stockholders were not impressed by it. Now I couldn't be sure whether that is because they were concerned about Microsoft abandoning the legacy of what is a gaming console for the "entertainment hub", or for other reasons, but what is certain is that Sony stock jumped and Microsoft stock fell. Stockholders are not fanboys.

"What has you people in denial today? Why So angry?"

There's no denial to what was plain and simple, a huge fail for a console reveal. The name, even the look of the console (which wouldn't sway my purchase decision) is as ugly and out of shape as an elderly VHS player. Microsoft's focus was painfully not about games.

I'd say it's more like PS fans face-palming and a "we told you so" attitude. There's no denial in this house. It's you who's on the defensive now, when there's no defending to be had. It was a gaming console reveal, and they focused more on TV, services and general entertainment.

More news: Non-removable HDD:

Even more news: It's a mess over at MSHQ. Phil Harrison told Kotaku that you will have to connect to the Internet every day, thus "always-online". Microsoft replied to this claim saying that these are "potential scenarios" that aren't confirmed yet. Disaster!

Get ready Xbox users, seriously...

And "Sony trolls"... we are gamers. We are calling out our consumer rights against a greedy, controlling and anti-consumer corporation.

- Games are locked to one user.
- The console requires Kinect to run.
- Still charging $60 for peer to peer online, unless they admit otherwise?
- Still charging $60 for free apps
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McScroggz  +   991d ago
So, going into E3 Microsoft will be going first, and after months of negative rumors (many seemingly true) and a hugely disappointing reveal they will have a very cynical audience. If they don't spend time between then, then part of their E3 press conference will have to be spent refuting rumors or, more likely, trying to spin it in a positive light.

Whereas the PS4 E3 press conference, not only are most people very optimistic about the console, but there is still the big reveal of what it looks like! Genius move if you asked me. People are excited for the console, they are excited to see more games, and the PS4 still has the bombshell reveal of a console design!

Oh, and if you want to read about the specs:
windblowsagain  +   991d ago
It's not a guess, ram is DDR3.

The bandwidth is poor, it'll be competing with the wii u.

But hey you can both use your machines to control your tv.
Objective  +   991d ago
The amount of drivel coming out on all these Xbox one articles really demonstrates the rabid bias on this site. At this point in time, there is absolutely nothing that PS4 has revealed indicating that it will be a better console with better games, yet look at all these crazy fanboy comments!
GT67  +   991d ago
APPARENTLY whoever dragged out of bed to write this crapola still sleepy looking for hits, slow day at the office.
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Walker  +   992d ago
00  +   992d ago
With that anti-consumer BS MS is doing
Sony automatically wins.
Kingthrash360  +   992d ago
this comment ^^^^^ wins
DARK WITNESS  +   992d ago
have to agree..

There is a phrase that comes to mind from make home " Enemies of progress "

ps4 wins in my book
wirapuru  +   992d ago
It would be the worst of two worlds (Console / Game) for the consumer if Microsoft had a deal with Everything Asshol.. oh

*Sony automatically wins*
coolmast3r  +   992d ago
I think it would be the best PS4 slogan =)
Heavenly King  +   992d ago

4 > 1
coolmast3r  +   992d ago
My wallet is already open for Sony. Sorry, Microsoft, you shouldn't have done what you've done today.
Sarobi  +   992d ago
I'm not interested in a media hub that does a little gaming on the side. Microsoft basically sat everyone down for an hour to tell them what this device will do.. and sadly it doesn't seem to be doing much that we haven't seen already. TV, Movies, and a webcam that needs to be on at all times.. yeah you can draw the picture from there on out.

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GoldPunch-TR  +   992d ago
Xbox One = PSX* So disappointment.

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Greenpowerzsick   992d ago | Spam
arum1234  +   992d ago
First Appearances Confirmed.


Xbox One=TV

Games + TV = Videogames


No time for Wii U
soultecc  +   992d ago
ps4 wins its as simple as that
Kingthrash360  +   992d ago
at the end of the day ps3+ psplus beats xboxone
KillrateOmega  +   992d ago
4 > One

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grassyknoll  +   992d ago
No borrowing, swapping or used games, Kinect focus, TV stuff I'll never use (in the UK) & installing on harddrives (especially with the prices MS charged this generation!). Don Mattrick could have shit on stage & I would have preferred it.
MasterCornholio  +   992d ago
I wasnt expecting myself to say this ever but here it goes.

The Wii U is a better gaming console than the XBOX One.

There i said it. Yeesh and i wasnt expecting much but this conference was just terrible for gamers.
fsfsxii   992d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
SlapHappyJesus  +   992d ago
Playstation 4 is definitely the main platform for core console gamers this generation. Xbox, as far as gamers go, really seems to be a joke. I was hoping for better, having supported them since the original, but they have pushed me away by the end of this generation and next looks to be even worse.
As for me, it will be PC as my main means of gaming, Ps4 and Wii U a few years down the road, once there is a strong list of exclusives and, sadly, probably no Xbox. Ever.
Just hoping the next Alan Wake makes it to the PC.
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Gameplay999  +   991d ago
XB1 = day 1 purchase for me. Sony talks too much until they are forced to eat their shoes. Im not falling for their hypetrain bullcrap. Did anyone here even watch the reveal? Forza 5 looked pretty.

E3 will be for games. This was just an introduction.

XB1 GFX Direct X....PS4 Open GL.

PC titles will be a breeze for devs to port to XB1.

Seems like 90 percent of the folks on here have their heads up Sonys ass anyways.

I read a lot of comments on here daily...i just dont usually reply.
SlapHappyJesus  +   991d ago
And I, for one, have never been all that pro Sony. Check my posts over the months I've been a member . . . I hate the blind fanboyism more than anyone.
This just isn't looking like a gamer's system.
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Isis06  +   991d ago
Well good news for you mate...
it's all ready available on PC!
_LarZen_   992d ago | Trolling | show
Ddouble  +   992d ago
"For now, Xbox has it on hardware, insofar as Microsoft has actually revealed some specs and shown the console."

Are these people alright? Have they not heard of the almighty GDDR5!!!! It'S OVER 9 TH

No but seriously Sony has released specs so I don't know what the mean XBox has it. Maybe it's because they showed it but from what we know the PS4 is better.
Larry L  +   992d ago
Yeah, I mean I think Sony even revealed MORE in the way of hardware specs, just not the design of the box. MS showed the box but had very little focus on the hardware itself. Pretty strange conclusion for the author of this article to come to about hardware.
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iistuii  +   992d ago
They showed the console, the stats, what it can do, they showed a couple of games but are waiting for E3 as they said many many times to reveal the 15 new ip's, to be released in the first year,which is more than the previous 2 Xbox systems had.
wirapuru  +   992d ago
"Xbox One, please turn PS4 on."

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givemeshelter  +   992d ago
There are no details on the hardware at all so how can anyone else make a comparison between these two systems?
Unlimax  +   992d ago
You should replace the XBOX "ONE" Armor with skinny arm :P
thehusbo  +   992d ago
Already got a cable box thanks Microsoft.

DarthBigE  +   992d ago
but but but with the new xbox one now you dont have to push the input button on the remote to change the channel to play games.....
ZBlacktt  +   992d ago
Waste of time reading.... Clueless. It's the size of a 1990's Beta VCR for crying out loud.

PS4 all day long.
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madpuppy  +   992d ago
I think that E3 is really not the appropriate place to premiere the Xbox One, It is more a home theatre pc than a gaming machine, I think MS should just wait for CES and pedal it to dour middle age business men as an escape from their depressing home life.
MysticStrummer  +   992d ago
They might actually sell some in Japan if there was some kind of Kinect enabled sex game.
tdstranger101  +   992d ago
I see a lot of PS4 fan girls in here take out your tampons and stop crying its a game system if you like your own system that's fine no one wants to hear you little whiners cry about why you think yours is better. Let the systems speak for them selves when they come out. If your trying to sell people on which system to get your surly not helping your own cause. So whether your 5-20 or even if your older and have to be childish do it some where else people like you ruin games for everyone else GROW UP!!!!!
McScroggz  +   991d ago
Many people just want to state their opinions and have an honest discussion. But whenever sites publish asinine articles or commenters make ridiculous statements many don't hold back in their responses. If I'm displeased with something, I have every right to voice it.
pop-voxuli  +   991d ago
"take out your tampons and stop crying"
You really dont know anything about chicks do you?
RealtorMDandDC  +   991d ago
@tdstranger101.....stating an opinion is crying...
From your comment you are the one that needs to grow up.

People are allowed to state their opinions and their displeasures. Have fun with your Xbox One.....Do you know why it's called Xbox One?------Drum roll please----Because Microsoft just took 359 steps backwards!!!!!
McScroggz  +   991d ago
PS4 goes into a surprising amount of detail on their hardware, all things considered, and in some cases it surpassed what we wanted and hoped for. 8GB of GDDR5 RAM? Yet, this site claims because the Xbox One had the console on display it wins the hardware category...

There's having a different opinion, then's there's being an idiot.
jakmckratos  +   991d ago
THe only thing that could make me buy an XBox is a Harry Potter game where you can say the spell...but then that might be better on the PS3 anyway with the move
RealtorMDandDC  +   991d ago
Not too interesting in Xbox One....because I'm a cord cutter!!!
" Microsoft appears to have invested a massive amount in accommodating live TV when the overall trend is moving towards time-shifted viewing and streaming media - something it almost completely ignored in its presentation. It's a very curious decision and a massive gamble"

I will not pay the Cable companies the rape fees they charge, plus membership for Live Gold.

I see Microsoft current focus on making the Xbox One a financial gold mine for big media. I believed Xbox 360 slowly nickel and dime you. I do believe that this will be even worst on the Xbox one.

I'm not the biggest fan of Ads and I like my PS3 for the fact when I turn it on...I'm not plastered by Ads for Pizza hut and McDonald's. I can see this being even worst on the Xbox One because Microsoft is on a mission to catering big media.

I was very dissapointed with the presentation, if I can get media without the need of the dependence of a Cable company I will consider this. But from the looks of it....Microsoft and Comcast will be havng a cozy relationship. And I hate Comcast!!!! with an incredulous passion....
forum67  +   991d ago
Cable connection is optional. Dont forget consoles are global product.

Country like India does not have consistent internet connection and they will not ignore 250,000 units they sold over there.
Akuma2K  +   991d ago
Sony is clearly in the drivers seat going into E3, and this is without even have shown the console itself yet which just adds to the suspense that many gamers are looking forward to not to mention the upcoming game announcements.

With this much ammunition Sony has going into E3 this means Microsoft will have to do some some major damage control from their lackluster Xbox1 reveal yesterday, the one thing on gamer's minds will be of those 15 exclusives that was announced and how many of them will be kinect only/related etc...

Microsoft can't afford to go to this year's E3 the "superbowl" of videogaming and the world's biggest stage of major game announcements and high tech gadgets and accessories etc.. and do an instant replay of their Xbox1 reveal and expect to win more wallets of many gamers to buy their next gen console.

The games Microsoft show at E3 will have to be something more than spectacular, because if the Xbox1 reveal is any indication of what gamers will have to look forward to at E3 then it's time to get a life raft and get off the sinking ship that is Microsoft and go to Sony who's waiting with open arms.
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