How Will A Cable Box Work With An Xbox One?

FleshEatingZipper writes: During Microsoft’s big Xbox One presser today, they unveiled a lot of TV functionality, perhaps too much TV functionality, but little about how it will work. With Wired’s new piece, we get pieces. Of course, I worked for a cable company, so everything will come together. Here’s some hints on how it works:

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windblowsagain1761d ago

This is how it will work.

They will connect to eachother, but because xboxone has more power, it will try to dominate the cablebox. But to fight back, cable box will stop xboxone from connecting to some channels. All of a sudden the cable box will say the words, switch off xboxone and it will.

FriedGoat1761d ago

This is not how it will go down at all. The Xbox one won't have to fight, because it will still be on the shop shelf getting dusty.

VonBraunschweigg1761d ago

No, Kinect 2.0 will see that & gently correct you.

FriedGoat1761d ago (Edited 1761d ago )

people already have kinect, just like people already have a wii and dont want a wii U, they dont want the next iteration. it was a fad. Casuals are a stupid gamble, ask Nintendo.

porter4701761d ago

It won't, because I'm not in Murcia

Number-Nine1761d ago

just hit the input/souce button a couple of times and there you go, cable tv.

GribbleGrunger1761d ago

Can I ask, what is the advantage of plugging the cable box into the X1 and not directly into your TV?

MikeMyers1761d ago

How would Kinect allow it to change video inputs? Did you not view the event? It was instant going from game, to TV, to music, back to TV, to the web and back to the TV.

There is no more fumbling for the remote to go from input 1, then to input 2 then back to input 1 and so on.

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