New Vista patches speeds up SLI

Nvidia has a cool link for five hotfixes that can make a big performance difference in your game setups. These patches are mainly going to improve gaming performance under SLI.

Alternatively, all 5 hotfixes are implemented in Service Pack 1 and at least Nvidia will urge anyone who tests to upgrade to Service Pack 1.

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XxZxX3892d ago

Yeah the speed is now improved to be on par with XP. What a remarkable break through. Or should I say Finally.

xav09713892d ago

I installed it 2 days ago and I my computer freezes all the time. play wow freezes. play crysis freezes. uninstall sp1 no more freezes. microsoft sucks!!!

Silvia0073892d ago

I'm back on XP right now. Vista just suck so much frigg'n balls it's mind boggling. How in the hell can you suck so bad at what you are suppose to do best. SP1 gives me random BSOD, it stalls whenever the F*ck it wants, likes to slow down to a crawl, and copying files to usb... ok, I won't even go there, everyone knows it's slower then sh!t. I want my money back so I can wipe my a$$ with it.

xav09713892d ago

my dell :( or I wiould be on winxp. didnt winxp sp3 just come out?