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Gamingbolt: Xbox One Reveal Conference Review

"And that's that. With that conference, all the chips are on the table, and we finally know what next generation will be like in its entirety.

And if this conference was any indication, then it, along with the Wii U's dismal performance, prove that it will be a bloodbath, a thoroughly one sided victory." (Xbox One) 3.5/10

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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   486d ago | Well said
I'm still in shock.I was fully expecting them to drop bombs and megatons.Just..wow..
Even at the very end, i had a little hope when he started hyping up the "biggest franchise" etc.I figured it would be something GTA related.Then he mentions "once again, a partnership" and i thought for sure GTA exlusive content.
Then freaking COD to finish off.smh

Easily the worst conference ever.
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Raccoon  +   486d ago | Intelligent
If you want to add 12 subscription fee's to your monthly bills, a new lazy man's camera and pay to re-use used games the XBOX ONE is the console for YOU!!! Ohh I just got word that every console comes with a usher blow up doll for you kenict dancing needs...

Speaking for myself as a gamer which is interested in games Sony and the PS4 are the smarter choice for me..... See you guys at E3

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abzdine  +   486d ago
those guys don't care about us gamers, obviously!
now i am even more excited fr PS4 i know i will not be missing anything by only owning PS4 when i see what Xbox has in stock -_-
Disappointed.... i am very disappointed!
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theBAWSE  +   486d ago
3.5.... Ooooooouch
darx  +   486d ago
Well if you are a gamer interested in games than the PC would be your better option.

Edit @ theBAWSE below...so will I!
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nix  +   486d ago
Truly a "slow news day".

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Winter47th  +   486d ago
Xbox DisKinnect.
Masta_fro  +   486d ago
I started watching late and thought Xbox One was the name of a live tv service on Xbox, not the name of the console...Go figure...
HammadTheBeast  +   486d ago
Wow. This is truly disappointing. I thought MS were done with the 'EXCLUSIVE..... DLC' BS, but they strike again, but wait...

Fantasy football off my game console, looks like next Gen is here lol.
stuna1  +   486d ago
Sonys stock just shot through the roof!
guitarded77  +   486d ago
The conference was very boring. After showing the system, they should have went straight into specs, and then into games (even if it was just Forza and Remedy's project to show). They could have saves CoD for last like they did, but at least sammich the stuff gamers are less interested in. It was so damn boring. They better bring those 15 exclusives to E3, because as of right now, I'll wait for a price drop.
bicfitness  +   486d ago
You forgot about the crap hardware. So gimped they didn't want to talk about the specs. Bu-bu-but photons in DAH KINETXZ!!! What the Hell were they on about with that? I've never heard such drivel attempt to be taken so seriously.

I hope the media smells blood and goes into a feeding frenzy. Third console curse strikes again!
theBAWSE  +   486d ago
@darx gtfoutta here with that pc crap... I'll be playing last of us and gta while your preaching about pc

Xbox one was a waste of a conference an EA was mind numbingly bad.. Cgi videos and sports stars talking about... Sports
NatureOfLogic  +   486d ago
Well, I know which One I'm not getting.
aCasualGamer  +   486d ago
Microsoft dropped the ball, and Sony just picked it up and threw it at Microsofts face with PS4. Microsoft are finished when it comes to gaming.

They're trying to tap the Apple TV market, which is a stupid strategy. Heck, deep down even they know it... why would they otherwise pay group of people to deliberately cheer and applaud during every single feature announcement. That thing was so obvious i kinda felt sorry for Microsoft.

Why do they keep forcing Kinect like that, maybe some people don't like to speak to their every day devices after a hard day at work, maybe they simply want to come home and game.

"Xbox on" "Xbox play game" "xbox watch TV" "xbox watch movie" "xbox watch music" Lets do it again you guys! Did you see how instantaneous it was! "xbox watch tv" "xbox wa....

Give me a f-----n break!
starchild  +   486d ago
Yep, Sony's PS4 reveal was right on target. Sony did just about everything right from a gamer's perspective, while MS got most things wrong. Oh well, it makes it easier to go with PC and PS4.
blackbeld  +   486d ago
PS4 day one.

My wallet is ready for purchase.

WiiU I wait for Zelda in HD.
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shoddy  +   485d ago
Lol today I laugh hard many times reading comments
kriauciuniux  +   485d ago
Sony confirmed for master race.
Xboxs is just pleb tier http://www.youtube.com/watc...
sikbeta  +   485d ago
Now they do Conference Reviews? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
So dumb, nobody cares, people will buy XO no matter how awful a conference is...
LOL_WUT  +   486d ago | Funny
"Xbox One Reveal Conference"
The best conference Sony could've ask for ;)
FriedGoat  +   486d ago
Indeed, Someone actually posted that sonys stock went up by 9% during the conference... with proof.

Speaks for itself.
Blackdeath_663  +   486d ago
they showed the console which was nice but the rest of the conference didn't have anything that made me excited as a gamer. the TV stuff was kinda cool but i'm looking for a games console i haven't watched live TV in like a year with the exception of some football matches (or soccer if you are american i have absolutely no interest in nfl). they didn't show any gameplay footage and the only games that were featured were EA,COD and forza oh and a trailer for quantum break (they didn't explain what type of game it was). the conference was pretty bad but they really shot them selves in the foot when they said kinect connection will be required for xbox to function and that every game you buy can only be linked to one account (your brother won't be able to use it for example even if it was on the same console) and has to be installed into a 500GB hard-drive which isn't big enough that can only hold a few bluray sized games. they didn't give specific specs, they didn't say if the hard-drive was changeable infact there was so much wrong with this conference its insane. even worse still there were hints that the current xbox live subscription system will continue. i just don't get it they are making a halo tv series which would require crazy amounts of money to make when they could have spent it making an actual game that you can play
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guitarded77  +   486d ago
@ FriedGoat

Wow, I would have missed that story amid all the spam right now. That's actually huge. The market just spoke. Ouch for MS. They better have some amazing games at E3, and a lower price, because if they come in at the same price I think most will choose PS4. Plus even if they come in at a lower price, you have to account for Live. They sure as hell better have Halo 5 to show to compete for those holiday dollars.

I don't care about platform wars from a "win/lose" perspective. I care about how the companies compete for my money by launching great games.
aCasualGamer  +   486d ago
The console looked nothing like a PC at all... No it did not!

All the features on there could easily be found on a PC aswell. Are you guys going to pay 400$ for a second of faster channel switching? Seriously Microsoft, wtf have you smoked and who the hell came up with the TV streaming service idea... for a fu----n gaming console????
Calm Down Sunshine  +   486d ago

It actually made me appreciate the Xbox 360.
Studio-YaMi  +   486d ago
That should tell you something ! even the 360 is not as bad as this ! wow .. just wow !
FriedGoat  +   486d ago
of course it is, the 360 is at least 359 generations ahead.
dasbeer88  +   486d ago
3.5 is a generous score. I would give this conference a 1.8.
not shocked it MS.

Fuk MS!!!! Keep ur halo tv show.
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darkride66   486d ago | Trolling | show
warewolfSS  +   486d ago
if your a sony fanboy why do you care?
M-M  +   486d ago
A lot of my friends are turning to the PS4 after what they've heard today. Guess what, they all owned only 360s.
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CoolBeansRus  +   486d ago
Cooguy. Just because you say that it doesn't make it true. It sounds to me like you are trolling. I cant do the same thing, watch: "All my friends want the xbox after this conference." See, proves nothing. A bunch of trolls on this site.
WeMilk   486d ago | Spam
andibandit  +   486d ago
I'm still in shock too, after watching that conference, but now i've watched the post show, with Major Nelson, and now im actually becomming more and more impressed.
g4me_he4d  +   486d ago
Like my Dad use to say "you will never get a second chance to make a first impression". The only thing I saw was TV features, Kinect gestures, Internet Explorer, A mention of 15 exclusive(8 new), and a few CGI of multiplat games. Like the controller though but that's about it.
s8anicslayer  +   486d ago
The Xbox One looks like The PS3, Original XBOX and my cable box had an affair and bore a love child!
aceitman  +   486d ago
I usually get all systems but this will be a pass for me. now I will only get ps4 and my wii u is looking a bit better right now.
s8anicslayer  +   486d ago
Honestly the only thing the Xbox one is missing is "wood trim" lmao!
Eyeco  +   486d ago
I think its hilarious that all the people that said the PS4 was "meh" and "bland" are currently M.I.A, this conference was terrible they pretty much confirmed 80% of the negative rumors about the console, this was actually below my expectations.

Still im gonna give Microsoft the benefit of the doubt and wait for E3, seeing as its only weeks away
WinBuntuDroidOS  +   485d ago
In the real world Xbox has been the number one console this gen. And will continue to make strides into the next gen.
IRetrouk  +   485d ago
No that would be the wii followed by the ps3.
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   485d ago
DayZ... you expected GTA to be announced when everyone knew that COD was there and still hadn't been shown yet, and it was the end of the conference. Yet you still expected GTA?

Pay attention better next time to what's going on. For the longest time they said EA would be there and IW with COD. Also they said that this was for the console and not much to do at all about games. Games would be at E3.
TheSurg  +   485d ago
How about you guys shut up and wait for e3. They said e3 will be for games. If they will fail at e3 then you can start complaining it's not for gamers. I don't care at all about some american ESPN crap and other tv stuff but just because it can do milion other things doesn't mean it's any worse at games than other consoles. Is nokia 3310 better at calling people and sending messages than SAMSUNG GALAXY S? NO! So shush and wait for games. You people are just unbelievable...bunch of impatient kids i say.
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nosferatuzodd  +   485d ago
3.5 out of 10 while sony got 9/10 wow thats bad thats really bad
jakmckratos  +   486d ago
At least theyre getting a Halo TV series...oh wait that has nothing to do with the console..that shoulda been an E3 announcement.
DoomeDx  +   486d ago
It actually has alot to do with the console. Because the console is focussed on watching TV!
Merrill  +   486d ago
A feature only available to the US market at launch, pretty pointless. Especially as more and more people are moving away from cable subscriptions.
Raccoon  +   486d ago
But I already have a cable provider which I can instantly switch to console by pressing the source input on my projector...
Merrill  +   486d ago
Remember when Xbox was for gaming? Me neither..
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WeMilk   486d ago | Spam
AlphaCentyros  +   486d ago
Pepperide farm remembers...
Hellsvacancy  +   486d ago
I think the Halo "premium" tv thing is really dumb and is a con, like its going to be an incentive to purchase a subscription to XBL
darx  +   486d ago
It's worked for Starz, HBO, Cinemax, Showtime, Netflix and now possibly Amazon.
Merrill  +   486d ago
Tis a generous score.
jjb1981  +   486d ago
Booooooooooo! Some should have pulled whitten off stage with a cane to his neck and nancy tellem well.... Tellem nothing game related...
d0nT wOrrY  +   486d ago
They've a chance at e3 to make up for this terrible conference.
Salooh  +   486d ago
What do you expect from them in e3 ?. It will focus on kinect too just like this conference..
MysticStrummer  +   486d ago
You're both right. MS has a chance to redeem themselves, but based on what happened today along with the recent past, they probably won't. Their direction is pretty clear.
MysticStrummer  +   486d ago
Yes they do, but they just bought themselves more negative press until then, unless they decide to reveal some good game related stuff before E3 to offset the backlash.
dedicatedtogamers  +   486d ago
M$ has had since 2010 to make up for their terrible conference. At best, they've given lip-service to their fans and the occasional gimme (like Halo, Gears, Forza, Fable) every once in a while.
ZombieKiller  +   486d ago
actually I don't think even E3's presentation will get me to buy one. I can't wait to see all the subscription fee's associated with this new "rocket science" called Red Rocket of Death....

There is no chance I'm buying this one. Especially since they're still taking away from PS3 gamers with exclusive content with COD. should that choice be in the hands of the gamers as to which system they wanna play COD on? I had both consoles last gen er....this gen and all my friends play on PS3 yet Flops II crashed my ps3 TWICE. Full crash too, first time sent out for repair, 2nd, HDD wipe from all the freeze resets. Shouldn't it be my choice which system I want to buy any game for? MS pissed me off with their practices and I STILL bought the console. Now, I refuse due to all that crap AND the non-games related focus. I'm getting PS4 on day ONE
stuna1  +   486d ago
In my opinion they'll need a miracle and about two 50 mega ton nuclear weapons to bomb both Sony and Nintendo headquarters! Because their console has pretty much crashed and burned.
gano  +   486d ago
whats at e3.
have people forgot about circus o le or sumtin,
usher, whats to wait for e3 for.
if its some games what, the same thing ps4 got.
VitaOwner  +   486d ago
It was pretty bad. PS4 all the way. I was prepared to possibly be swayed in Microsoft's direction but ended up being more sure on the PS4.
HmongAmerican  +   486d ago
To me it seem like MS rushed out to counter SONY Feb PS4 revealed. That's why we don't get to see more games on today MS XBOX revealed. They only show CG trailer which mean those exclusives game are not ready yet and MS better not rush them out too.
rainslacker  +   485d ago
They pushed their show back a month in response to the PS4 reveal. Not really what I would call rushing. What they did in that extra month is beyond me.

Honestly it seems with MS being 6 months behind in game production, that they are trying to get to market as soon as possible. The lack of focus on games, the over showing of what is a secondary feature, and the complete glossing over of the actual hardware leads me to believe that MS was wholly unprepared for Sony to announce or launch this year.
Simco876  +   486d ago
I don't know why they didn't wait till E3, it's so close. Xbox One looks boring and ugly. Hope games are good for those that are buying it, I won't be.
sabestar  +   486d ago | Funny
"Xbox open IE"
"Xbox go to Amazon"
"Xbox buy me a PS4"
"Xbox sell yourself on ebay"
"Xbox shutdown."

Pretty disappointed to say the least.
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g4me_he4d  +   486d ago
DoomeDx  +   486d ago
Haha for some reason I chuckled at the ''Xbox sell yourself on Ebay'' part
Cupid_Viper_3  +   486d ago
That conference was the worst Iron Man movie I've watched to date.

It was like watching a clueless Robert Downey Junior interact with mute and not too smart "jarvis".

"Xbox watch tv" Really!? SMH
Salooh  +   486d ago
Noooooooo!! It's the one T_T
ZombieKiller  +   486d ago
Sabestar....fuckin BUBBLES man. After seeing that co France and reading that, everyone here at work is lookin at me funny cause of how hard that made me laugh.

It does everything with Kinect...including get sold on eBay.
Dread  +   486d ago
good one.
M-M  +   486d ago
I busted up laughing when I saw a review score for a console reveal.
boing1  +   486d ago
Yeah, it's too damn high.
Gamer-Z  +   486d ago
Nothing but CGI cut scenes and DVR features, that's all they showed.
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CPTN MITCHELL  +   486d ago
And the funny part is the guy saying that there is no delay when switching back and foward of course not is all video
RandomDude655  +   486d ago
30 minutes of the conference: "let me show you the miracles of the television, which was invented in 1925"
stage88  +   486d ago | Funny
Enemy  +   486d ago
Beat me to it DAMN LOL
Raccoon  +   486d ago
4>1 lol
DA_SHREDDER  +   486d ago
lol bubz for you dude.
perfectCarbonara  +   486d ago
On a scale of two to eleven I give this console a One.
Prcko  +   486d ago
omg so low?
coolmast3r  +   486d ago
You mean so high?
TemplarDante  +   486d ago
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   486d ago
I've been on this website since like 2003/2004 when it was a separate site still, I no longer have my original name and haven't posted a comment in probably almost 4 years. I had to make an account to talk about how utterly disappointing this was. I bought an xbox 360 on day one and didn't even think about a PS3 til they dropped the price in like 2008.

What was that? Xbox One? No games? All the cable stuff? Microsoft you lost me big time with this one. I wasn't sure if I was even going to buy another console this gen, but you've confirmed if I do PS4 is the way to go. Wow. "For gamers" uh huh...
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sway_z  +   486d ago
Xbox One is making Wii U more appealing somehow.
Raccoon  +   486d ago
You are not lying specially with a more appealing price... Xbox 0ne with kenict camera in every box = pocket zero
Studio-YaMi  +   486d ago
Xbox One has "NOTHING" on Wii U at this moment,it's much much much more appealing !

Already have a Wii U,PS4 day 1 too !

Microsoft better bring the heat on E3 or I'm not giving 2cents about their new console !
rainslacker  +   485d ago
Wii U is a gaming console. That gives it some major points.

Oddly enough, some of the media features MS showed are available on the Wii U. I'm not sure how well they work, or if they're as robust...you know...because I use my console to play games and all...but still Nintendo is about games more than anything else.
Majin-vegeta  +   486d ago
So you have to pay to play used games on the new box??Can someone fill me in?

@Below ahh ok thanks.
#18 (Edited 486d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Raccoon  +   486d ago
Yes you have to pay to re-use used games and you will most likely need to subscribe to a service to be able to pay to use the used game and then pay a gold members fee to play online.... Enjoy!
#18.1 (Edited 486d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Psychotica  +   486d ago
I really don't understand why they are trying so hard with this TV media box thing. Most people I know have at least some devices that provide the same functionality. I already have two Tivo's and a brand new Smart TV so while the Xbox One has some cool functionality it's no incentive for me to buy one.
I was waiting to see something that would really enhance the gaming experience beyond what a PS4 and PC can do and I didn't see it.
IIC0mPLeXII  +   486d ago
All they needed was Usher to come out at the end and hit us with one of his tone deaf "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHH"s.
Sandmano  +   486d ago
looool xD Some priceless comments on here.
MrMayhem28  +   486d ago
Wow he says only 5gb ram for gaming and does not come bundled with headset. http://www.gameinformer.com...
smokey204  +   486d ago
Well sony is really going to rake in the money, with blue ray now in the crapbox/xbox.good work sony with blue ray from the last console war.now you have that evil company Microsoft in the corner, with all the game developers excited about making games for ps4.sony won this war . Microsoft is so the 90s..#50
psyxon  +   486d ago
trbl. xbox one/10.
TheFallenAngel  +   486d ago
It was pretty bad.
jackdaddy  +   486d ago
As an owner of both xbox and ps3,and PC, I have to say it's looking very much like a PS4 to me as a gamer..... #justsaying
thehitman  +   486d ago
Only thing I am happy about is the media is actually not covering up MS this time and its pretty unanimous that MS dropped the ball. Only thing I can make out of this on MS part is they WANTED to get all this out the way before E3 to actually focus on the games etc so I guess can wait to pass total judgement on xbox. However they just gave Sony more fuel and the right to have more momentum towards E3 and possibly more sales in pre-orders.
RobAlmighty  +   486d ago
I knew that PS4 was going to be better, but never dreamed that MS would destroy its brand so bad.
Imalwaysright  +   486d ago
No new core Ips = 0/10 to me.
djtek184  +   486d ago
So no always online for single players?
nypifisel  +   486d ago
You'll have to be online when you play a game for the first time so it can register it to your live account! (Used market is dead on Xbox now). Forget about borrowing games from friends too!
00  +   486d ago
straight up boring
the PS4 reveal was far more entertaining instead of this all in one "entertainment" system, a very poor showing.
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