Microsoft Stumbles Through Xbox One Announcement

The Xbox One announcement was an hour long, though really only 45 minutes if you don’t count the 25% of the presentation devoted solely to being a singular ad for the (non-Xbox exclusive) Call of Duty: Ghosts. The presentation veered wildly around from topic to topic, starting strong, but finishing prematurely before nearly any important questions about the system were answered.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1668d ago

Microsoft failed with the Xbox One IMO! Stupid name, ugly controller, no games "again", console is literally a box, no streaming games, no instant downloadable full game demos, no jump in and help your friends playing games live, and nearly all about TV. What is there to like?

Moonman1668d ago

Don't forget ugly console...ooops! :)

darthv721668d ago

but a sweet looking entertainment set top box.

they cant all look as sexy as the PC Engine.

hennessey861668d ago

Not a Sony fanboy....................oh wait

1668d ago
Plamf1668d ago

I am an ms fanboy, always loved my xbox but the new one is made of pure cash grab so I can definately see myself turncoat. halo reach was a letdown for me and halo was about the only thing left keeping me from going to playstation by this point

PirateThom1668d ago

Controller uses AA batteries as well.

HeavenlySnipes1668d ago


Are you serious? Its 2013 and they didn't fix that flaw? lmaooooooo

GiggMan1668d ago

Please tell me you are joking? Looks like we will have to pay extra for rechargeable battery packs again

fermcr1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Microsoft really need to show more exclusive games, if they want gamers interested in their console.

Out of their presentation only one game peaked my interest. Remedy's new game (confusing but intriguing).

BTW... there are still way to many unknowns in relation to both the Xbox One and PS4.

DevilishSix1668d ago

Yeah but even that was a WTF moment, because I think fans want an Alan Wake 2.

sway_z1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Remedy's game was confirmed as pre-rendered footage, as was the EA footage. I believe only COD and Forza 5 footage was actually running off Xbox One.

Awful name....why not just Xbox?

TBH most games shown are coming to PS4 and all that TV/Cable stuff is already in your home without the need for Xbox One.

Seems to me MS did better with 360's reveal .... I feel more confident in PS4 than X1 after seeing both reveals...

vikingland11668d ago

They also said they have 15 exclusives 8 new ones. I'm hoping they show them at E3.

nigelp5201668d ago

Don Mattrick is a douche

001668d ago

they fell flat on their face.

marchinggamer1668d ago

Definitly did a lot better than the jump off a cliff ps4 event

sway_z1668d ago


YOU are a real nasty piece of work. Don't bring your lame attitude here.

You're so negative...obviously you're disappointed in Xbox One reveal, so was I, and many others....but don't be a douche!

Plamf1668d ago

The playstation event was not as flashy but all of the mentioned features peaked my interest as a gamer, I like that I no longer need my pc to share my game videos but most of all ps4 is doing something my pc didnt, my friends can hijack my controller for a go on my game or help me out and interact with my game, whereas the xbox is everything I have already setup in my room with my pc, which is connected to my tv downstairs. I dont need another way to watch tv I already have around 4

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