GameArena - Bully: Scholarship Edition Review (Wii)

The implementation of the Wiimote and Nunchuk into this game means nobody will be content with sitting and watching – the story remains the same, but the way the controls meld with the gameplay make this impossible to put down. You punch right to punch with your right hand, punch left for the left hand. The grab moves work in a similar fashion – you grab with the Z button, but then you can either punch with your free hand or throw them with the hand holding them. Further still, the game adopts the light gun approach seen in other Wii games like Ghost Squad when using the slingshot – you point the business end at your enemy and fire. This is what the Wii was made for.

The Good bits -
Still a fantastic story
This game "gets" the Wii
Multi-player is great

The Bad stuff -

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