Xbox One Reveal Impressions... WTF???

E-mpire writes: Microsoft revealed their next generation console today, and it left a lot of us scratching our heads. From charging you to play used games to only showing a few minutes of gameplay footage out of an hour long conference, here are some of the main things that had us asking... WTF?

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theBAWSE1947d ago


now i wanna know what type of 8gb ram it is?

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fr0sty1947d ago

I think their silence says it all. If they had put GDDR5 in it, you can bet they would have been bragging about how they matched PS4's RAM speed.

Lior1947d ago

jesus christ people GDDR3 is just as fast as GDDR5, GDDR5 memory is where the ram links up in one with the CPU and GPU and thats it, GDDR3 ram running at 2400hz is the fastest ram on the planet right now

fr0sty1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

You have no idea what you are talking about. The new Xbox is said to use DDR3, NOT GDDR3. Even if it were GDDR3, GDDR5 still has faster bandwidth. DDR3 bandwidth is around 70gbps, GDDR5 is around 180gbps. Latency is higher on GDDR5, however video games are not as latency dependent as they are bandwidth dependent, so you have fewer bottlenecks having unified GDDR5 than you will DDR3.

nypifisel1947d ago


The bandwidth is way more important than latency for moving let's say textures. The lower latency of the DDR3 is preferable for multitasking - which seems to be the OS heavy Xbox1s main focus.

kayoss1947d ago

Well i was really dissapointed with the conference. I have a feeling Microsoft didnt go into details about the RAM because they probably want to see what the public reaction are. They may change it to DDR5 later if they havent already. But Honestly i want a gaming machine not a TV set box that can play games.

Caffo011947d ago

DDR5 doesn't exist yet... DDR4 will release late 2013..
Maybe what you meant is GDDR5, that's what PS4 will use.

kayoss1947d ago

Sorry, I meant gddr5. Thanks for the correction.

BitbyDeath1946d ago


GDDR3 is only half as fast as GDDR5.
Also the XbO has only DDR3 which is slower again than GDDR3.

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starchild1947d ago

I'm not impressed with what they announced. PC and PS4 for me all the way.

Gardenia1947d ago

I'd buy a Wii U before Xbox Minus One. I'm not even kidding

StraightPath1947d ago

Awful show indeed. MS have left xbox fanboys to rot.

xDHAV0K24x1946d ago

How so? E3 is what the games are for. I got what I wanted. Although I don't agree with the console name, I finally know it, I've seen it, I know a few specs and love that the controller is identical to the previous gen's. Isn't that what a reveal is for? Is it not just a tease of what's to come? Wait till E3...

Tonester9251947d ago

Did anyone think of this?

Xbox 1 (Won)

Lol they didn't win anything!

nypifisel1947d ago

Do you all understand what this will mean:
"What follows naturally from this is that each disc would have to be tied to a unique Xbox Live account, else you could take a single disc and pass it between everyone you know and copy the game over and over. Since this is clearly not going to happen, each disc must then only install for a single owner.

Microsoft did say that if a disc was used with a second account, that owner would be given the option to pay a fee and install the game from the disc, which would then mean that the new account would also own the game and could play it without the disc."

This does not only block used games, it also means that for the Xbox to know what account uses which game you'll need to connect it to the internet at least once the first time you ever play a game...

CEOSteveBallmer1947d ago

They should have made Steve Ballmer talk on stage and say "Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers" While running around like a wild animal and shouting, now thats more interesting XD

Picnic1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

They should make a Kinect game called 'Ballmer's Wild'. In the game, scientists are unsure whether he is a misunderstood genius trying to access a plain of understanding above the feeble concerns of mere 'civilisation', an untameable beast or Reggie Fils Aime's long lost brother. Find the parts of the tranquiliser gun before it's too late! Will he access transcendental parts above even his own understanding thus unleashing hell or will he merely start taking names? The future lies in your cold, dead hands!

Adityac1947d ago

Well apparently it's DDR3, that's what I keep seeing on a lot of sites everywhere.

Muffins12231947d ago

Its been leaked,its DDR 3

minimur121947d ago

yeah but leaks arent always true! :)

DonFreezer1947d ago

Yeah but you din't want to know what type of ram does the computer you're typing this from has huh?PS drones has crossed the lines today.Your trolling has became facepalm worthy.

Sony3601946d ago

Obviously not as fast as DDR5 or they would have mentioned the speed.

nosferatuzodd1946d ago

jesus christ people GDDR3 is just as fast as GDDR5, GDDR5 memory is where the ram links up in one with the CPU and GPU and thats it, GDDR3 ram running at 2400hz is the fastest ram on the planet right now

liar you're a madman if you think ddr3 not gddr3 theres no such thing has gddr3 is just has good has gddr5

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ThatCanadianGuy5141947d ago

This could seriously be the end of xbox.Ask nintendo how easy it is to go from top dog to bust, one move to the next.

nextbox has alienated the used market entirely, focused entirely on tv just to shoehorn in IE and skype, and relying once again on multiplats and timed DLC.If they still charge for XBL than i seriously question the mental health of xbox fanboys who support this.

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Software_Lover1947d ago

What? How have they alienated the used market? I guess Sony has done the same thing since they both are taking the same approach.

Some of you need to take the tin foil hats off and think rationally, if possible.

a08andan1947d ago

It was confirmed that u need to pay a fee if u buy and install a game that has been previously activated on another console at some point. here is one source :)

Gamer-Z1947d ago


Funny because I don't remember Sony saying anything about you having to pay a fee to play used games or the fact that the game will be tied solely to one account and will be unable to use it on another even if the account is on the same system.

MRMagoo1231947d ago

eat poo software lover the facts are facts

BitbyDeath1946d ago

And you also need an internet connection to play games.
And you must have Kinect on at all times to play a game.

Face it, XbO is the worst console in history.

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Gr811947d ago

Also ask Sony the Same thing, from PS2-PS3. 360 also was NOT top dog this gen.

That aside, I don't know why many are touting One as something good..The bad news just keeps on coming.

It requires Kinect to operate. It requires a fee if you chose to play a used game. This thing looks like a new 3DO..with the ability to stream football.

jivah1947d ago

Not defending Sony but how did they fall exactly?

If you gauge Sony by numbers and price point then they still haven't made their stride yet. The ps2 sold the bulk of its sales at the 200 dollar price point and below. A price that has yet to grace the ps3. The price is the only thing that has stopped them from doing ps2 numbers and even then Sony is still putting up numbers

nosferatuzodd1946d ago

even though you're a nintendo fan i respect what you've just said

Thirty3Three1947d ago (Edited 1947d ago )

I agree. A few things to note:

Just been confirmed that the One will use paid-online-play (live)

Also the kinect NEEDS to be mandatory to work.

When paying the "fee" for used games, the console must be connected to the internet to recieve the code and assign the rights to the new account

Nothing was said about streaming games, live. They said you can save videos and share them, but that's it.

Sony has "play before you buy" which I like.

Looks like Microsoft is going to fail.
I don't see how Microsoft fanboys can still be so stubborn and support such a thing, and vote logical comments, such as this one, down.


Sak, maybe you should look up the real information before spouting nonsense. You're obvioussly wrong; Sony did not "come in third" (whatever that means...) if you mean by sales, you'd still be wrong. Stop being so damn prideful. You can admit when you're wrong. You're probably far too young to understand this, but, Making up false information doesn't make you look smart - it makes you look even more stupid, hence your disagrees.

sak5001947d ago

Dont need to ask nintendo take off your fanboy goggles and see how sony went from ps1/ps2 rule of world to 3rd place this gen.

ThatCanadianGuy5141947d ago

How can they be 3rd when MS is 3rd? Don't be silly sak!

kayoss1947d ago

last I check PS3 is about to outsell the xbox360 world wide. The funny thing is that the PS3 was a lot more expensive and came out a year later. Its looking that the 360 will be in 3rd place...

MysticStrummer1947d ago

MS went from 1st to 3rd in one generation. Quite an accomplishment. Sony went from 1st for two generations to 2nd in this one.

GenericNameHere1947d ago

Talk about hypocrite. You're the one who should take off his fanboy glasses. The Xbox 360 had a ONE FREAKING YEAR head start. Sure, the PS1 and 2 RULED their gens, but the PS2 didn't become the major sales beast it was until after the PS3 came out. Look at the PS3. Came out one year after the 360, and out two days in the US before the Wii. It was also the most expensive, at $500 and $600 for different models. Now look where it is. Despite being a year late, it still outsold the Xbox 360! Look at the Wii now. It outsold the Xbox 360 despite being also a year late, and came out two days after the PS3. And now, Nintendo has abandoned the Wii in favor of the Wii U. Looking back at Sony's record, PS1 still had games released after the PS2 released, and the PS2 had a heavy hitter, God of War II, released ONE YEAR AFTER the PS3 came out, and it's last game came out just several weeks ago. Sony still supported their previous consoles even after releasing their new ones. So going by this record, Sony will still release PS3 games after the PS4 comes out, and then that's when the PS3 will be able to sell more than $100M consoles like its predecessors did.

3rd place... Pffftt you wish.

BlaqMagiq241947d ago

OMFG! Did you not see the article released a few days ago that the PS3 is 50,000 units behind the 360? Even with a year head start and RROD happening like an epidemic early in its life cycle, in the next few weeks the 360 is about to be third place this gen. What will you have to say when that happens?

Action GO FIGURE1947d ago

sak500 = d-d-d-damage control.

ziggurcat1946d ago

@ sak500:

except PS3 is doing better than X360 right now, so...

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whoyouwit041947d ago

How the hell did they alienate their market when they said from the off that they were saving games for E3. the one are alienated are you sony fan boys. they are shipping 15 exclusives the first year on xbox one...Yet, they are alienated there fan base. Get [email protected]#king real. the only way Realistically you could feel alienated is if you were unaware that they said that this event would focus more on the console feature and E3 will focus on the games. With that said if they don't show up wit the game at E3 ( which we already know they are) then you can began to fill alienated.

Minato-Namikaze1947d ago

Its true because they said it? When has MS ever shipped 15 exclusives in 1 year? Until they actually do it I cant believe them.

Sony3601946d ago

Apparently it will have 15 exclusive games in the first year (which is super high), but I don't know if it will be enough with all the new hurdles and fees coming with the console.

wastedcells1946d ago

15 games but how many are xbox live and kinect games!!!!

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MrMayhem281947d ago

Ya WTF wow that was weird. PS4 has got to be the choice

MysticStrummer1947d ago

Weird indeed. I can't wait to see how the MS diehards here spin this. Actually I know what they'll say.

"Wait for E3"

nix1947d ago

read the comments.... they are spinning it. lol.

Droid Control1947d ago


8 new IP's? Core or Kinect?

TwistedMetal1947d ago

they didnt even show all the specs they hiding how bad it really is lol. my comcast xfinity box stronger then that thing lol. im going with the ps4 it has better hardwar more and better exclusives and superior mutliplats and just more functions that matter for gaming.

whoyouwit041947d ago

Who will have the better exclusive have yet to be seen. As for better superior multiplats you men like the PS3 had superior multiplats.