Call of Duty: Ghosts Detailed By Infinity Ward Producer Mark Rubin

Gameskinny - Last week I had the opportunity to see Call of Duty: Ghosts in action at the Activision pre-E3 event before the Xbox Reveal today. The new game engine technology behind Ghosts is quite impressive, as is the decision to go with a new story and new characters. Also intriguing is Infinity Ward’s decision to continue to work with Hollywood talent. This time, acclaimed director Stephen Gaghan has embedded himself in the game’s production. The Modern Warfare games, and more recently Black Ops II with David S. Goyer in the Hollywood spotlight, have focused on cinematic storytelling.

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gamerlive1587d ago

This game looks even better than MW3, but it's the dynamic maps that should be interesting for multiplayer.

creHEARTive1587d ago

Rubin did a great job at the event.

urwifeminder1587d ago

I just kept thinking of Rick rubin the whole time and the famous music he recorded.

M-M1587d ago

I wasn't really impressed with the Ghosts reveal to be honest. I was actually expecting more.

Foxgod1587d ago

Looked lovely, high detail on the faces and very nice looking clothing textures.

Now the gameplay, Cod gameplay always felt a bit plain to me, wonder if this one will have a bit more fleshed out features

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The story is too old to be commented.