How Has Xbox One's Reveal Affected Your Anticipation for PS4?

Push Square: "Microsoft’s just tied a big green, pearlescent bow around its Xbox Reveal event. As expected, the press conference raised the curtain on Xbox One, the next generation console from the Redmond-based manufacturer. Throughout the conference, the company touched upon many topics, including television, music, movies, and, well, a few games. But how has the reveal affected your excitement for the PlayStation 4?"

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Qrphe2010d ago

No because I'll probably get both? I don't see why one takes steam off of the other.

xHeavYx2010d ago

I was a bit nervous thinking that X-Box would have a ton of stuff to show. Their conference sucked, the console looks like crap, the name is not catchy, barely talked about specs, didn't focus on games, there are rumors that you'll have to pay a fee for used games. I guess this is ONE console I won't need

XB1_PS42010d ago

I liked the console, and the name. I didn't like that they didn't focus on games, and the games they did focus on were kinda shit.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2010d ago

I wish they went more in depth with the specs on the console, that's just me. I really want to see which one is the most powerful.

They focused on more entertainment where Ps4 focused alot more on the gamers. I'm still leaning Ps4, my anticipation has not changed. Ps4 is still a day 1 buy.

Raccoon2010d ago

In no way did they appeal to me ps4 all the way!

jc485732010d ago

it's a literally.

theBAWSE2010d ago

ps4 cant come soon enough..i buy a games console for games

has ms revealed what type of ram the one uses yet?

ABizzel12010d ago

It confirmed which console I'll be getting first.

Hint: It won't be the console announced today

Muerte24942010d ago

I know you're trying to take the middle ground on this one. Sorry but I was not impressed in the least. They didn't address any of the rumors. I think Microsoft is going to have to try an undercut them in price.

loulou2010d ago

what sort of question is that for n4g?? lol

anyway, both day 1

DragoonsScaleLegends2010d ago

Name sucks which I was kind of expecting but they could have gone with xbox 3 or just xbox those are better then just calling it One. Yeah the box looks surprisingly bad, I was expecting something way better. I'm definitely not getting a xbox with my PS4 after watching this event.

Enemy2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

- 8GB of slower RAM among other vague specs
- Mostly concentrated on TV/cable features
- Kinect evolved, bigger Kinect focus, more Kinect games in development
- Very awkward name for a console
- Ugly console looks like an oversized DVD player/cable box
- Nothing but CG trailers
- On top of slower RAM, OS will probably use 2-3 GB due to Microsoft's intention to utilize too many different features at once while gaming. Here comes the red heat, guys

I'm not affected as this was expected. A wasted opportunity because now all eyes are on Sony and their E3 PS4 reveal.

sengoku2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

This was a very disappointing show by M$.
so much focus on tv and additional functions there was hardly any games shown which should have been the hall mark of the damn thing.

Sony PS4 is going to be hard to get this holiday season and i'm getting one for sure.

Apex132010d ago

They had to save it for e3

I_am_Batman2010d ago

That conference made me think about picking up a Wii-U as a secondary console cause I don't like the focus on that TV shenanigans.

I'll give them a second chance for E3 though. Who knows maybe they have some interessting stuff that actually is gaming related to show there.

Root2010d ago

I thought they wouldn't call it the XBOX ONE because it would look like the PS4 was better because the number being higher.

If thats the case they could of just called it XBOX 3

papashango2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I actually really like the boxy look. I'm very sick of the round curvy look that dominated everything from cars to electronics.

This is probably the reason why I really love the new Chevy Silverado look. give me that boxy body.

and Xbox One sounds pretty good.

Arai2010d ago

They avoided specific specs for a reason, think about it for a second.

I enjoyed the voice command stuff of the show as they all worked flawlessly and were impressive to me.

The other thing I liked about the conference was Remedy's game, but other than that I'm not impressed at all.

Highlife2010d ago

It is confermend that you will have to pay a fee to play a used game!

ramiuk12010d ago

i wanted to get both after being very impressed with the path sony taking with indie,core games being at front of it all.
now i seen this and MS entire focus seems on tv and stuff i know will only be in america i think its ps4 for me.
i have tivo and i dont need the xbox interface.

PLASTICA-MAN2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

After watching the Xbox One reveal, I just felt the urge to pre-order a PS4. Just my point of view.

After all, it is not only me:

MysticStrummer2010d ago

I would never have believed it was possible, but I think today's reveal actually helped Sony. I wonder how many MS fans just switched sides.

I wouldn't even consider a MS console unless they got rid of paying to play online, so the reveal had no impact on me at all.

Saigon2010d ago

I need to know more information before I can decide.

lilbrat232010d ago

Well they are also charging to install the game if you don't have GOLD. BS since you already bought the game. Right now I might hold off on getting the xbox one. You also will need the kinect connected or you won't be able to play.

abzdine2010d ago

PS4 ftw! And now even more!

dendenmooshi2010d ago

Don't want to speak too soon, but it looks like Sony learned much more from last gen than MS.

But who knows? Maybe they'll renew another fad in motion gaming. Maybe timed exclusives (just assuming) will finally pay off.

Blackdeath_6632010d ago

it wasn't a rumour you do have to pay a fee to install a game you ALREADY BOUGHT on someone else's account if you had to pay to install on another console i would under stand but to pay just so my brother can play the games i buy on his account is ridiculous

Muffins12232010d ago

Loved the design of the console and the dashboard,hated the content and the fact that they did not show a game i could not get on a ps4....all of the games xbox one showed was one meh looking exclusive and ea and call of duty....thats it.

Adityac2010d ago

That's true, but to be honest the Kinect camera does look superior to the PS4 camera, I mean features like 1080p... recording of heartbeat etc. Plus, it's going to be another generation with Xbox getting the Call of Duty DLC a month early. Sony should implement some exclusivity deal(s) on their console too. For example getting BF4 DLC one month early would be great, currently PS3 users get BF3 DLC one week early so why not enhance this deal? Another thing which I noticed was the fact that the amount of image clarity and detail in Forza's announcement trailer made it quite elegant. Perhaps even better than Driveclub. However I think the PS4 will be a lot better, if Sony could address these slight inferiorities it would be even better.

TXIDarkAvenger2010d ago

If they focused on games, what would there E3 presentation possibly be? I'm waiting till E3 to get my final word, this goes for both systems.

gaffyh2010d ago

As soon as Don Mattrick said All-in-One like three times straight at the beginning of the conference, I said "I bet it's called Xbox One", and lo and behold, 30 seconds later, Xbox One. I personally think that the name does work, but it is also confusing to the casual users.

I was impressed by the TV stuff, but it is VERY America-focused. None of the stuff they showed hinted at similar features for other territories, and even then, there will be very few people that actually use some of the features they mentioned. I think Skype was a good announcement, but even then, people have Skype on their laptops to call their grandmas, do they really think that grandma will buy an Xbox just to use Skype and talk to their families?

MysticStrummer2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I said above that I thought maybe the MS reveal helped Sony...


thechosenone2010d ago

Come on...I just want to play games I didn't ask for nor want any of those other features.

Pinkdolphin2010d ago

LMAO!!!! You were "nervous" has this fanwar has taken a toll on you? You need some serious help ASAP if you care that much about a gaming platform.

wishingW3L2010d ago

you buy an XB1 and you're only helping to make this industry become worse. Blocking used games, Kinect watching you 24/7, Always-on... What is this? All the bad rumors about the system became true!

Kevin ButIer2010d ago

I was so impressed with the multitasking... and then I realized I was watching an xbox keynote not a tablet or OS one... so I'm kinda lost here. Not to mention that most of these tv features are region locked...

darthv722010d ago

the xb one reveal didn't change my mind on getting a ps4. I was getting both regardless. both will have pros and cons and you have to be able to take the good with the bad in this entertainment hobby.

jadenkorri2010d ago

I have the money already to get both, both consoles are equally good in their own way.

IcarusOne2010d ago

Pretty underwhelming. I don't want more access to TV and sports. I want games. This really turned me off and really gives me pause when thinking about what to buy next gen.

Off topic @xHeavYx: You were "nervous thinking that xbox would have a ton of stuff"? What kind of bullshit is that? Straight up fanboyism at its worst, nervous that a game company might actually have good IP's and stats. Runs completely contrary to what being a gamer is, i.e. the motherfucking games.

DonFreezer2010d ago

How is a game from Remedy shit.Shut your f***** mouth ps drones.

2010d ago
andibandit2010d ago

Who cares about ram when COD now has "A DOG"!!!!

Panthers2010d ago

"I was a bit nervous thinking that X-Box would have a ton of stuff to show."

Why would you be nervous that they would have a ton to show? This makes absolutely no sense.

Anyway, Im sure E3 will show off a lot more. I need to see games before being sure.

RedDevils2010d ago

The reveal of the X1 make me want the PS4 even more, cause now I know I be getting a game console with PS4 unlike the X1, where my TV can do exact same thing without paying extra

MoveTheGlow2010d ago

They sold it as a Sports and Guns Console. A Bro Console. A Bro-sole. A Con-Brole. With a dog. A DOGBROLE. Dogbrole One confirmed.

Seriously though, I'd love a Kinect that recorded 30fps if there were a game-shaped reason for it. It's like the Kinect 1.0 to the 360's Kinect Wescrappedthechipout.1.

llMurcielagoll2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I, for one, was not very happy when they started talking about games, as usual here it is trailers KKTHXBYE...

No live demos and there was talk about just a few games. It gave me the impression that watching TV is the BIG thing now and Games are nothing but a mere afterthought... To me, playing games on a gaming console is the priority and watching TV is an option!

What I will do, I won't jump to conclusions now, I will wait for E3 and see what happens in detail.

EDIT: Typo No live demons XD

3sexty rulzzz2010d ago

Is Xbox One, a gaming system or something else entirely? It should have been about the games first and foremost. That should have been the first thing they talked about. All that other shit should have been mentioned after gaming. I love my xbox 360 and i like slouching in my chair while playing, meaning most of the time I would really need that motion shit! Msoft you better wow me at E3 or else we are done.

TheBrit2010d ago

The name is not catchy?? Oh you mean it's not catchy like PS1, PS2, PS3, wait for it...... PS4 - gotcha.

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JoGam2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

NO. PS4 Day one. As far as the new Xbox reveal, Im happy Xbox fans got their day to see the future Xbox. I'm sure everyone's happy now. HAPPY GAMING DAY!

xHeavYx2010d ago

I don't think X-Box fans are happy

ricochetmg2010d ago

I like them both but xbox one will be a console i will purchase about 1 -2 years later

ThatCanadianGuy5142010d ago

They shouldn't be happy.I know i kid on xbox a lot and like to mess with it's fans, but this conference was just insulting.

Xbox fans should be pissed.

jc485732010d ago


I'm having doubts of the "always online" and whether or not the service is going to be free or not. I also bought 360 years later way after the whole RROD thing and I got the newer model very cheap around 100 dollars. Got rid of Kinect and saved up even more to buy a hard drive.

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thechosenone2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

PS4 and PC will be the only platforms I game on next gen. :)

"What follows naturally from this is that each disc would have to be tied to a unique Xbox Live account, else you could take a single disc and pass it between everyone you know and copy the game over and over. Since this is clearly not going to happen, each disc must then only install for a single owner."

ricochetmg2010d ago

Xbox made me purchase a wii u

waltercross2010d ago

So you buy a game, but you cannot loan it to a friend or even your brother unless you pay a fee. This totally sucks. I was never planning on getting the new XBOX But I know this pissed some people off.

TheBrit2010d ago

Those rumors were shot down by xbox support on twitter after they surfaced - supposedly there is no fee for playing used games or playing the same disc over different accounts in a household.

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FamilyGuy2010d ago (Edited 2010d ago )

I completely disagree, this reveal showed almost nothing of interest to me.

I wanted to know what their plan was and they showed it and it turned out to be far removed from what I'm interested in. I don't play fantasy league sports, I don't really watch sports or play sports games, I don't and haven't had cable for over 3 years for that switch back an forth option, I'm not interested in motion controlling games. I don't like he fact that the camera is a mandatory part of the system as it just increases cost, if this thing launches at more than $400 they're in trouble.

They didn't show very many games but E3 could at least change that and be a saving grace. Only thing of interest are their "8 exclusive new IPs within the first year". I'm pretty sure Sony's going to beat that number too.

So far it's completely underwhelming, I was already in Sony's boat and this just made me pull out the fishing poll as I plan to be here a while.

DevilishSix2010d ago

Of those 8 new IP's, I wonder how many will be core titles and how many will be Kinect. If I were a betting man, I would go with more Kinect titles.

What MS needed to do here was address the always online to play games and if used games were going to be locked. By not addressing those rumors, then I think the lack of addressing them is confirmation of those rumors.

koolaid2512010d ago

The ps4 is gonna be more than $400!!!

waltercross2010d ago

@ Devilish Six

You'll need to pay a fee to Install a used game onto your account, this was confirmed.

@ koolaid251

I'm sure it will be, but you get what you pay for.

shadow27972010d ago

Just so you know, Sony has hinted that their camera will come with the system, too. I doubt it will be required to use the console, but the "increases cost" argument should be levied at Sony as well.

FamilyGuy2010d ago

Sony has made no such hint, I have no idea where you heard that but they've clearly stated that the camera would be separate when they mentioned "Not needing the camera for the light bar controller functions to work".

It's definitely not shipping with the console, there's no reason for it to. Sony doesn't have a heavy focus on motion control gaming, they just give you it as an option as a peripheral should be.

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Man2bFree2010d ago

Not at all. I wasn't impressed by Xbox at all. i have a tv, and i can watch shows and all that crap. plus i don't to sign up with cable and have a monthly bill. Also, all the game they showed will come to PS4. Also, it looks like it has to be always online. Disappointed, this isn't a gaming system, rather a cable box. Plus i get max - 6 download speed in my area, and i don't think its enough. plus snapping and bragging and hand gestures just seem funny. i think ps4 will be more simple, and user friendly w/o all the other crap.

Donnieboi2010d ago

That show was not interesting from an actual gamer's perspective. Just...weak.

UltraNova2010d ago

So let me get this straight, 80% of the conference was about kinect/tv/cable, 15% about multi-platform games and 5% of the obvious halos and forzas?

Ok lets pretend that the US isn't the whole world (crazy right?)and that the aforementioned 80% of the Xbox One will be working as advertised.

What about the rest of the world??? Will those services work out of the US?

Btw my Samsung smart tv along with my tablet are more than enough for me when it comes to living room entertainment...

I just wanna play games with my GAMES console, that's it.

Garbanjo0012009d ago

Yep, some countries don't have cable but still have internet and electricity. Some countries don't even have internet, so MS making that call was a really selfish thing to do. Basically saying "we have the goods, but since you can't afford it you should try to move here, America is great."

In the meantime Sony revealed &quo