New EA Sports Ignite Engine Is Confirmed For PS4

PlayStation Euphoria: Alongside the announcement of the Xbox One console, EA Sports showed off their new Ignite Engine. However, in their press release, EA also confirmed that the new engine will be coming to PS4.

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Jayjayff1766d ago

Wait, weren't they suppose to show Bf4 content today? Did they just tricked us into watching for the sports announcement? Or is it coming later to day?

coolmast3r1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I'm not impressed with this engine.
They better show us some real footage. From what i've seen it reminds me of those pre-rendered cutscenes from fifa when you start a game.

chrispseuphoria1766d ago

I believe that was real footage but I guess we'll have to wait for live gameplay to see.

TwistedMetal1766d ago

i agree im not impressed with the graphics i hope its because of the xbox ones weak hardware. they better use the ps4 hardware to take full advantage of the graphics because these graphics look lame.

jmc88881765d ago

It definitely looks better, but remember Madden '98-13 basically looked the same.

Okay there were some noticeable improvements, but not many.

Looks like they caught up a bit and have it in HD, with better animation. But still looks a bit dated graphically.

Would also liked to have seen actual gameplay.

Also you know this is the engine that will be what Madden and the others are for the next 10 years.

DivineAssault 1766d ago

PS4 is more powerful than xbox one so why wouldnt it?

chrispseuphoria1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Just confirming the details. Some people may think it was only for Xbox One because that's the only place we've seen it thus far.

MoreRPG1766d ago

I want to believe thats was real footage but i dont want to be disapointed so ill wait for E3

twinspectre1766d ago

and alot of people thinks that ea makes games exclusives for xbox one?? ah

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