Xbox One: Where Can I Get It?

TechRadar: ''The Xbox One has been unveiled, described as "the ultimate all in one entertainment system - one system for a new generation."

Microsoft says the console will be released "later this year", but there's no word on pricing just yet. Of course, that hasn't stopped some places taking pre-orders already.''

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MooseWI1828d ago

The sales for the first year are going to be interesting. Both PS and Xbox releasing same year..

urwifeminder1828d ago

Sweet its just on al jazzera news now that didn't take long I will pre order as soon a pricing is announced.

Agent_00_Revan1828d ago

"where can I get one?"

Apparently on every store shelf this holiday, because I don't see this thing lighting up the sales figures with these disastrous features.

Jake_the_Dog1828d ago

In a desert landfill next to the Atari ET games.