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Xbox One's first 12 months will see 15 exclusive games, eight originals

During the Xbox One's first 12 months, Microsoft's next-gen console will receive 15 exclusive games, eight of which are original, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Studios, said during today's reveal. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

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NYC_Gamer  +   835d ago
I'll be keeping my eye open for these exclusives
Skips  +   835d ago
Hope they aren't all "Kinected"...
FriedGoat  +   835d ago
that dog in cod looked terrible. its bald.
Blacktric  +   835d ago
I love how Sony's stock went up 8 percent after the Xbox One reveal.


It really was one of the most underwhelming reveals I have ever seen. And to think this was for a next gen console?....

Oh and about those cheering that most people thought were coming from the actual press crowd during/after every single reveal? It wasn't.

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FriedGoat  +   835d ago
why the disagrees the stock did go up! lol
Peppino7  +   835d ago
And they didn't show ANY gameplay of anything, just cgi. That stinks. At least they answered the always on question. single player offline allowed.
Flipgeneral  +   835d ago
not all of them.....

just 10
Clarence  +   835d ago
More than have of them will be kinect titles. I can't forget about fantasy football lol that's considered a game right right lol

Now lets be honest that was not a great showing. Xbox 1 is horrible name
and it's the size of a Betamax

Folks make sure you put that thing on the lowest shelf.
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AliTheSnake1  +   835d ago
Yes And they didn't talk about any of them. Just Tv this Tv that. And boring sports shit that is said in every E3 every year. More than half of them are probably kinect games.
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TBONEJF  +   835d ago
who cares bout EXCLUSIVES I WANT NEW GAMES NEW ENGINES NOT the SAME SHYT like CALL OF DUTY/NBA/NFL. that's all MS talk bout this afternoon
Loki86  +   835d ago
Your comment makes no sense, please refrain from raging before typing.
3-4-5  +   835d ago
They didn't show off any actual gameplay footage of any of the next gen games like Sony did with PS4.

That was the only disappointing thing about it.

I'm not impressed by short trailers.

I want to see what I will be doing in game, not how somebody edited footage.

* XBOX One is good name

* 8 exclusives is huge for xbox

* I'm not a fan of old Kinect but the new one seems to actually work as it should.
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kneon  +   835d ago
I have no problem with the name, as for the exclusives I'll reserve judgement until I see what they are.
Kingdom Come  +   835d ago
But Microsoft stated prior to the reveal that they are saving gameplay for E3 2013. What did people expect...? Think about it, this means NFL/Skype etc won't be discussed at E3, it'll be all about the games...
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3-4-5  +   835d ago
I just expected to see at least 30 seconds of actual gameplay or something.....even the trailers didn't show much gameplay, it was all edited cut shots and what not.

I'm hyped for Xbox One, and I expected to see most gameplay at E3, I just thought they would surprise us a bit. I was wrong.

It was a solid reveal though.
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Saigon  +   835d ago
I do wish they revealed the games and at least the playable environment. I will just keep a look out of these games, but I think I just heard that only some of the exclusives will be shown at E3...well just have to wait and see.
StraightPath  +   835d ago
The show was a utmost failure. Seriously shoved down with TV crap and Kinect. No games nothing. I know for sure which one I am getting first. The PS4.

PS4 reveal was awesome and this Xbox one crap? damn awful. Finally maybe Xbox fanboys will wake up.
indubitably  +   835d ago
lmao, the amount of insecure Sony fanboys on this site is too damn high. We knew that the games would be saved for E3 and they confirmed a ton of exclusives which was a huge worry previously. All of the Xbox One's OS functionality is going to run circles around the PS4's that is why they can show off the features they have for as long as they did.
Blacktric  +   835d ago
"lmao, the amount of insecure Sony fanboys on this site is too damn high"

Oh boy, it can't possibly be because of the whole thing being completely underwhelming right? It's all the fault of those horrible trolls... /s

Learn to deal with other people's opinions first instead of going for one of the worst cop out responses and calling them fanboys.
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papashango  +   835d ago
I enjoyed the show. I was worried they were gonna get into the whole family oriented social media crap.

I liked the look. I'm probably partial to it because my pc's are boxy. The name has a nice sound. and it's going to replace the my media pc. No complaints from this pc gamer.
ssj27  +   835d ago
I'm the only "one" who is underwhelmed?
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thechosenone  +   835d ago
only 8 will be new didn't say which ones will be kinect and which will be core the rest are old franchises.
ArronC07  +   835d ago
No second hand games though.... http://www.edge-online.com/...
Drekken  +   835d ago
Are they counting their exclusive game modes? Why would they come out showing multiplat games? No crap they are getting CoD DLC first - WHO CARES? Has time exclusive DLC actually swayed anyone to buy a console? I doubt it.
Lovable  +   835d ago
Yap. I know some stupid friends of mine did it. Not my problem though since they got money to burn anyway.
bicfitness  +   835d ago
The more important questions would be how many are core and how many are Kinect shovelware.
Garethvk  +   835d ago
Indy developers we talked to months ago said PS 4 had more power, was very easy to design for and was the one the developers liked best. Plus easier to work with Sony than Microsoft from a licensing and marketing standpoint.
Tonester925  +   835d ago
The Xbox One looks like my Direct Tv Box
spongeboob  +   835d ago
I was thinking the same thing when i saw it. It looks exactly like the Rogers Nextbox 2.0. Hopefully it doesn't come with a power brick the size of the original Xbox.
Enemy  +   835d ago
Hopefully original doesn't mean Kinect. Considering they don't own many 1st party developers, and 3rd party exclusives aren't a thing anymore, well, it's hard to guess where they'll be coming from.
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LordOfAdmirals  +   835d ago
Microsoft own over 20 first party studios. Today was to get the features out the way. E3 is about the games. Both sony and microsoft are waiting for e3 to show off their games microsoft more so. Currently 8 new ips in the works. Bring it on!
papashango  +   835d ago
8 new IP's coming into E3. M$ is comin out guns blazing.

PC has the Rift
M$ has those nifty tv features

sure hope Sony brings their A game and not just more linear hallway shooters and uncharteds.
kneon  +   835d ago
Actually they do have quite a few 1st party studios, it's just that too many of them are working on Kinect games.
Jek_Porkins  +   835d ago
What first party Kinect games were there over the last couple of years? Aside from Fable The Journey which was being worked on by the second team of Lionhead Studios. Rare didn't even make Kinect Sports 2, that was Big Park.

So their first party studios must have been working on Xbox One games, and considering the new Kinect seemed more for apps and media than gaming, I'd bet almost all of these exclusives will be "core".
extermin8or  +   835d ago
except for the fat they repositioned several, to create apps, for tv stuff etc...
And that fantasy basketball thing seemed to being as a counted as a agame...
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Root  +   835d ago
I'm going to play it safe....how many of them will be Kinect titles, entertainment stuff or downloadable titles.
rmw2hot  +   835d ago
10 of them will be kinect games lol.
stage88  +   835d ago
Yeah... I'm still not buying it, sorry.
CynicalKelly  +   835d ago
Sony fanboys everywhere!

Edit: Thanks for the disagrees and for proving my point.
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thezeldadoth  +   835d ago
yeah its crazy. Its been awhile since they've banded together like this. Its so sad and terrible to see the gaming community tearing itself apart. They hate Microsoft, Nintendo, PC, mobile. Do they honestly just want only one console to exist? Just playstation, thats it, no other choice, no competition, just sony.
CynicalKelly  +   835d ago
Well N4G is a sony haven and anything pro-xbox will be disagreed with by the masses shamelessly enough to be obvious that the reason was Brand Loyalty.

They don't realise that competition is great and has pushed both consoles further than they would have if they had no opposition.

They also don't realise that the mass disagrees does nothing but show them off as petty and butthurt.
MonkeyNinja  +   835d ago
Go read the comments sections of other sites then. It seems to be the same all over the net.

So does that make the majority of people who comment "PlayStation fanboys?"
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Number-Nine  +   835d ago
15 exclusives=
1 Halo
1 Forza
6 xbl games
5 kinect games
2 Xbox 1 games
Nodoze  +   835d ago
1 Halo (TV Series spinoff)
1 Forza
1 Fable Xbox Live mini game
1 Gears of War Xbox Live mini game
11 Kinect Shovelware titles

Oh and I cannot wait to see what the new Xbox Live fees are going to be. NFL deals don't come cheap and EVERY subscriber is going to have to pay for it.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   835d ago
The trolls are out hard now.

15 exclusives with 8 of them being BRAND NEW EXCLUSIVES. Quantam Break from Remedy looks good from the teaser. And it looks like a third person action shooter.


Keep trolling SFB. That's all you can do.

@Root Trying to cover up trolling with "criticism" yeah nice try I'm dumb its trolling.

Its a new Ip you know the one thing people cried hard about. Though I would love to see Alan Wake 2 get announced.

@Light would you rather

A. MS get all that Tv junk out of the way now at a none E3 presser.


B. Wait till E3 and poison the games conference with the Tv and unrelated crap.
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Root  +   835d ago
So criticizing them which is needed....is now trolling

We do it to Nintendo when they mess up...even Sony so why not Microsoft.

Oh Quantum Break looks alright but it's not Alan Wake 2
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CynicalKelly  +   835d ago
Because it's not criticizing.. It's obvious Trolling. Criticizing would be pointing out the flaws of the console not claiming everything about it is pure garbage, even the parts that outdo the competition.

And what rubbish that Sony are criticized on this site. Sony could sell your credit card details and refuse to care and people would still attack you for talking about it here.
Root  +   835d ago
How is it obvious trolling when most people are saying the same things. Look on the Xbox Facebook page or on other forums. We're nearly all thinking it.

Microsoft have messed up but people like you give them chance after chance

Your like one of those abused wifes who keep getting hit off their husbands but instead of leaving him you think he's going to change.
CynicalKelly  +   835d ago
How have they messed up? They have given us Blu Ray, Decent specs and a bunch of new features.. which might not appeal to you, but they appeal to others like me.

It is obvious trolling because Sony announced an over glorified PS3 with better specs and a Share button and the fanboys went mental. Yet now with the Xbox which has huge improvements over the 360 and it's rubbish? Yeah, I am sure.. It's obvious because nobody here is speaking from being a 360 gamer, they are all obvious PS gamers..

Just because I don't prefer the console you do, doesn't mean I am obviously some fanboy that keeps giving the xbox chances. It has never let me down while the PS3 did at launch. While you on the other hand are on Xbox articles attacking it?... Well done dipshit.

You can now go can go join the sea of other Trolls so dissatisfied with their lives and consoles that they have to go attack gamers on articles of a console they don't like simply because it wasn't made by Sony..
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
I see no trolls. People wanted games, MS did not deliver. This is exactly what everyone feared it would turn into: an app box that plays COD and Madden/FIFA, with MS buying their way to success with exclusivity deals.

You can keep your Xbox, MS, and I hope you enjoy yours, AID.
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CynicalKelly  +   835d ago
They revealed no more than what Sony did... So Trolls. What? Sony get a free pass? Fuck that, these people are trolls.
dark-hollow  +   835d ago
Why the HELL would they show their main games when E3 is literary couple weeks away? They did statded CLEARLY that this conference won't focus on games that much and they will save it for E3.
Nodoze  +   835d ago
Remedy bringing Live Action trailers?? PLEASE. Live action is so 1989.

The game looked like a ripoff of Quantic Dream's titles.
vishmarx  +   835d ago
alan wake 2 forza halo gears...hmmm..other three?
LordOfAdmirals  +   835d ago
8 brand newgames we havent heard about not current franchises
TwistedMetal  +   835d ago
i bet most of its gonna be small xbla stuff and kinect crap, they said only 8 were new so quatam break is one so that means 7 more. i doubt they have anything good
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   835d ago
most of those exclusives will be indie and kinect games
Kingdom Come  +   835d ago
Got any proof?
Snakefist30  +   835d ago
Judging by MS's history in the past U dont need proof to know this!!
AdmiralSnake  +   835d ago
Yet...you showed none of them. Their conference was boring, predictable...and also sad.

I thought I'd be wanting and craving the new Xbox, but I really just don't care. Looks like I'll be going strictly with Sony again.

I don't care about the entertainment features, I care ABOUT GAMES. Which I barely seen, and the ones I seen were meh...besides Forza.
Jek_Porkins  +   835d ago
Wow! People were worried about the next Xbox not having exclusives, they get 15 in the first year, and 8 brand new IP's.

Also, they seemed to show Kinect more for other aspects rather than gaming! Awesome show, cannot wait to see more!

One box to rule them all!
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
Yeah, it's great to be able to say things and not back them up with anything.
Jek_Porkins  +   835d ago
They said they'd be showing the games at E3, it was an hour show that conveyed what they wanted, they showed off exclusives, new tech and what the box can do, best of all, they actually showed the console itself!

They even announced 15 new exclusives over the first year, 8 new IP, and they seemed to use Kinect for only media functions. What more could you ask for? 3 weeks till E3, but Microsoft came out swinging!
Eldyraen  +   835d ago
By your logic Sony has no console as haven't shown it yet...

See, asinine comments go both ways.
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
I didn't say they don't exist.

Aspirational statements don't mean a damn thing. I can say "3 months from now, I'm going to be a champion swimmer". I can say that, but it doesn't mean a damn thing to anyone else unless I show them that I'm doing it, or how I'm doing it. They announced two of those supposed exclusives today, they could have at least given away some IPs to expect games from.

More than that, Sony gave us more proof of life than MS did: THEY PLAYED A GAME. On PS4 hardware, with a PS4 controller, live on stage, then used a much touted feature to upload it to facebook soon thereafter. That immediately eclipses anything MS did in terms of gaming. They played NO GAMES.
#17.1.3 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report
Eldyraen  +   835d ago
That was my point--Sony "said" they were but showed no proof it was really a PS4 and most were proven to be running on pcs at the time with similar specs.

Reveals are more about perception and trust than anything else and although I have more to go by with PS4 I still trust MS to do right come E3 and release but understand not all do. As a gamer though excitement thus far leans towards PS4. Anticipation of E3 may be tougher as always liked the unknown and underdog (which is clearly MS).

MS showed their tech doing the same thing but on a social/entertainment front. It might not be what we hoped for but its just as credible. The same goes for games as it wasnt their focus and no matter what we wish or think it isnt going to change anything.

Those that trust MS still do, those that don't don't and those on the fence are still teetering (but likely more one way or another now).

They just really need to bring the games at e3 which is likely why they did this now anyways. Now all parties should be all about the games which can make E3 so great.
MrBeatdown  +   835d ago
I'll get excited when MS can produce more than a bullet point.

They released nine exclusive disc-based games in 2012. We all know how that went.
jdktech2010  +   835d ago
To be fair, Witness is technically a PS3 exclusive (at least it's timed....not sure) but it's not a full game. 15 of those 15 exclusives (I know they won't be..calm down) could be XBL games and none retail big budget games. So while the sentence sounds good, there is also a lot of uncertainty as to the scope those 15 exclusives will be.

I also liked that Kinect had more utility but my only concern is I can do all of that already with the devices I already own. It is nice to have them in one (and the switch thing is kinda cool) but do I really need to spend 500 bucks (or whatever) to do that in one box? It sounded like you still had to have a cable subscription to access the TV so what's really the point? Is the box merely acting as my remote control to switch inputs?

It will come down to the exclusive games for me and that's all there is to it. Sony has my purchase of the PS4 for Infamous and Killzone alone and I will buy the new xbox once the good exclusive games come my way.
whoyouwit04  +   835d ago
dam that box is huge, Anyways, microsoft showed more in one houe then sony did in two don just confirmed it is not always online is required. And 15 BRAND NEW ips what do you sony fans have to say now? let me guess they are all kinect.
#18 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(12) | Report | Reply
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
15 brand new IPs and they only showed one.

Sony showed a plethora of GAMES and had actual GAMEplay demos when they showed off their GAMES console.

I'm no Sony fanboy, but this has to be the worst console launch I've ever seen.
whoyouwit04  +   835d ago
And Sony event was 2 hours; like I said Microsoft showed more in one. we already knew this was just the reveal event to introduce the console, and games would come at E3. bottom line is that you Sony fans were saying that Microsoft weren't making exclusives; not only are they making them, but they will release 15 the first year on the new Xbox. Keep in mind that Microsoft has 22 studios. You Sony fans just lost 2 arguing points it is not always online required and it will have more new ips then sony PS4 in its first year.
LightofDarkness  +   835d ago
Sony haven't announced their launch line up yet.

They also haven't discounted the online issue entirely.

I was hoping they'd have revealed it by now, but I've been to a retailer briefing on Xbox One and they've told us all that every game bought on disc must be activated online before it can be played. You can play it offline to your heart's content afterwards, but you WILL need an internet connection in most territories to play a game. They have showed no signs of backing down from that. They seem to have neglected to mention that bit just yet, due to the obvious negative connotations, but this is also the reason why EA no longer will be using online passes: they won't need them any more.

Wait for E3 or soon thereafter, all will be revealed. You don't have to take my word for it, just don't be shocked when it finally gets revealed.
#18.1.2 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report
Eldyraen  +   835d ago
1) not a launch--hardware reveal. We were lucky MS showed any games.

2) For worries from much of its audience that they wouldn't be focusing on games this didn't help. As an integrated tech reveal it was good...

3) Waiting for E3 sucks but I have more to look forward to now.
resi5  +   835d ago
15 exclusives 8 new ips i guarentee atleast 7 of those 15 are indie/kinect games you wont even know existed
Gridloc  +   835d ago
This show was proof that Xbox didn't listen to the GAMER. They do what they think people want and not what people are begging for. Good luck next gen....
urwifeminder  +   835d ago
Really enjoyed the show re affirms that I will buy it day one.
XabiDaChosenOne  +   835d ago
I love being right!!!! Cableboxone confirmed!!!
Gamer-Z  +   835d ago
I think I saw Forza and something called Quantam Break.
jdaboss  +   835d ago
So many angry Sony Defense trolls.. What will happen if Xbox kicks your ass AGAIN in the market that matters? Ill laugh.
CC-Tron  +   835d ago
That's seems likely. Sony will need another reveal.
Seraphemz  +   835d ago
Again??? You talking about WW? Or just US?
AdmiralSnake  +   835d ago
Not defending Sony...but Xbox Hype is underwhelming...I play games, not Watching a Halo T.v Show.

So yeah..you can enjoy all of that other bullshit, I'll be enjoying my games, to each is their own sir.
plaZeHD  +   835d ago
You gain absolutely nothing if Microsoft profits from Xbox One. Why are you so happy about it?
#23.4 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
jdaboss  +   835d ago
Why are you so angry about it? These console wars are hilarious..
saggysack79  +   835d ago
every time they get sports dudes to talk a load of shit,its so boring
The first 35 minutes of the show was basically that one guy changing channels on his Tv (which was a nice little nifty feature)...

Dude: Xbox, home menu.
Dude: Xbox, Tv.
Dude: Xbox, Games.
Dude: Xbox, internet explorer.
Dude: Xbox, Music
Dude: Xbox, Movies
Dude: Xbox, back to Games.
Dude: Xbox, back to home menu.

Me: Ok, cool.

Dude: See how quick that was? :D Let's see it again.
Xbox, Tv....

Me: -_____________-

Congrats though M$, you showed off the box. The thing you were just itching to do...
#25 (Edited 835d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Porcelain_Chicken  +   835d ago
The conference in fast-forward

First 35 minutes.

Look i can change the Tv & skim through Xbox menus with Kinect.

Next 15 minutes

*Flashy sports video* Exclusive third party Xbox one content.

Next 30 seconds

Remedy game

Last 9 minutes & 30 seconds

Halo Tv show. "Better Xbox Live". "15 exclusives" And a crappy last gen looking CoD preview with boasts about 1 month timed exclusive maps.......
CEOSteveBallmer  +   835d ago
Yes very nice 15 exclusives for the first year. But how about the 2nd year? and the upcoming years? I surely hope they won't rely once again on third party halfway thru the consoles lifespan just like the xbox 360.
BladerunnerZX  +   835d ago
The Xbox One is more of a cablebox than a gaming console that much anyone can clearly see.

Xbox One (terrible name btw) looks to be a very powerful cablebox that also plays games.

Gamers dont care about watching TV 30 different ways Gamers care about GAMES !

Microsoft showed 2 exclusives Forza , wich does look good and that quantum break game (or wtf ever its called ).

then they showed Call of Duty Ghosts a multiplatform game that will be on PS4 , PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360.
In fact Call of Duty Ghosts looked only slightly better than Black ops 2 current gen.

This was a bad showing for Microsoft no matter how any fanboy tries to spin it.

The Xbox One has obviously been designed for the casual market as its main focus and the Gamer as a distant secondary market.
LoveOfTheGame  +   835d ago
Why don't you give a break down of the games Sony showed for their event? Pretty sure they also showed a bunch of multiplats with their own games. Hypocrisy at its finest.
Not just the games... Although Sony had a better showing of exclusives (Knack, Drive Club, Killzone Shadowfall, InFAMOUS: Second son). As opposed to Forza and a 30 second clip of Remedy's new game. Also, Sony's presentation was half about the console itself in full detail, specs, controller etc. and the other half was spent showing awesome previews & tech demos. M$ spent more than half (35 minutes!!) showing how fast Kinect can change your channel & skim through your Xbox's menus. ... You've been spamming this message in every Xbox One article and it's not really a valid argument.

Oh and near the end when that guy raised his eyebrow, giant smirk appeared across his face i thought "OMG Here it comes!" But what does he say?? "As always" *smirk grows bigger* "Xbox live will get CoD maps a month in advance"....

Almost as cringeworthy as SE showing up to Sony's awesome conference to hype up nothing.
LoveOfTheGame  +   834d ago
Don't act like no one else trolls the fans that people still adore, Kojima anyone?

But I don't see why people expected them to show off a bunch of games along with their console. They had stated several times weeks before the event that it would mainly features and the Xbox itself, with games to come at E3.

Remember, They also had half the time Sony did at their "reveal" so it's also natural that they didn't show as much. I do wish however they would have gone into more details on the specs and that guy didn't have to repeat every function we saw him do perfectly.
ipe  +   835d ago
4 kinect, 7 arcade, 4 retAil lol.

Many ll be timed rofl.

Cod dlc again???
KontryBoy706  +   835d ago
X stands for Cable
alb1899  +   835d ago
if you think is not good and that it does not have exclusive then don't buy it and let others buy what they want.
i'm very please with the presentation and they had ready the console to show.
i liked the way you can interact when washing sports.....that is nice!
the new IP looks good, let see what E3 bring to us!

today was about the console, at E3 will be about the games.
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